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  2. Download program to Micrologix 1400

    The Micrologix 1400 uses RsLogix 500.  You can purchase the Micro version of it for around $250. RsLogix 5000 is for the Controllogix and Compactlogix family and those programs can't be downloaded into a Micrologix 1400.
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  4. Sysmac Studio won't load

    Yes - just the update program. Still not working - have to reinstall I guess.
  5. Hi, You can try here : if it doesn't work, let me know by pm, I have others versions. JC
  6. High speed counters ML1100

    Hi Garry cheers for that I did have a browse about looking for a thread yesterday I didn’t see that... Back to the drawing board for me 
  7. Download program to Micrologix 1400

    Hi JGeis you need 2 pieces of software Rs Linx and RS logix now the RS Logix can be one of 2 versions depending on what the softwares written in eg RS Logix 500 or RS Logix 5000 ask the supplier to state what the program was written in.... now the softwares not cheap “many thousands” and then there’s the licensing, so if you don’t use the software all the time it will work out a lot cheaper for you to send the plc off to the supplier to re-install the program hope this helps
  8. Hello, I'm new to PLC Programming, with just a simple course about the basics. I've got a micrologix 1400 PLC which seems to have had its program wiped when the battery was replaced. I've had the company that supplied the machine it runs send me the program for the PLC. However, I don't have any software to communicate with it, and download the program to the PLC. I was hoping some one here could help me out and direct me towards what I will need to do to get the new program installed on the PLC. Thank you 
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  10. High speed counters ML1100 There is only one HSC on the ML 1100. ML 1500 has two. The above thread points this out. Regards, Garry
  11. Q03 Modbus to Nanodac

    Are you using Function code 16 -  Write multiple output registers? Sometimes if a parameter uses 32 bits you must use write using function code 16. Is this the same type of data that you are reading? Regards, Garry
  12. Hi, We purchased a copy of Schneider Tele PL7-07 software from a 3rd party vendor to communicate with a TSX Nano, but when we install it, it's coming up saying that we're missing disc3.  We've gone back and forth numerous times with the vendor, they say it works on their side, it doesn't work on ours.   It's a long shot, but does anyone have the 3rd disc that they could send me the file from, or point me to someplace where we can download it?   Thanks mark
  13. Q03 Modbus to Nanodac

    Hi, I am having an issue with writing data to a Nanodac via modbus. I am able to read data from the Nanodac, but unable to send data across. I am reading data from 2 different Nanodac's and want to be able to write to the both of them.  I have two different read and write addresses for the Nanodac's. Would like some advise on how to resolve this issue. Many Thanks.
  14. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    I See what you mean in your case I guess the GS is the option to go for. I think they have all the models because off backward compatibility. I already suggested why not separate the screen from the intell. Like choose GT21 23 25 or 27 as a board or something and then select a sceen size. Less stock for them also 
  15. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    Yes but it's only for iQ-R I guess you are a FX user? 
  16. FX3U-ENET connections

    Hi JanHrust. I did all the setting you have said. But without Fixed Buffer Communication: Procedure Exist (MC) it doesn't work (Connections are blinking and SCADA doesnt have connection to the PLC).  But in my efforts i've found that SCADA (MAPS and CITECT) only need 1 connection: TCP Unpassive Send OR Receive  Procedure Exist (MC) Disable Confirm and port. Before that i have been thinking SEND - for SCADA writing in PLC, and Receive for PLC giving data to SCADA. So i was wrong. If only 1 connection need - there is no need to go 2 SCADAs via same connection. Thank you for your advice.
  17. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    GX works 3 has SFC? You mean using the Sxx labels in ladder? Defeats the object for me, I like graphical boxes and steps.  No many fans of SFC so probably a good thing to let it go.   Too much choice is a real time-waster.  If I want a 7" screen my needs are simple.  I don't need it to be anything other than 24VDC.  I don't need a choice of colours. I don't need a choice of screen resolution. I don't need a bargain range, or a horrible wide screen option.  Or new models every other week.  I don't think I've used the same GOT screen twice (slight exaggeration).  For example, a quick look at a recent brochure: 8.4" screens: GT2308-VTBA GT2308-VTBD GT2708-STBA GT2708-STBD  GT2708-VTBA GT2708-VTBD GT2508-VTBA GT2508-VTBD GT2508-VTWA GT2508-VTWD Then there is the GT21s, the GS 7", the older but still available GT1000s. </rant>  :)  
  18. I've used a ProSoft gateway to connect a ControlLogix to an S7-300 to get status information back and forth so the machines knew what each other was doing. Setting things up in the ProSoft module and the ControlLogix were both pretty straightforward using the support materials on ProSoft's website but the S7 side took a call to ProSoft to get sorted out because their tutorials at the time had already transitioned to TIA Portal while we were still using Simatic Manager. Once we got it initially set up, though, it's been flawless. We were able to copy-paste it pretty seamlessly to another line with the same machines but couldn't get it to work on a 3rd line that had a different S7 processor (it only supported Profibus on board and the add-on Ethernet module didn't support IO so it didn't work with the gateway). All that to say that we've had good results from the ProSoft modules but we haven't tried to do what you're proposing. The information we're transferring is not particularly high speed but seems to be transferring at much higher than a 1-second update that another poster reported. But we're also not controlling IO, just messaging between processors. My first thought is the same as Ken Roach's above: I suggest you buy a Flux-Capacitor-equipped Delorean before attempting this so you can go back and change your mind later. I'm not at all concerned with it being a CompactLogix instead of ControlLogix, but rather that you're mixing protocols in a way that they're not meant to be mixed.
  19. iFIX restore problem

    Hi, I have .fbk backup file of iFix aplication (i mean).. When I try to restore it by "Backup&Restore Wizard" in part where I "Browse" the way to Backup file and click on "Next" is problem. Pop-up window show -> "Bad file format. The archive file may be an old version or a wrong version in header signature or is not a Proficy iFIX full backup file (.fbk)" ....  My question is = Is possible to find what of version is my backup file ??? when i suppose this error mean i have installed wrong version of iFIX sofware (my version is iFIX 5.5).. Or is no problem of my iFIX version ?  Thanks
  20. Hi Gurus i understand the ML 1100  has 1 20Khz high-speed counter. The counter has four dedicated inputs ive got inputs I:0/0 and I:0/1 connected to an encoder and it counts away dream and i can see it displayed on HSC.0.ACC but how can i get Inputs I:0/3 and I:0/4 working for a second encoder? iv connected the second encoder and can see the inputs blinking on the ML 1100 so i think its an addressing issue how do i read those pulses ive made sure the filter in the I/O config is set low enough to read the pulses and set Mode to 7 in the function files   as always your help is much appreciated 
  21. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    Haha  This is the first time I have heard someone complain about having to much choice!!! p.s. GX Works 3 has SFC maybe not the best but it is in there      
  22. I have used both the Prosoft and Anybus converters. My general experience of both is that they were reasonably easy to set up- I was using Profibus and Profinet to talk to Modbus Plus and Modbus TCP Protocols (Anybus) and Profibus to Ethernet/IP (Prosoft). To setup in Prosoft- you will need the software Prosoft Configuraton Builder. In prosoft the address ranges, data length etc are all entered into the config file. Obviously in your PLC software- you will need to configure the node with the correct data lengths etc. This may vary depending on the protocols used (I can only vouch for the modules I have used). 
  23. GX configurator2-DP could not be loaded

    Same problem after update.  I'll add it to the list of thing I live with thanks to Mitsubishi, (Like no more SFC in GX works 3, and the excessive choice in HMIs of the same size, , etc etc )   Thanks for your input.
  24. Sysmac Studio won't load

    Where you get this update? AutoUpdate app? I have problem to downloaded it. It's so slow. Seems like a server is very slow.
  25. PLC program uploading automation

    Why don't you password potect the program. ? You could also transfer the program via FTP. OR put the program on an SD card at power up it will load from the SD card.
  26. DeviceNet

    Got it sorted. Silly me.   Its a AB control logix. Silly me missed the one OL being an older model had to be set manually.   Cheers
  27. If you want a good gateway that will take the Profinet I/O and send it to your AB PLC and vise versa, try Real Time Automations gateways. I have used their Modbus to AB compact logix a couple of times.  A very solid product.  The sweet thing is that it will take the Profinet data and write it directly into a PLC address and also read a PLC address and send it to a Profinet address.  USA built and supported.  Sorry for sounding like a sales guy but I have just been super pleased with their product.
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