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  2. FX3U-RS485ADP-MB

    thanku sir, but i am getting data on modsim as slave but not on actual timer on which i have to display the down count of time i have attached the program with my coment pleae check   modsim_slave2_ok.gxw
  3. FX3U-RS485ADP-MB

    Hello sir..... we are getting the data interface on modsim as salve , id 2 but what we have the timer display on this we not getting any data by force on plc . i am attaching my plc program . please  guide me. modsim_slave2_ok.gxw
  4. Another Dumb newb question

    You gentlemen, are a huge help. I have the AOI from Rockwell, and it actually works. If I knew more about PID programming, I would do more with it, but for now, I have something to work with. Again, THANK YOU. Scott.
  5. Another Dumb newb question

    I got the AOI from a colleague, but I suspect he got it from Rockwell. I've tweaked it a little, but the guts are essentially the same. I modified it so that I don't have to assign separate tags for the min/max parameters and added an "In Range" bit. I'm also planning to add a clamping feature in a week or so.
  6. Mask Move in Sysmac Studio

    ST version of masked move.
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  8. Project Transfer Failed - E-Designer 7.2

    Hi Richuk, As an IT man you could think of a 'local Admin' construction in the network. Add your maintanance personell in a group that can be administrator on dedicated production machines but not on the network it self. So if they login at the office network they are just standard users and if they need to install drivers etc. at this production machine they will have a login screen pop-up where they need to login extra with their network login name and pasword on a this local machine. This is how it works at our company on production machines. I don't know how to set this up (external IT party made this for us) but as you are an IT man it should be a piece of cake with these standard Microsoft of Windows settings i hope. Succes, Theo V.   p.s. you can set the download driver checkbox at 'Never' to make sure the up and download is not messing up the existing drivers.
  9. What is the Use of Number data type for CJ2 Omron PLC?

    It really has nothing to do with EtherNet/IP.  It is just a way to put a symbol on a constant for documentation purposes.  I never use this functionality, but rather comment the code and the rung around the constant so that the meaning of the constant is clear.   In the rung below, I move a constant of 5 (UINT) into D100.  D100 could then be part of the implicit messaging communications of EtherNet/IP if you set it up to do so (as an example):   Here is the definition of the constant in the symbol table: One other use for this is that you could use the name to program rather than the constant value itself.  So, if you had a more complicated constant that you might not remember, you could use this to enter your command.  Example (if you did not remember what pi's value was): Creation of pi symbol: Programming using the symbol name: End result (area calculation):
  10. Thermocouple

  11. I am interested in use cases rather than the definition of Number. What is the use when we want to read or write to the plc memory  using ethernet/ip ? Hope I am clear .
  12. Hello, We've been having problems transferring a project (send or receive) in E-Designer. To give a bit of background... I work in IT and my end user used to have full admin access to his computer but we have recently had to remove he's rights and since then he hasn't been able to talk to the HMI. We know there's nothing wrong with the HMI or laptop (when full access is granted) as it work perfectly. I don't know much about E-Designer or the HMI\PLC's that our users connect to so I was hoping to gain a bit of knowledge here so I can work out what is going wrong. When the user tries to transfer a project the errors come up (See Attachment) please note that it works perfectly when full rights on the laptop are applied. Also, would any one know what exactly is happening in this process? I can see that E-Designer can see the HMI so there is a connection but clearly can communicate properly. Is it trying to download files somewhere the user doesn't have access to? is the OPCDriverConfig1.cfg info a clue? Thanks for your time!
  13. Thermocouple

    I would expect "Engineering Units" to be equal to "Engineering Units x1".
  14. Another Dumb newb question

    You don't need to scale it in ladder since it's already scaled in the module configuration. You would just use it as you need to use it, as an alarm setpoint, display, input to a PID control, etc. If your module is configured correctly, the temperature is in normal engineering units for you when it gets to the tag database. So your SCP in 500 would have a destination field that you would set to some address, let's say F8:0. In my screenshot, instead of using F8:0, you would use test1:1:I.Ch0Data in your code. Do you need to change the scaling at runtime?
  15. RSLinx pc transfer question

    That is my fall back, if I can't just copy the info.  There are a lot of points and no good way to see them in a list on the HMI software.
  16. NT20S-ST121 - Permission Denied message

    This sounds like a programmed alarm message not generated by the NT20S operating system.  Get screen shot with camera,
  17. SysmacStudio hardware catalog update

    I guess that I only answered the first question with my post, thanks @innoaloe for answering the second.
  18.   Sysmac does make use of this to access the information.  This is the point of the EDS file.  It describes how the NJ is to communicate to the device over EtherNet/IP.  It then uses this information for the synchronous (Implicit messaging) exchange of data with the device. What Sysmac Studio does not yet do is built a data type with appropriate labels that matches the device's I/O structure.  This is not an EDS function, but an AOP (Add On Profile) function as mentioned earlier in the thread.  I agree that this would be a useful function to have.  I believe that this functionality has been requested, but I do not know the status of this request at this point.
  19. What is the Use of Number data type for CJ2 Omron PLC?

    In other words, a Number type data is a named constant.
  20. EDS files contain a lot of information necessary to identify the device and make the connection. I'm not sure if tag information is omitted in the ODVA standard or simply not required. Have a look at Appendix A of this document: Allen Bradley does a lot of non ODVA functions. They have been supporting EIP for a long time and most vendors test and adjust for them.  
  21. NT20S-ST121 - Permission Denied message Since the error does not appear in the manual,  I would  contact your OMRON service center. Regards, Garry
  22. Runtime takes too much time to load

    Hi, 30 minutes is definitely not right !! I recommend a couple things to test 1) Test that one of the demo applications launches immediately  2) for database connections, turn off “Open on startup “ and add a button to manually open the connection. If it launches immediately but takes 30 mins when you click the button then it is related to your connection or query.  3) for PLCs, same thing. Turn off “Open on startup “ and open manually from button or PLC Maintenance dialog.  Interested to hear the results... BB
  23. You cannot use an address for NUMBER. It is intended for literal values only. The number type will be determined by the method in which you precede the constant value. (#, &, +, -).  A REAL value will be preceded by a "+" or "-" and contain a ".".
  24. A little input on a few things needed

    Navigator or CC-Link (IE Field(basic)) network setting wehn you use the config window to create your stations. There are profiles for all CC-Link station types. They should be on your last DVD
  25. Another Dumb newb question

    You can download the SCP instruction from Rockwell: see KB Tech note 38090 It says it works for RSLogix 5000 version 16 project or greater. I've used it myself in RSLogix5000 v20 and Studio5000 v30 and it works fine. Looks like JRoss uses something like this too.
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