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  1. hi, I think that the best plc is the one that you know best.
  2. Current Rating

    thanks gerry! so the air gap distance between the contacts should be calculated with respect to the voltage to prevent current from flowing in without even closing the contacts. regards.......paw
  3. Hi, I am confused. A relay contact has a rating of 230Vac 3A, 24Vdc 3A. Does this mean that current only affects the relay contacts and voltage has nothing to do with it? Is the there no difference with the effect of 230Vac and 24Vdc? regards, paw
  4. MELSEC-Q PLC Off Timer ?

    esgels, I hope this helps:    x0 ---l/l----------------[ T0 k10 ]    x0 ---l l-------+--------[ y0 ]    y0   T0    l ---l l---l/l--+ regards, paw
  5. Hello, We have a multiple speed detective relay: terminals: 2-7 dc supply voltage 24v 4-5 AC input 2v~300v 1-3 H (NO) 6-8 L (NO) The set revolutions for H is 2070 rpm and 450 rpm for L, as far as I understand it H and L will be ON if it reaches the set value respectively. This will be detected on the ac input (4-5). The dials for H and L are mark from 0 to 10. Are the dials for H and L represents the percent setting of the set value? How does it exactly operates? Actually this device was installed on the automatic control panel of the genset to detect the speed of the the genset. I tried contact the supplier of the genset but I got no reply from them. The brand name of the device is IIZUKA DENKI SEIKUSHO CO., however I could not find the site. Maybe somebody here can help me. Thanks in advance, Paw
  6. CQM1H PLC

    hello grey, thanks a lot! and thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate it very much, you spend your time for helping me out. I think the ES11 will help, what I am really after is to know the functions of each terminal and they are on the manual you provided. Both are fuji product, so they are very similar. thanks a million! regards, paw
  7. CQM1H PLC

    grey, the model is FVR0.4E9S-7 input: 1 phase 200-240v 7.7A 50/60 hz ouput: 3 phase 0.4kw 200-240V 3A 0.2-400Hz hope that helps. pdl thanks, I don't have a programming software and cable for the omron plc but I have here a mitsu FX0 and I am using medoc with 20 I/O regards, paw
  8. CQM1H PLC

    I understand some of it and I want to here from you guys out here. Thanks
  9. CQM1H PLC

    hope you can read them clearly
  10. CQM1H PLC

    hello pdl, here are the terminal layout for fuji vfd that I've ask before. I attached them here.
  11. CQM1H PLC

    HI, I have a omron CQM1H plc however I don't have a programming cable and software? how does the cable look like? I am just a beginner and I want to learn plc. I have also a fuji VFD from what I know they control the speed of a motor but I really don't know how to start using or programming it. Maybe you can help me also with that? thanks, paw