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  1. Major Fault

    Hi, A few days ago I started working on CompactLogix L30ER PLC. I need to establish master / slave modbus TCP / IP communication with one device. The PLC in this case would be the master and the other device a slave in this modbus communication. To do this, I implemented your Modbus TCP Master Sample Application Revision 1.02, and I followed the instructions in the documentation(which I have attached). Everything worked perfectly on the basic settings. The problem came up when I wanted to increase the number of transactions. In the documentation says, I quote: "The change is relatively simple if increasing the number of transactions, first resize the array of transactions for that connection. Say if increasing the number from 5 to 10 for the second connection, resize the controller scoped tag MBTU_Transactions_01 from 5 to 10 elements, then modify the value controller tag MBTU_Connections [1] .MBTI_NumberOfTransactions from 4 to 9 (it is always set to one less than the actual number), in this case MBTU_Connections [1] .MBTI_NumberOfTransactions = 9. " After doing all this (only I increased it from 5 to 13 transactions), a Major Fault came up, and I quote, "(Type 04) Program Fault (can be trapped by a fault routine) (Code 20) Array subscript too large, or CONTROL data type POS or LEN disabled. ". I believe it is necessary to change the length of one of the MBTI_ data, but I do not know which one exactly. I assumed this because in the documentation says, I quote: "Note that tags start with MBTI_ are NOT changed unless the extents of the program have changed. i.e. the number of possible connections or the number of transactions on a connection. " Please help :D