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  1. Yes, the two are seen with RSLinx. No have not tried to add card to rack config as the system is running fine. I've just never run across this before and thought it to be odd. This card does control as far as filling tag registers for pump start and stop, drive speeds and permissives.
  2. I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, but I have uploaded a Controllogix L-61 program that has an EN2T at the card #1 position  and another at the card #10 position in a 13 slot rack. The first one shows up in the I/O config and is addressed for Local equipment data (VFDs, soft starters, relays etc) the second is for our Wonderware SCADA data. These have different IP networks XXX.16.X.X and XXX.20.X.X. This is all functioning just fine. Why can I not see the EN2T in the 10 position in the uploaded configuration?
  3. Math Registers in 5/02

    I fixed it the easy way. I slapped in a 5/03 and reloaded the program. I had a math overflow right off the bat, but it was because of a zero divided by zero condition on the first scan so I had to add a OTU the overflow trap after the culprit instruction. The 5/03 also solved my problem in a previous post concerning on board clock although I had already divised a work around. Works great and thanks to all for the help!!
  4. Math Registers in 5/02

    I'm doing some simple calculations in a subroutine to establish cycle times and the logic works just fine, but the numbers are rounded off and only whole numbers are dispalyed in instructions and hence on the Panel view. I need to display 2 decimal places past the whole number. After reading in the help file it seems that I need to access the S:13 and S:14 math status tags to do this but does not go into detail on process. Is it as simple as changing the value in these registers from 0 to 1 to allow more precision calculation?
  5. Controlnet question.

    The 5/05 has a 1747-SCNR in slot 10. The Logix 5555 rack has a Cntrl net adapter in slot 1 and also an E/IP slot 10. The logix RIO rack has a C-net adapter in slot 1. This system also has flex I/O modules at the control station. There is a panel view 1000 and a 1397 drive. Am I thinking backwards and could I see the whole mess with an Ethernet connection?
  6. Controlnet question.

    OK, I answered my own question about the interface. It looks like I need a 1784-PCC. I do have RSnetworks for Controlnet software but I don't have it loaded as I have never before had occasion to use it. Will these two items get me going or are there other peripherals that I might need?
  7. Controlnet question.

    I am using a laptop. Is there an external adapter that can be used. I did try going on-line for all this in the Rockwell literature library but it's almost like information overload with the controlnet stuff. There are so many documents it's hard to know where to start.
  8. Controlnet question.

    I don't have any experience with control net and was wondering if it is possible to link to (communicate with) devices on the network for upload/ back-up purposes from one point on the system. I have a SLC 5/05 processor w/10 slot rack, a Logix 5555 10 slot rack, a logix remote I/O 10 slot rack, a 1397 drive and a PV 1000 all connected with control net. If it is possible is it super complicated and would I be better off going to each device and connecting locally?
  9. 1784-PCMK

    The adapter is manufactured by Prolific. I have found this to work well with AB devices. I mis-spoke in my previous post when I said DB-9 serial. I meant DB-9 I never did think that it was a serial connection. Thats why I don't understand about using DF-1.
  10. 1784-PCMK

    I tried to connect with DF-1 but no luck. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you mean. I only have USB ports on my laptop so I have to use either a 1747-UIC (which only supports DH-485) or a USB to serial adapter cable. In RSLinx when configuring driver the only selection for DF-1 is the AB_DF1-1 rs232. I selected the com port and set device to PLC-CH0 and tried to auto configure but it failed baud and parity test.
  11. 1784-PCMK

    I have a series B PCMK. The processor does have a DB-9 serial port and DH+ no mini-din.
  12. Dataliner comms

    OK, I finally figured it out. You can't use the DL40's resident file transfer function within the DOS window (shell). You have to have WINPFT file transfer utility which is included in RS View. If you don't have RS View you can download it from the Rockwell Knowledgebase site. Open the winpft utility, click download select file for download, set communications parameters and bingo. Thanks for the help.
  13. 1784-PCMK

    There is also a DL-40 connected via DH+ network. I have never seen it happen before but could it cause time outs on the network while communicating with the processor. I did attempt to go online and it almost made it all the way through uploading processor image then stoppped and timed out for loss of communications with processor. Tomorrow morning I am going to disconnect thr dataliner and see if it makes a difference, but the machine is in use right now. In reference to guys using node 0 for processor, I ran into a PLC 5-30 this morning that was as such.
  14. 1784-PCMK

    I recently purchased a 1784-PCMK to interface my laptop with all of our PLC-5's. I have a 5-15 that I am trying to upload processor image. When I do a who active and RSLinx browses it sees the processor on one pass but does not recognize it the next. This goes on and on and never stabilizes. I am hesitant to try and go online with the eratic connection. Any advice?