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  2. pc to cpu

    hi i am new to siemens ,can someone tell me the communication setting to monitor program from my pc.I am having step 7 ,the cpu is IM15-8 pn dp cpu.   thanks    aakash
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  4. Productivity3000 550E

    I just purchased a productivity3000 cpu 550E. The programming needs to use the ethernet port. Can someone direct me how to setup the connectivity from the pac to pc? Thanks  
  5. Subroutine Ladder Diagram

    The SBS 1 must come before the SBN 0.  It will be ignored if placed below any SBN.
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  7. Remap I/O addressing

    Missed the part where it was a medoc (dos) program. If you can't upload the program with GX developer (try it if you're not sure) the copying and pasting obviously won't work. Still recommend a Q in place of the FX if it's possible to keep from changing labels. I generally go no lower than a q03udecpu that way I have a built in ethernet port, but if your system is that old I'm sure a basic Q01 would be just fine.
  8. Remap I/O addressing

      Unfortunately FX's are hardset so there is no way match up input/output #'s. A better solution may have been go to a QCPU. Even with that I don't think GX developer will do a conversion for you, but the addressing will match which would be 1/2 the battle.   If you must stick with the FX depending on the complexity of the program I would do a bit exchange in the ACPU program from for let's say X**8 - X**F and change them to all M bits with similar addressing to what it will end up as in the FX. For example if the current X bit is X00F and you will land it to X20 on the FX I would replace X00F with M2020 (or anything that ends in a 20). Then after copying and pasting it to the new FX program you can do a batch replace (M2020 --->X20)
  9. PanelView Question

    There's an idea. If you have the source code .apa file and can open it, rt-click on "Displays" in the explorer panel and choose "Import and Export..."  In the dialog box, choose "Export graphic information from displays", click Next.  Check every box and click Next.  It will ask you where to save the export files to, then click Finish.  Go to where it exported to and you will find an .xml file for each display in the project.  Open them up and search for "shutdownButton".  If you don't find it anywhere, it isn't there.  If it is, you get to go on a scavenger hunt.  The setup information for my last project looks like this: - <shutdownButton name="ShutdownButton1" height="32" width="153" left="320" top="235" visible="true" wallpaper="false" isReferenceObject="false" audio="true" backColor="navy" backStyle="solid" borderStyle="raised" borderUsesBackColor="true" borderWidth="2" description="" highlightColor="lime" borderColor="navy" patternColor="white" patternStyle="none" horizontalMargin="0" verticalMargin="0" shape="rectangle" touch="true" blink="false" endColor="white" gradientStop="50" gradientDirection="gradientDirectionHorizontal" gradientShadingStyle="gradientHorizontalFromRight" RequireElectronicSignature="false" AllowBlankComment="false" RequireReAuthentication="false" RequireCounterSignature="false" AuthorizedGroup="" ESDomainNameVisible="false" ESDomainNameType="ESDomainNameConstant" ESDomainName="" VariableDomainName="" ESDomainNameDisable="false"> <caption fontFamily="Arial" fontSize="18" bold="false" italic="false" underline="false" strikethrough="false" caption="SHUTDOWN" color="white" backColor="navy" backStyle="transparent" alignment="middleCenter" wordWrap="true" blink="false" /> <imageSettings imageName="" alignment="middleCenter" backStyle="transparent" color="white" backColor="navy" scaled="false" blink="false" /> - <animations> <animateVisibility expression="{[Bond1]Password_OK}" expressionTrueState="visible" /> </animations> </shutdownButton> You know which screen it's on since that's the .xml file you searched and the "left" and "top" parameters show you where it is on the screen, in case it's behind something else.
  10. Remap I/O addressing

    I swapped out an old A-series PLC with a newer FX3U-64MT/ES PLC. The converted program is now in GX Developer, as opposed to an old DOS based system I believe. My job was to rewire the new I/O and land it on the PLC. The problem lies in the addressing. The old system used hex addressing x0-XF and so forth. Outputs also started at Y020 (instead of Y000). My question is where in GX developer does it show the module addressing besides the "List of Used Devices"? Can this addressing be changed and manipulated or is it hardset? I just don't want to relabel all the wiring or change the program to accommodate this and have the wire labels be incorrect. What would be your advice as the best solution? 
  11. PanelView Question

    Are you sure there isn't a hidden button somewhere? Behind a logo, some text description of the machine, etc. Most of us integrators will hide a button just in case. 
  12. PanelView Question

    If it's that old, you will need a version of View Studio older than 8.  I would create a blank project with a "shutdown" button on the only display.  Create a runtime file compiled to firmware version 3.2 or something very old and then download it to the HMI.  Newer HMIs can run older projects with no problems.  You should then be able to get to the OS to check the actual firmware version.  The old mer file should still be present in memory so you can switch back to it from within the OS. If you don't have a backup copy of the .mer file, I would use the ME Transfer Utility to upload it out of the HMI before doing anything, just to be safe.
  13. I haven't tried to flash a PV+ before, but a colleague has with no difficulty.  For the fun of it, I just downloaded the firmware file for v5.10 firmware for a PV+ 700-1500.  When I tried to install the update utility, it told me that it requires that FT View Studio already be installed on the PC, which means that you're probably not going to be able to update the firmware without the HMI programming software. You can use a CF card to load the .mer file onto the HMI, but I've never done it so I can't help you with instructions for that process.  I'm pretty sure you have to be able to get to the PV+ operating system for that to work, which it seems you can't do. If I were in your shoes right now, I would contact my local Allen-Bradley distributor and ask for help.  Our local distributor here is really good and is very willing to go the extra mile to help us out.
  14. Text Resizing

    Which version of Proficy and which alignment tool are you using? The only time I've seen it resize text is when I change the size of the object.
  15. Text Resizing

    Why does Proficy keep changing font sizes for text objects on my HMI when I use the object alignment tools?
  16. First fault detection

    Thanks for the replies, that looks very interesting I will give it a try tomorow
  17. Analog input CS1W-AD081-V1

    Hmmm, but this settings is greyed and I cant change in unit setup? As you said I set inputs to 1-5v/4-20mA, but in one module this settins is set to No detection, and on second module is set to Detection.  How to change it, is there any way to do that?
  18. NB Designer V1.4

    Hi BobB, Just curious, are you using serial or Ethernet between the NB and PLC? Trying to help a customer connect CP1L-EM40 and NB5Q-TW01B over Ethernet.  Finding a lot is not documented. Just thought you might have some pointers. Thanks! gtsuport
  19. Subroutine Ladder Diagram

    is the subroutine ladder diagram is correct. Another thing is what happen if is make subroutine with value 1
  20. Got2000 and gxworks3

    I need help i have a got 2000. I developer my software for the hmi with gtworks 3 my problem is: when i update my software in the hmi over the USB cable with my Notebook then i become an error message after reboot. the error message is: communication error refer to sytem Alarm in utillity menu. At the moment i must disconect the hmi from the current and then it works. can everbody help me?  
  21. PanelView Question

    I have a PanelView Plus 1000 Cat # 2711P-RDT10C of which I need to edit the project. However, the integrator did not do me the courtesy of including a "go to config" button anywhere in the project. I'm not sure what firmware version it's running but I did a little bit of research about how to get to the config screen and I know that the firmware is old enough that it doesn't have the little white box during boot up to force the HMI into the config mode. I found an article that said I would have to dismantle the HMI and remove the internal Compact Flash card in order to make changes. Is there any other option?
  22. Thanks for your time.  We have purchased from auction a Getinge Autoclave (sterilizer) with Allen-Bradley controls (CompactLogix L32E).  The machine has a PanelView Plus 1000 installed.  A CD came with the machine w/ the following files.. HMI Project - (.apa file) Runtime (.mer file) Their is also a compact flash card installed in the CompactLogix L32E.  On the Panel View, their is an external Compact Flash slot, but no card, and on the inside of the panel view (if i remove the back cover) their is a compact flash card slot with a card installed.  I haven't checked what is on either of those cards yet.. We cannot get the program to load on the panel view. When the machine is powered on, the panel view goes through a quick dos setup screen and then the screen turns blue and we are stuck with an hour glass icon.  The icon will move depending upon where you touch on the screen.  I can boot the panel view in safe mode (by hitting the default button, then reset) at which point I get a message stating that the machines files may be corrupted and leaves me the options to Download new Firmware, or Continue.  Hitting Continue nothing happens, and choosing Download gives me Ethernet, or Serial options.  The Panel View is connected to the PLC via ethernet so I choose this option and it  gets stuck at this point. We do not want to make any changes to the program, but just to get it to run on the machine.  We do not have ANY of the software. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Craig
  23. Controls Designing

    Wow, that is a really good reply. Thank you very much for your valuable reply. I am almost new in the field, trying to learn everything fast as possible, which I don't know whether it is possible. Was doing Co-op in an integration company and learned a lot of new things from there as you mentioned. Then got a good offer from a manufacturing plant , and here its just me, and I wanted to learn myself now. Kind of in that position where I want  to do the Automation projects myself, but I never designed an entire cell before myself, so company ends up outsourcing the project. I wanted to somehow learn this, which I know mainly comes through experience.
  24. Analog input CS1W-AD081-V1

    You can set each individual input to disconnect detection in the I/O table unit setup. You can test for disconnection by reading CIO word +9 (2009 for unit 0) bits 0-7. This only applies to I/O channels set to 1-5V/4-20ma. The documentation is in the W345 manual, section 3-6.
  25. Need advice on motor selection logic

    Hey Kaiser, thanks for the reply.  Sorry for the very delayed response. OK I've worked up some logic, but hit a snag.  Here's my question, was actually going to make this a new post, but figured I'd drop it in here. Say I have three compressors, and each compressor kicks in at a different pressure point.  Each pressure point (PP1, PP2, PP3) can have 1 of 3 compressors (C1, C2, C3) assigned to it, but not always the same compressor, they rotate.   PP1 = C1 or C2 or C3 PP2 = C1 or C2 or C3 PP3 = C1 or C2 or C3   Compressors can also become disabled.   PP1, 2, and 3 are registers.  If PP1=0, no compressor is currently assigned to it.  If PP1=1, compressor #1 is assigned to it, and so forth.   Let's say that C2 becomes blocked.   What would be the cleanest, most concise way to check all pressure point registers for the blocked pump #2 and set that pressure point register to zero (when a pressure point is set to zero, other logic kicks in and assigns a working compressor, if available)?  This may sound easy, any maybe it is, but I'm not seeing at at the moment.  Thanks for any help!
  26. Analog input CS1W-AD081-V1

    Hi all. I have two sam modules CS1W-AD081-V1, I set inputs Enable range 1-5V/4-20mA. For One Ihave RUN lit green, ERC not lit, Input disconnection detection is set No detection. For second module RUN lit, ERC lit red, Input disconnection detection is set to Detection. How to chage this settings? I want to have Detection on. I also try to se CIO bit to ON but can not,
  27. STL Recombination

    Hello all! Has anyone any experience in programming STL logic on FX2s?  I'm converting a program from an ancient GEC PLC to Mitsubisih, before the GEC unit fails!.  I think I've all but done, but there's part of the machine sequence  which require two things operate at the same time then wait for both to finish before continuing (wait recombination).  I split the sequence in to two parallel STL sequences but I'm struggling to understand how to recombine the two.  The Mitsy programming manual is short of a programming example!  The screenshot, below, is what I've programmed from my understanding of the manual.  Is it correct before I continue?  Am I right in that the last steps of the parallel branches (S21 and S26) are driving outputs but with no direct condition to step to the next step (as in rungs: 155, 156) and that rungs 157, 158 is the correct programming technique before rung 159 which has the two conditions to recombine from both parallel branches to step 30?  Thankyou in advance for any help! 
  28. Hello, I'm doing a project with CP1E-N20 PLC. I want to monitor and control the PLC input and output coil from my PC using HMI software (Indusoft Web Studio). I tried converting the programming ladder used for CS1/CJ1 by changing the PLC in CX-Programmer. I ran into several error, but was able to sort it out (error cause by different format used by CP1E program like TXD and RXD). But when I want to download the program to my PLC, it gave me a compiler error. I already build/compile the code/program and it return with 0 error and 0 warning. I hope anyone could help me sort it out. My email is I have attached the programming I converted from CS1/CJ1 below. Thank You. CP1E.cxp CP1E.opt CP1E.bak
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