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  2. Why does the BCD Indirect not move data for me???

    The indirect addressing you are trying to use means the pointer value is in BCD.  You can only use 0-9 numbers in a BCD number.  So, BCD numbers only range from 0 - 9999.  The number that you have in your pointer (when monitored in Hex (or BCD)) is 4E4C, which is not a valid BCD number.  To clarify, 20044 when monitored in HEX / BCD (button with 16 in toolbar) is 4E4C.  When you use the BCD pointer, it limits the range that you can use from 0 - 9999.  Thus limiting the access to D0 - D9999.  There is really no reason to use it except for when converting an old program.  
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  4. I am unable to understand the code how can i use this code for Omron CP1L to connect with Yaskawa V1000 vfd via RS485. i am new user of omron. how can i communicate code you please help me to send simple code. i have to start stop and give frequency to vfd. right now i am getting error code 0004H which is disable of serialgateway at the time of A641.00 is unable. could you please share a simple code. i have to communicate multiplt vfd with it 
  5. I have mentioned the same as for CP1L all is fine but in cp1l there is a feature of serial gateway. where the packet is converted by this gateway at the end either in Compoway(Omron Protocol) or Modbus. how can we enable this serial gateway because i am getting an error 0x04 which is because of disable of this serial gateway 
  6. Why does the BCD Indirect not move data for me???

    In the symbol table select the receiving address as BCD.
  7. SPST Illuminated Momentary Push Button

    Sounds like he got hold of some push to test lights.
  8. Omron NA panels

    Hi IO_Rack, What you say is true. It is also true that my interest is in one of the motors. I copied (Vectored) this OMRON Sysmac Studio toolbox standard motor into a graphic package, and found that it was made up of a lot of individual components, and has too many colour ranges to make it practical to edit and port back into the Sysmac Studio HMI project. What I was hoping, was for somebody with more experience than me, to give me guidance in a quicker method that would still give me an image that was of reasonable quality, and looked like a 3D motor in 3D.
  9. Hi forum.  I am expanding my programming knowledge by experimenting with different instructions that I typically have not used.  I am following the CX Programming manual for Indirect Referencing of Data Memory in BCD format.  I have written the code to a tee as shown in the manual by using the " * " to signify BCD.  When I try the code it does not transfer a BCD value (actually no value at all) into D20044? I was able to make the Indirect work for Binary by using the " @ " symbol but the BCD is not playing well.  Any thoughts? FYI: I am working with a CP1H XA bench PLC
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  11. Working with Strings

    Hi so i am learning to work with mitsubishi GX Works2 i am using the simulator, and the help anyway i was testing with strings and when i convert a unsigned word or dword to string it converts it as HEX values and also fill the whole thing with 0's can anyone help me or point me in the right direction with a manual, i do know my way around on AB and siemens but its harder to find help for mitsubishi, on the help for WORD_TO_STR, it says it should be converting to decimal but it isnt, is this a weird bug with the simulator?    
  12. 5069-L310ERM

    Thank you very much Alan.   So there is only one ACD file in the controller? 

    I just tested it and it works. Click on the link above, then type "crimson" in the Search field. I'm not able to post the 'already searched' link because it doesn't work that way.
  14. PowerFlex 525 PID Feedback

    Maybe try this link? Honestly I didn't read it, so you may have tried this already.
  15. Omron NA panels

    The pipes and motors are Grouped objects of various colors for shading, 3D effects, etc... The Group is made up of simple shapes for the most part where you can change the color of individual shapes. - Add a motor or pipe to a page. - From the View menu, click Page Explorer. This will open in the Multiview Explorer. Look at the Tabs at the bottom. - Select your object (motor or pipe). - Click the arrow next to your object in the Page Explorer. This is expose all the shapes that make up the object. Most of the shapes may have their Color property changed via the Animations Tab. Some of these objects can be very complex and contain a lot of shapes. You'll have to decide if it is worth the effort.
  16. NA-series password change

    Thank you for your contribution! I see this operation requires a USB device. I assume it would perform with an SD card as well(?). I wish the NA5 would allow us to utilize a file in 'Resources' for small text files.
  17. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    Try this:
  18. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    I did, left the power off for more then 10 sec...
  19. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    Did you cycle power to the controller after changing the End Code to 000D?  

    This is correct.     You can download the 1S library here: You just need the email address that the software is registered under and the license number for your software. Then find this library, download and run the exe file:
  21. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    I send "Hello\r" so \r is the terminator of the message. I thought that \r is the CR (0x000D) so I still have no idea why i dont receive the message in the PLC.  

    I believe there is a 1S library from Omron that will allow you to do this.
  23. PUSH and FIFO

    @Rashed Ahmed Fixed the link.
  24. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    Ok, now the message that is being sent to the controller needs to have a CR at the end...  CR was an example.  I don't know what the terminator is on your device.
  25. Here are the input and output data structures for Datalogic vision devices. You can cut and paste them into sysmac studio DatalogicStructure.xlsxDatalogicStructure.xlsxDatalogicStructure.xlsxDatalogicStructure.xlsx DatalogicStructure.xlsx
  26. Copy array element to member of a structure

    You mean like this: I only did 3, but you get the point.   Here is my structure: Here are my variables:
  27. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    the PLC i use is a CJ1M Dip switch 5 is in the OFF position. Now I have put 000D in the field of Set End code. I know that the port is not standard. I have made changes to the port, i think it should work. I can send something with TXD so i think the port is good. It still dont work, but now i can receive '.0' as show in the picture.
  28. Cannot recieve a string RDX

    1st, check dip switch 5 (assuming this is a CJ2 or something).  I don't know which PLC.  It should be in the OFF position. 2nd, you chose to use Set End code as your end code and then did not set one.  If you want to use CR for example, you need to put 000D in that field and download it to the PLC.  3rd, how did you wire the serial communications?  The port is not a standard pinout.   Also, I would replace the 0.00 contact with the Reception Completed flag for that port.  I don't have time to look up the address now.
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