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  1. NP series

    on Omron247 there is a description of a NP series touchscreen. For what I understood after some web search, is a new series, although characteristics and exterior are vey close to NQ series. Are NQ and NP the same models, only marketed to different countries? If they are separate products, when introduction to market is beginning? On Omron247 is available an NP-Designer software. Downloaded it and currently studying its characteristics, definitely it's different from NQ-Designer.
  2. It is possible to make two simulated plc in two separate instances of SS to communicate among each other? For example starting one instance in computer and one in a virtual environment such as VirtualBox or VMWare.
  3. all was working until few days ago, now the simulator is available, but not the PT simulation. I would like to avoid reinstalling the whole package because i also have Sysmac Studio and uninstalling CX-One will likely maim the former installation. A quick search in the forum turned out a similar thread mentioning registry keys, but there are no further indications. Can someone point me on the keys in registry that controls behavior of both CX Simulator and the integrated PT-PLC?
  4. i am following two projects at the same time, one with NJ and one with TwinCat. For the latter i downloaded and used OSCAT library, i tried to do the same in Sysmac Studio, but would not work. Are library formats compatible between SS and TC?
  5. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    it would be good if different CVS such as Subversion or Mercurial could work with SS, without mandating the use of a specific version for team works. Of course is possible using these other CVS as of now, but a deeper integration like the one made available for GIT should be offered.
  6. Flowmeter pulse output maximum frequency is 2 kHz, and we normally set the pulse just at this value. 
  7. together with colleagues we are setting up a system in which a flowmeter pulse output is read by a NX2 plc with a fast counter card EC0222. We found a very significant discrepancy between pulse count from flowmeter and the value read by the card, on the order of tens of liters. We replaced the counter card with others, just to be sure there is no faulty hardware, but the result does not change, and in Sysmac Studio there are no settings for the counter card that may correct this error. The same flowmeter with same pulse setup is read perfectly by a CJ2 cpu equipped with CTL41 fast counter card and that makes us very perplexed. Do we have to resort to filtering the incoming pulses in the card, or there are settings we can make in Sysmac Studio to improve the situation? This system is one of the first we are doing with the new NX2, and in the past using the CJ types we never encountered this kind of problem.
  8. acting on advise from Omron support, we replaced the EC0222 with a GX-EC0211 card and the problem disappeared. We had to act quickly as we were near shipping date and we had no time to consider alternatives, but it was somewhat of a disappointment especially considering that Omron pushes a lot NX I/Os as the preferred alternative to Ethercat couplers, and we have already several projects lined to use them. Now we need to consider their use carefully
  9. I have an CJ1W-SCU31 card, in whose two serial ports are connected a grand total of 16 NS5 touchscreen. I setup the routing table with CX-Integrator and upload to CPU, then proceed to connect to each network number and download the configuration, only to be greeted by an error message stating the network configuration can't be transferred for the serial card or the communication interface. I double checked the routing table, and read Integrator manual, but can't figure out what is wrong. I tried to use the autoconfiguration function in Tools/NT Link, and it can detect all the connected touchscreen, so the configuration is correct, but still i can't get it downloaded in my PC. Suggestions?
  10. .cin file question.

    you are correct, if your plcs have at least one communication or network card (ethernet, device net, controller link, serial port) needing to be configured, they will have each one its own .cin file. If you know or suppose to know the settings of the installed cards (network number, node numbers), the files can be recreated at will.
  11. CX-P and Windows 8.1 x 64 bit

    Botched installation perhaps? I installed CX 4.03 then went away with all updates. Not a hitch, besides setting screen resolution properly. Lenovo T440s, win 8.1 64 bits.
  12. ISAGRAF download not working

    In the past I had a chance to test ISaGRAF, that advertises itself as the precursor to the current crop of automation software such as TwinCat, Codesys et al. It is also owned by Rockwell Automation through ICS Triplex. It used to be simple to download the full software from their site, but now it appears this possibility is broken. It is redirected to a ftp site whose connection times out. I am starting to think that the product is either discontinued or unsupported, but nothing indicates otherwise. I have a project in which I can use this software and i would like to test it again. The current version is 6.1 and the download page is Are there alternative download sites? Someone else has been able to download and install the full package?
  13. DeviceNet diagnostic software

    i am having a slew of DeviceNet-related errors lately, and mostly i have to troubleshoot in remote, and with people not always proficient or comfortable with electrical troubleshooting. I see CX-Integrator has a network diagnostic tool for Controller Link, but no related service for DN, there is some tool (Omron or otherwise) that may be used to diagnose the status of the network and its error condition? Ideally it should be used to pinpoint with the maximum possible accuracy errors in the DN connection, perhaps communication signal status (again, looking from the analogous tool for Controller Link).
  14. Connect to PLC through Dynamic IP

    apologies to bring out an old thread. I tried the suggestion given in the initial post, so: - set up a Dyndns domain and enable the router support; - install Passport and set up the port forwarding through localhost; but without success. The point that escapes me is the setting up the PLC to routing table. Currently i set up the routing table in ETN21 to>my router internal LAN gateway, so any incoming request should be redirected straight on the connected PLC. I tried already with success communicating with the same PLC by giving in my CX-P the WAN address of my router, but using dyndns setup should avoid the need to get this address beforehand, and this is the scope of the whole topic. What should i look that i could have forgot or overlooked?
  15. another option would be Portmon, from Microsoft
  16. CJ1M-NS 2-wire connectivity question

    actually you could connect to an NS panel using just two wires, but as Mendon System pointed, Omron requests 4-wire connection for communication. I did set up systems in the past with two wires communication with NS attached ranging from 1 to 7, and I found that communication could still be achieved without problems for up to 5 panels connected. Above this number, disconnections were the norm. But again, if you want to play regular, just follow Omron advise, and you'll be fine.
  17. Omron has listed the SD1000-BT kit, for 307 euros. The kit is manufactured by SENA, a specialist that i see they also sell online and through resellers, for prices that are lower than the Omron offer, therefore i'd like to order to them directly. However: - the kit sold by Omron is specially customised or is a standard one rebadged? - there are different models shown in SENA's online store, powered and unpowered, and also with battery pack (SD200 rather than 1000). Can it be worth ordering the SD200 rather than SD1000? if someone has used them, or ordered them, i'd like to know his experience about.
  18. I also tried to get the Promi from Omron, but was told now they source the SENA onest
  19. Talamonti - Future Shoe Sole Gluing Machine Program

    Have you tried already to contact them directly? A website www, seems to indicate the company is still in business. I would not count on a copy of a similar machine, as it is possiblle there are different personalizations and/or settings for different equipments.
  20. On a CJ2M I can create datalinks using the Ethernet/IP port. Can I also access the PLC with a software or shall I need to install an EIP21 card? Also what are you experiences with datalinks for a number of PLCs? I am appraising the convenience to have up 10+ PLCs connected in this way, rather than the usual ControllerLink network.
  21. OMRON Connection Problem CQM1-CIF02 Interface Unit

    PCMCIA and PC-E cards does not need software drivers to install as they are already present in the OS, while USB converters do. This sometimes can lead to problems. I read somewhere that to minimize issues it is better to install any driver for USB converters just immediately after powering on for the first time a new computer. I dislike PC-E cards serials because due to the low form factor, almost always the output ports are protruding from the side of the laptop. This did not happen with PCMCIA cards, but of course this is an entirely personal issue. AFAIK a PC-E card will cost less than a CIF31 converter, that as BobB said is a very sturdy piece of hardware.
  22. OMRON Connection Problem CQM1-CIF02 Interface Unit

    PCMCIA is a good solution usually if your laptop has the slot. More recent machines are doing away with it or they sport PC Express slots, that have an entirely different form factor (my current laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad T410 and comes with it). For USB to RS232 converters Omron has a good one, part name CJ1W-CIF31, that can be used also with different environments (IIRC Siemens recommended it straight on for using with Step 7). Another good choice is Moxa, type UPort 1100.

    thanks for your detailed answer DanW, my question started by noticing the presence of multi-point connection mode in the software I use for configuring the devices (E+H FieldCare). The HART master can configure and monitor device values so I was wondering if I could replicate its functions into PLC, allowing me to remote servicing the devices, and customer operate and/or configure them. From your reply I think the best option to explore is HART to Modbus converters, in conjunction with SCU card with a protocol macro to read values/configuring devices. By the way, am I alone in thinking that the HART masters are poorly made software pieces? I have worked extensively with two, both from Endress Hauser, ToFTool and its successor FieldCare and I found them both unwieldy, slow, complicated and generally poorly designed (for example they have different ways and file formats to save the configuration of the devices). I've tried also CX-ConfiguratorFDT, also as a DTM container like the former two, but was not able to make it communicating with the devices I use. Pactware seems the relative best of the group, but I haven't had the chance to test it deeply. I think there are huge margins of improvements for these software and probably a nice opportunity for developers to produce a decent software.

    apologies for resurrecting an ancient thread, but i'd like to ask if there is a way to read multiple devices through HART protocol on 4-20mA current loop. I have a batch of E+H FMP40 continuous radar levels that are polled through an CJ1W-AD081 analog card, would like to see if they can be daisy chained and their values read, both for configuration and monitoring.
  25. As far as i recall this is one of the first instances of attacks to a process control or industrial control network. That Siemens is specifically targeted in this instance is also important, giving their great diffusion: Link to article on Computerworld