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  2. Hi, I have a QJ71MB91 Modbus Card setup as a slave on Channel 1 - RS232 - Slave ID 1 I have a laptop setup as a Modbus Master and all is working for Holding Registers, Coil Status, Input Status. But when I try to Read Input Registers, I just get an error on the Modbus Master and the error light comes on the QJ71MB91 Card. In Modbus Device Assignment - all was configured  except for Input Register that just shows 0 / 0 - I have tried D2000 / 100  (Holding Registers is D0 / 500). I have tried to Read Input Register (FC=04) 30001 / 32000 etc - but just receive errors. I'm using GX Works 2 latest version - does anyone know how to get this working or have a some sample code. Thanks Mike.
  3. Contrologix 5771 and Point I/O

    While online, open the module properties of the device in the IO Tree.  Select the Connection tab.  You will see check boxes for Inhibit Module & Major Fault On Controller If Connection Fails while in Run Mode.  Make appropriate selects. You could also do this offline, but then you need to download to the PLC. Changing the IP of the VFD occurs in one of two ways.  First is via the keypad and the parameters of the drive itself.  The second is via Rockwell's BootP/DHCP tool.  Once the VFD had a validy IP and can be seen in RSLinx, you should be able to change it there also.  The same thing for the Point IO AENT(R).
  4. i am little bit Confuse After pressing the MRES key which type of memory I cleared . A. load memory B. work memory one another Q is processor S7 -300 is base3d on....?? a. bit based b.  bytes based c.  word based d. slot based    thank you in advance 
  5. Contrologix 5771 and Point I/O

    Thanks appreciate the quick response as you said I have a number of faults on the 5771 after the download.  How would I inhibit these faults? Also I will have to change ip of the drive and the remote i/o now that I changed the 5771 ip. can I do this in the i/o tree and I would guess I would also have to do that locally at the drive as well.  Thanks  again
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  7. Contrologix 5771 and Point I/O

    You can download your controller's program any time you want to.  You might have major or minor faults based upon your configuration of settings of each device.  Under every device's connection tab are settings regarding faulting the processor due to the lack of communication with the device.  You could inhibit the device to prevent your processor from faulting. You can change the IP address in the ENBT (or whichever ethernet module you have) at anytime with no download required.  Use RSLinx to change the settings.  The only concern is making sure all the other devices and your PC remain in the same subnet.
  8. I have a couple of questions regarding a system I have been tasked to commission the I/O. I have a 5771 controller with ethernet card and 2 remote i/o(Point i/o) via ethernet and a vfd (powerflex) via ethernet.  My question is do I have to power up and establish communciations between every device to download to the 5771 controller.  Or can I just establish comms between the 5771 and Point i/o and download.  The reason I ask is the Drive has not been wired by the contractor and is 2 weeks away from completion. Drive is also been controlled via ethernet 5000 suite.  Also if I have to change a IP on the 5771 is a download required to make the Change?
  9. Panel View 800 Password Problems

    Usually, this is an option in HMI software, to force password changes on a certain period. See your desing software, usually in security options or user management, and you will find some option like "force password chage after X months".
  10. Writing Data String Info to a text file

    You do not need an OPC. There are several drivers and projects to use from ranges of simple excel files to programming languages. I find very easy to use and develop in VB with Advanced HMI beacuse its very simple to code in Visual Basic, and the project is also designed to minimize the need of VB knowledge. It not only a driver but has several visual and non visual controls to choose from, communication its very reliable as I've used it in more than eigth projects where some of them are connected to six PLCs monitoring variables and interacting with an access database. There is even ways to make it run as a service, so you can make sure it will be always running in the background.
  11. Change password for Level

    If you wish to store the password STRING in the PLC, then yes. You can change the STRING from the PT. You'll just need to use a String Display & Input object. You can also choose to display "*" for the input characters so that it works just like a typical password dialog.
  12. Change password for Level

    I have only ever seen password changes done from the computer in Designer, not from the PT. I don't know that it is possible though I may be using a different version of the Designer system than you. This is where I have always done my passwords from: This is the properties sheet of the object, Password Tab. Sorry, I know that's not what you were hoping for, but maybe IO_Rack is onto something there.
  13. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    I have a Linksys router on my home network with WPA2 password protection. The wifi can also be protected by MAC addresses (not allow wifi access if the MAC address is not specified as OK) I have a NAS on the network which is why I have it locked down, critical data on my computers is automatically backed up to the NAS drive. All computers and such are hard wired ethernet.
  14. b&R 4PP015 Error

    I have a 4PP015.0420 panel with the led error that stays between green and red, and it doesn't work.The sequence of the LEDs at power:       Yellow   Red       Green   Red       Green   Green       Green   Green&RedAnd on the display :          Version    1.1          Status     400041000I think there is a Status Register that indicates the errors.How can I see it to know why the PLC is not put in RUN?Thank you in for your help.Sorry for my english
  15. Panel View 800 Password Problems

    did you solved it lurby?  
  16. Hello! Im trying to learn how to read files from SD card im M221 controller. Currently i have set it up to log two analog inputs on a timer.' I can not fint any way to export, acess or transfer.  Anyone tried this?
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  18. Fx3u-48M memory cassette

    Please, refer to Regards, Thiago
  19. Mitsubishi PLC ERROR

        Dear KongFah,     Unfortunately, the FX2N cassete is different from FX3U cassete, so despite the password issue you cannot install the FX2N cassete in a FX3U CPU....      Regards,     Thiago
  20. Disqualified Redundancy Partner IO Issue?

    Obviously that's a light load of details to work on, but you've got what you've got. First, please verify that when you say "RIO" you mean I/O on EtherNet/IP, through a 1756-EN2T module.     The term "RIO" is a bit of legacy vernacular in the A-B world, referring to the old "blue hose" Universal Remote I/O network that the PLC-2/3/5 used for decades. Do you think that the comms problem on the Slot 1 Ethernet module was the reason that the Secondary was disqualified ? Did the disqualification and the failure to function as expected occur at the same time, or close together in time ?   Do the loads connected to the 1756-OW16I have inductive suppression or other circuit protection on them ?   Obviously "a relay failed to open as expected" suggests a stuck or welded contact in the relay. How was the system "stop" eventually accomplished ?   Did it happen later than expected, or not until another mechanism like E-Stop was used ? What version of the Redundancy firmware bundle does this system run ?   Have you verified that all the modules in the system are correctly loaded with firmware that is compatible with that bundle ?

    What, precisely, do you mean by "loses its parameters" ? My guess is that you mean that parameters that you have recently adjusted or modified are set back to their default values, or to the values from before you set them. The PowerFlex 525 does support a feature called "Auto Device Configuration" that stores the parameters in the ControlLogix program.    Every time the drive is power cycled, the ControlLogix will check to see if the parameter set is consistent with the configuration, and download the configuration to the drive. If your saved set of parameters is the default set, then that's what the ControlLogix will download. The first thing to check is the "Automatic Device Configuration" tab in the vertical menu for the PowerFlex 525 in your Studio 5000 Logix Designer I/O tree.

    I have a powerflex 525 that loses it's parameters every time power is cycled. Is there a battery I don't know about? What could be causing this?  
  23. Why "RMS" Analog Input?

    I could see this for a discreet AC input or output module but I see no reason for an analog module. Do you have an example or a link to such cards?
  24. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    I have a Rigol Programmable DC load (for testing batteries, solar panels, and miscellaneous ham related stuff... ok so it's a toy I wanted) and it has an ethernet port that lets me set it up, run tests, see results, with free software that I load on my computer. My workbench is not close to my computer or an ethernet connection so I added a NETGEAR - Nighthawk Mesh X6S Tri-Band WiFi Mesh Extender, Seamless Roaming, One WiFi Name, Works with any WiFi Router (EX8000) to my workbench. It lives on the WiFi network but gives me numerous ethernet ports. It's pretty easy to setup up and very handy. I turned the WiFi power way down on my router and the extender. Hopefully it's low enough that the neighbors can't see it Iike I see theirs) but I also use router security to control access.
  25.     Thanks for support. any other question let you know.
  26. Read Micro800 MAC address in program?

    Have not seen if there is a hardware identifier available at program level, but maybe you can use the IP adress as one? Just guessing you have a static IP on each PLC, so that would give you way to differentiate them.
  27. Configuring HSC in CJ1W - CT021

    Great, I tested it today and when I connect proximity switch DI0 signal goes high. Now, how can I use this DI to count number of pulses each second? Is it enough to use timer of 1s that counts number of pulses? Or can I use "PRV" block for HSC? If so, how I configure it? What does port specifer means? How can I connect my digital input to "PRV" block?
  28. Network question from PM

    I have tried many configurations but it doesn't work. The ping responds only if the pc has an address with subnet /24 I accept any suggestions, thanks (attached the current configuration that does not work)
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