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  1. DF1 Protocol For Bit Read

    Ah ha. This is a great point, thanks Ken! I have not been doing this and have noticed communication issues when sending sequential commands.    So I need to store the TSN number as a variable and increment each time I send a command? When can/should I reinitialize this to 0?
  2. DF1 Protocol For Bit Read

    For some closure to this thread. I was calculating the BCC and my PLC was expecting CRC. I implemented the correct CRC conversion and I have successful communication!! On to testing the bit write...
  3. DF1 Protocol For Bit Read

    When I read the buffer after sending the command, it reads 2 bytes and the hex value is 1015. im guessing this is the PLC’s response with 10 = DLE and 15 = ? Not sure, but it’s something other than DLE which means it’s not a successful read. Am I right?
  4. DF1 Protocol For Bit Read

    Hello All! I need some help structuring a command to read a bit in a Micrologix 1500 using DF1 Full Duplex via RS232. I have a simple program loaded on the PLC and I'd like to read the bit B3:0/0. I have been reading the "DF1 Protocal and Command Set" and the PLC's instruction manual, but with my lack of experience with serial communication and interfacing with PLC's I am not making the progress in the time I'd like. Hence a call for help. I am using LabVIEW for the communication. My current command line I am sending (after initializing the port) is attached. Could anyone help me structure it correctly or point me in the right direction?