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  2. Gx Works 2 MELSOFT Library?

    Hi, I am trying to find a link to download the melsoft library to use in my GX Works 2 software. Where can I download the package? Also I am unable to install Libraries. They are greyed out. See attached.
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  4. Ladder Logic

    Afternoon  All, I am a complete novice to PLC's and have been given a project to write a relay ladder logic program using logic functions such as; AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, NOT for the following two systems, A traffic light system for a T-junction & An air conditioning system with both heating and cooling features. Please can someone help on this!! Matt.
  5. OK Matcha, try these settings.
  6. Hi , Kraykov          I alreay try this config and dedicate protocal either Form1 and Form4 , still no luck . Any other suggestion ?   Thank you, Matcha

    Hi all, I am writing a S7 program that contains a couple of SR flip flops. When I try simulating by saving, downloading, monitoring and putting  into RUN-P mode even before I turn on any input, the flip flop looks active. Any ideas as to why this is happening?   Thanks for reading 
  8. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    I see... well, that's to be expected though. There are miss-information here and there in some manuals. The Z924 was pretty old and only got 2 revisions, which I don't believe including revising the Siemens part. Nowadays G9SP is pretty much left behind in development since the new NX-Safety Controller is introduced

    As you told I just now discussed with omron service provider in Coimbatore. They will provide Ethernet system in PLC to communicate with that MFM.  After that I will again discuss  if any problem is there in programming part.
  10. Hello, try the settings for Serial port  PLC show in the picture. The best regards.
  11. G9SP ethernet communication with Siemens

    The latest news from Omron support: i was told, that there is a mistake in Z924 manual, that is why i could not get communication with their example.
  12. 2 HMI connect to M221 ?

    The m221 is TM221CE16R  I need to connecte two hmi in two port rj45 of m221 ( in master). If the first is off the second work normaly and with two program different in hmi
  13. What m221 are you using? And what communication will you be using? If using Modbus rs485 or Modbus Tcp/ip it shouldnt be a problem at all
  14. OMRON CJ2M-CPU11

    I checked the 7KM datasheet, and it is equipped with ModbusTCP function. In order to communicate you have to buy an Ethernet Slot CJ1W-ETN21, otherwise you cannot communicate to that meter. Omron also provide ModbusTCP Function Blocks that can be used together with the CJ1W-ETN21 to make programming easier. Regarding how to, since you're in India it should be easier if you contact Omron reps in India. They got 3 main offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. I don't know where you are, but local contact should be easier nontheless.
  15. OMRON CJ2M-CPU11

    Dear All thanks for helping me.. Actually I am beginner with a little knowledge. So please help me. Another Multi function meter(7KM-PAC 3200) is there. I need to communicate with the MFM and to program in Cx programmer. Please give me some suggestion how to do it. If any video or any file then please send me in my mail id- This PLC did not have any Ethernet port and MFM has a ethernet port. So please suggest for communication and also programming and scaling of that MFM meter through PLC.
  16. Hello, Everyone . Do anyone has experience in FX1N-232-BD connect to GT11 (or other model) from Panasonic ? I try to connect them via RS232 port and I setup parameter following HMI manual but It doesn't work at all only RX led on 232-BD blinking Any suggestion ?    Matcha IMG_39346964.MOV
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  18. RIP Dick Morley, father of the PLC

    pleas  what cain do for clear a passwer to a rslogix 1762  micro 1200
  19. Copy INT into second half of a DINT

    Thanks for the replies, I'll give it a go after I've sorted the next problem I've found with the setup of addressing using RSNetWorx. 
  20. I remember one being pretty quick, another took much longer.
  21. May he rest in peace... one of the important inventors who're not getting media attention. I remembered knowing him in name only during school exam...
  22. Can I upgrade a project in Version 11 to Version 14

    I remember going through that, i don't remember it taking as long as they said it would.   Good Luck.
  23. Siemems Set Reset with singal input

    This is what I use.
  24. Cool, glad to hear that.  I'm currently waiting for some manual approval deal from Siemens website to be able to download them.  Says it could take several days...strange. Thanks!
  25. Can I upgrade a project in Version 11 to Version 14

    I'm running v11-14 on a V14 license.  You should be able to download and install V13 SP1 from the siemens website.
  26. Walt Boyes reports that Dick Morley, the father of the PLC died on October 17th. Wikipedia has been updated and summarizes Dick's contribution to the automation world: "Richard (Dick) Morley (died October 17, 2017) was considered the "father" of the programmable logic controller (PLC) since he was involved with the production of the first PLC for General Motors, the Modicon, at Bedford and Associates in 1968. The Modicon brand of PLC is now owned by Schneider Electric. The PLC has been recognized as a significant advancement in the practice of automation, and has an important influence on manufacturing industry." An article gives some history of the process Dick went through in the early days
  27. OMRON CJ2M-CPU11

    Please see the attached information. The complete specification and additional information can be located in the W393 manual.
  28. What is the benefit of using Structured programming?

    I never program any Mitsubishi PLC, but just to give my perspective on the comparison since Omron also migrating to structured programming (let me short it as SP) :   SP do save development time. A lot of it, since you don't need to debug any miss-addressing, and all the FBs are there to help you do the job you need. As long as the FBs are well documented, there shouldn't be an issue to use them   For a same task SP does consume more memory compared to mnemonic programming. That's for sure since the language kind of translated twice during compilation.   I don't about SP being slower. In my case the SP is introduced on the newer PLC models which is developed only to use SP. The specs also upgraded to a faster CPU and larger memory. We don't use SP in the old models. Since you are comparing mnemonic and SP in FX-Series which is developed during mnemonic era, and also considering it is the low-end model, I doubt it has the capability to run SP smoothly. That might explain also why lots of your Function Blocks didn't work.   In the end the compiler also matters. Typically there are compile optimizations options that we can choose. Too much optimization sometimes results into weird behavior of the program. Also we will never know how good is the design of the compiler   In my case even in Japan we are migrating fast into SP usage, leaving the mnemonic ones. But I do know that many Japanese engineers (typically the older ones) avoid to use SP. It's kind of a trend in Japanese engineers to not use something that they don't know what's inside (things like Function Blocks), to which I disagree. Using standard FBs provided by your product vendor shouldn't be an issue since they guarantees the use.
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