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  2. DriveLogix Powerflex 700S Motion Help

    Hi, I have some questions for you: Does the drive have an HMI installed? Does it display a message like position error or something? How do you put the system back to work? Recycle power? Does the MAM instruction set the pc bit? error bit? What type of feedback device do you use, absolute or incremental? Is there a chance that coupling between the motor and the load slides?
  3. Internal function block variables

    In general, you should try to avoid this as it ruins the portability of a Function Block and you can only then have one instance of the FB.  But, I understand sometimes this is a desired setup, so here is the answer: You need to point the variable at H1420 and you use the AT field to do this.  When creating the variable (or after you have created it, you can edit it) choose the advanced button as shown below.  Next, check the AT box and assign an address to the variable.  It says it is limited to H0-H511 and I might recommend that you use that area as the higher addresses are used for non-AT FB variables, but I believe it will actually let you put H1420 in there (but choose something in H0 - H511  ).
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  5. CP1L and timers in ST

    So how about showing us all how you did it? Sharing feedback on posts is one way of showing gratitude and helping other MRPLC members who may have similar problems.
  6. ControlLogix Keyence Ethernet/IP

    Outside shot here...Does the Omron ENet Configurator create a "better" EDS? Interesting that it is uni-directional.  So you are basically doing "read only" in the PLC.  You would have no ability to change parameters or programs. Not having seen the Keyence programming software, does it have an ability to "produce" tags?  If so, then you would still have to add some sort of object (Keyence or Generic) to the tree to setup tagging on the PLC side to read into or "consume". What about an explicit message to read the array?  Not sure how critical your cycle rate is and the inherit latency of the data requirements. I think back to a project where I had no other choice but to do explicit read and writes to a series of Parker servos via DeviceNet with a machine cycle rate of 180 PPM.  It worked, wasn't pretty, hard to debug, but...
  7. Internal function block variables

    I have a function block where the first internal variable is showing as address H1420 in the Global Symbol table. When I add another retained variable to the function block then save and compile the code, the variable address in the global symbol table shifts from H1420 to H1488.  I need to retain the address as I will be downloading code and I need to ensure the address if H1420 stays with that variable.    Can anyone help with this?
  8. Hello, I have an interesting problem that no one in our company can really answer for me.  We are using Drive Logix with a powerflex 700S phase 2 drive and controlling a machine that rotates 360 degrees, sits for a moment, then return back to zero degrees.  We are using the MAM instruction to tell the drive to run the motor to its desired degree.  The problem we seem to face, is when they change jobs, the weight changes and we have to adjust speeds in order to get the machine to rotate back up to 360 degrees.  Otherwise, the motor stops short.  It usually never faults or alarms, it just stops short.  For example, they might run it and it will stop at 240 degrees or 315 degrees rather than the 360.  My question is, why doesn't the drive continue to push the motor to 360 degrees?  Why wouldn't the drive fault out on something like over current?  It seems that it just stalls and stops.  Sometimes, the machine will be running great, but on occasion (1 or 2 times a shift), the machine will stop short again.  I am curious what causes this and how I might be able to fix this to force the drive to continue to try and get to that desired degree. Thank you for any help or input!
  9. Hi everyone. Could someone explain, how do I righly stop pulsating command PLSY. Setting deceleration time and using SM5644 ends up with 3651 error. PLC is Mitsubishi FX5U, GX Works 3 Thanks
  10. ControlLogix Keyence Ethernet/IP

    Thanks for the response and insight. I'm familiar with the XG as well. I really like that you can define your I/O then it creates a custom EDS file for your application. I've used this flawlessly with Omron's CJ and NJ. I've never tried with Rockwell. Anyway, the differences are, the XG is designed to be a Target in the EIP world. I'm sure this was tested on various PLC manufacturers. I believe they even have examples for Rockwell in the manual. The KV-5500 does a good manual with very bad translations in it. The Input Only instance is defined and specified. The KV series PLCs are not supported in the US so getting help with this is difficult. I have some colleagues in Japan but they don't know Rockwell at all. Also, the KV is designed mainly to be an Originator. As with most manufacturers, they don't serve a lot of Implicit instances so I'm stuck with one (the Input Only). Ruling out the use of the EDS file, I decided to try using the Generic EtherNet Module. I cannot figure out how to set it up for Input Only. Setting Output to zero is invalid. Module Discovery does the same thing as adding it manually. <No valid connections in EDS file.> As yet another option, I can set up Produced tags in the KV. I'm messing around with that now. I'm having trouble with the connection path. This is why I really wanted to get it added to the tree. Much easier. I know it will communicate. I installed RSNetWorx for Ethernet/IP and I was able to send it Explicit messages via the Class Instance Editor.
  11. MC-WorX 9.20

    any one have tutorial for mc worx ?
  12. How to connect Address between 2 CPU

    Yes, you need to setup Network Ranges for LB/LW) - transferring data between the two stations, and then LB->B and LW-> W to exchange/refresh data between them.
  13. How to connect Address between 2 CPU

    Post with replies here:
  14. How to connect Address between 2 CPU

    Hi Future. Normally the connection is made under your network properties. You will need to select module type; then slot number aswell as your master/ slave transfer areas (W and B Addresses).   Regards Daniel
  15. Hi everyone My system consists of 2 main stations with 2 CPU Q06UDEH and connected together by QJ71GP21S-SX module but I don't know how to link the address between these 2 CPU together? so can anyone help me? Thanks so much     
  16. Hi everyone My system consists of 2 main stations with 2 CPU Q06UDEH and connected together by QJ71GP21S-SX module but I don't know how to link the address between these 2 CPU together? so can anyone help me? Thanks so much   
  17. Ideas & Help Needed Please!!!

    Hi Guys! I am seeking ideas and help on how to come out with a function for the roles below with CX-Programmer. It is for my FYP and i am out of ideas on which function to use on it. Any help is greatly appreciate please!! So here is the thing, Imagine now i have 16 items (squares) on top of a plate, each of them will be inspected by some sort of detection (maybe i will put a camera on it later), and the detection method will give us either a Pass or Fail signal to our PLC.  There will be two axis of Motor X & Y that controlling the movement of the plate and a camera for checking purpose will be permanently hold on position Box 1. The Motor X will then move from Box 1 to Box 2 and the camera will check the Box 2, and this will be repeated until Box 16. Now here comes the part that i had no idea how to link up or continue: Now with the same Motor X & Y, i am adding a cylinder to reject the FAIL box. How can i program the PLC such in a way that if the box is failed, the PLC will remember my Motor X and Y position so that it will auto move to that position after all 16 Boxes has been checked and ready for the cylinder to reject the FAIL box? Any input is appreciated please guys!
  18. I tried with a dummy program,with just one rung,2 B3 bits being used.downloaded to both L432E & L533E,took a fresh SCADA. Configured Rslinx Enterprise with both processors and different shortcut names. when i searched for online tags in tag data base,data table address of L532E was there,and nothing from L533E. I tried the same with one processor at a time. what i can see was Rslinx Enterprise was not able serve for L533E.Nothing comes from or goes to Rslinx Enterprise. Either something is prohibitting Rslinx Enterprise to communicate with L533E or it's not compatible. Feeling so..  
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  20. 1769-OF4CI - Output always @12mA

    Your issue is pretty simple. The default for the 1769-OF4 is -10 to 10VDC outputs. When you change it to 4-20 mA and leave it's raw proportional scaling (-32767-32767) the default for the out put data tag stays 0, or half scale, 12 mA. You need to change this under controller tags to -32767 on all 4 outputs. When you download all 4 outputs will be at 4mA. Then you can write code and modulate the output as you choose between 4-20mA.
  21. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Do as Joe is instructing you to do. If by some chance this still doesn't resolve the problem, can you tell us if you are using a memory module? Look at the "General" tab in the Channel Configuration to determine if the memory module has the ability to overwrite the channel configuration.  Then check the Data File S2 - Status, specifically the "Mem Module" tab.  If Memory Module Loaded on Boot S:5/8 is set to a "1" then you know that the memory module is reloading the program everytime the power is applied. If so, you will need to "Store" the new program to the memory module.   
  22. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    In that dialog box, uncheck "DHCP Enable" and then set the IP address below.
  23. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Thank you brewer! Followed your instructions...but still doesn't make any difference. The PLC is working great and I do have connection and even ping. However, if I turn the PLC off, I lose my IP. This should not happen, right? Don't know what else to do.....Please help me! 
  24. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    In the version of RSLinx that I have, I can't change the port settings, but Brewer described how to do it from inside RSLogix. That works once you're connected. I don't have an 1100 here, but I do have a 1400. In case the 1100 is similar enough, here's how to use the LCD on the 1400: 1) Press ESC until you're at the top menu 2) Scroll down "Advanced Set" and press OK 3) Scroll down to ENET Cfg and press OK 4) Scroll to IP Address and press OK 5) Next to "ENET Mode", use the up/down arrows to select "Static" and press OK 6) You can now set the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway address manually   Have you gotten your work PC connected to it?  
  25. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Great call Brewer! Also, if you are using the memory module, it might be overwriting the BOOTP/DHCP setting.  You'll need to download the modified program into the memory module.
  26. The number of columns do work...But it will not change your existing ladder sections. If you change and create a new section you will see the change applied. So you could just copy the logic across to the new section. Just remember you cannot make this adjustment when online with a plc
  27. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Once you are connected to the PLC  in RS Logix got to channel configuration of your controller make sure you i/p address is there. Under Protocol Control and uncheck BOOTP Enable and DHCP Enable. Make sure you I/P address is set.        
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