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  2. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    In CX-Programmer open options - PLCs and tick the box to let you know there are forced bits on when exiting - then you will not forget.
  3. Description Entry

    Thanks Michael - just back last night from a hard week programming a pile of tricky stuff for NASA - all online - live site. We have to deal with a site wide UPS, rotary converter, mains and 8 generators and not turn the radio telescopes off. Challenging sometimes. There is no N+1 for the UPSs so if something goes wrong with one or more of them we start generators and co-generate with the UPS - or rotary converter if it is in action. I was very mentally tired - 9 hours a day for 4 days - Friday was good they were testing what I programmed. No blackouts and worked perfectly thankfully.
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  5. I am using P_AIn Analog Input function blogs and displaying the data on HMI using standard FactoryTalk faceplate. I need to change the Engineering Units displayed on the faceplate from the default % to others ("H2O, psi, etc). I know they are specified in Cfg_EU but I can not find this tag in my instruction. Where do I make this change?
  6. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    Hi Everyone, Sometimes I forget to cancel forced bits in omron CJ2M-CPU34 PLC. I want to cancel all forced bits automatically and found something about fins command. I'm now facing difficulty in activating the all cancel forced bits command. (2302) Is there anybody know how to use @CMND command for cancel forced bits?  Thank you.  
  7. Description Entry

    I think @BobB has a typo above, he meant "Copy from the Symbol table..."
  8. NA screen acknowledge alarms on reset?

    The only thing that I can think of is to uncheck Popup and Acknowledge in the alarm setting, but then make Global Events for the alarm bit.  If you want the window to close automatically, you will need to make an event for the on and the off condition. This is a bit tedious, but it will work.
  9. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    Ok, inside the PLC program, check the COM port settings. In the project tree, double-click on "Channel Configuration" under "Controller". Check the Channel 0 settings and make sure your device is set the same way. If they don't match, make them match by changing either the PLC or your device. For an HMI, I think you can just use the Chan. 0 - System settings.
  10. OMRON Ethernet IP as Slave

    Yes, you would use Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP (or you could use Beckhoff's software, but I can't help with that).  Do you have the EDS file for this device?  If you post it, perhaps I can help.   I have been unable to locate the file.
  11. Hello, Am new to B&R automation studio. I have a plc program that is successfully built but after buiding the program, on the transfer window that pops out, only do not transfer to plc button is active while the transfer to plc button is not. I want to simulate this program on my Laptop. I can simulate the sample programs . The cpu used for this program is the X20_1485. Some help please. pleas see the attached photo   Thanks
  12. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    Yes I can get into the program to download and upload normal, I just can not communicate to Ihm with the PLC. I'm in doubt on the cable I'm using, or do I need to change any settings?
  13. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    If you connect to the serial port and autoconfigure a DF1 driver in RSLinx, does it see the 5/03?
  14. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    Hello I'm trying to put the new HMI but I can not connect to the HMI. I do not know how to configure the cable to make this communication. I already tried the same cable where I use to communicate with the notebook, and also on a rs232 null cable but I could not. Do I need to change anything in the PLC port configuration?
  15. Hello forum! I'm using AB Compactlogix 1769 L35E CPU energized by 1769-PA2 power supply which is also supplying to 1769-SDN DeviceNet scanner, both via backplane. Trying to build a simply DN network connecting the scanner to a Balluff BNI DNT-104-000-Z004, which is a 16 PNP digital input block, since is only input module I rely that no extra power supply will be required. The problem is that when connecting both scanner and input block via my DN thick cable (Balluff BCC07YY), the input module does not energize. In fact I got no voltage reading when measuring voltage between scanner V+ and V- terminals. I measured voltage at 1769-PA2 power supply DC output (which is not in use) and its providing 24VDC, also scanner is powered on so I do not think the problem could be power supply nor backplane. Scanner display shows 92 number, scanner manual says that 92 error is "no devicenet power" and has the following description: No network power detected on DeviceNet port. Provide network power. Make sure the module drop cable is providing the proper power to the DeviceNet port. Which I do not get, is not the power supply from 1769-PA2 via backplane enough?  Is not the scanner supposed to provide voltage to the network? I've no grounding connection connected to PE yet (just between devices GND terminals)... is that a problem for testing this small network? It will be done soon but now I'm waiting for cable material. Actually I'm online using Studio5000 and have 1769-SDN DeviceNet scanner device declared at the project, there is no warning nor major fault displayed from the software. Thanks for reading.
  16. Training The above guide may help you out. Regards, Garry
  17. Indirect addressing in pop up

    Hi, In CX-Programmer i have an array of valves: Scada_Valve[0], Scada_Valve[1], ...Scada_Valve[x] Is it possible to open a pop up with dynamic addressing so i can control the specific valve that was pushed? I tried working with index i0 but i can't get this to work.  Thx in advance
  18. Make dynamiclly a new pop up..

    Hi, Where can i download ur example for this indirect addressing in NS?
  19. AB MicroLogix 1200 Backup

    I've had great results with cables from TWcontrols. The cables you need. Nice phone support as well, 
  20. SLC-500 Power Supply Short?

    I've had similar experiences as PLCMentor with the SLC 5/xx power supplies. They can cause the PLC to randomly dump its program and can also cause it to fault, thinking that a module is failing. I've seen it where we replaced each module one at a time (the fault code couldn't identify which module it was) until replacing the power supply fixed it. I've had similar behavior caused by the chassis.
  21. CompactLogix

    You can set the IP once you're online with the processor.
  22. CompactLogix Communication

    Pull the battery, that'll blank it.
  23. Not able to select parameter

    Sounds like a powerflex or an emerson commander. If it's the Emerson you'll need the data cable and to download the configuration software.
  24. Training

    Learning on the DirectLogic PLC will teach you methods that will never work on the CompactLogix PLCs.
  25. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    You need to download and install RSLogix 5000 your license should cover it. If not the Rockwell Download center will not let you have it.
  26. SLC-500 Power Supply Short?

    DH+ uses an oddball voltage if you connected a computer's serial port to it you're lucky it didn't burn up your serial port as well. Odds are that port on the PLC is now dead.
  27. where to download free version of RSLogix English 500

    The current product is called RsLogix Micro English otherwise the information above is correct you will need a license to the support for the 1400 .  
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