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  2. E900 Operating System Required

    Thanks for your help. I contacted Beijer and they were able to supply the version 6.10 firmware in a BIN file. I was able to download this to the E900 via System Loader Software but only after I erased the memory on the E900 first. My project was then able to download and now I have a working spare for the company - happy days.
  3. MSG alternative to acees BOOL type data?

    Logix 5000 is a tagname based environment. If there aren't any Boolean tags there aren't any Booleans
  4. OMRON CJ2M-CPU13 - SCU32- Communication

    thanks a lot 
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  6. MSG alternative to acees BOOL type data?

    The problem is that it should not require any preprogramming (program code, data type, aliasing, etc.) that refers specific tags. The solution must be tag name- independent and work with any arbitrary BOOl tag created by the standard procedure.

    In RSlinx the omron PLC does not appear. How do I add it?
  8. Sample blocks for S7 1200 plc's

    You can find the trial version of STEP 7 you need to convert your blocks here:
  9. hi all, i have two NX1P2 writing data to each other, using CIPUCMMWrite instruction. Both of these instructions fail with error code 1C00 and extended 2000 8022, that tells me: "The data type that is specified in the request service data does not agree with the tag information. The AddInfo Length in the request service data is not 0." I had done all checks on both programs (data type, setup as global variable, Publish only) and all is a expected in both plcs. Reading the manual  (W506) shows the data structure and objects involved in the communication, but is not clear to me how to check and modify the condition that made this particular error, besides CIPUCMMWrite seems an instruction that does not require any further handling of data. Others have met this particular error and how they solved it? Many thanks
  10. Prv instruction in structured text

    You're only the third person I heard ever promote the use of structured text. But that's fine I seem to be the only person for thousands of miles to be able to understand it.
  11. TON syntax error

    Missing variable?
  12. MSG alternative to acees BOOL type data?

    Bit Packed Words  
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  14. MSG alternative to acees BOOL type data?

    I'm not able to pull up Logix at the moment but you could map one format to another in structured text (there are other means but this lets you control what goes where with no regard to bit or byte order in the CIP tag). As a crude example: CIPTag1 of the type INT mapped to BOOLTag1 of the type BOOL[16] <-- I actually don't think you can do an 16 bit array, I'm pretty sure it has to be be BOOL[32]. Depending on which way you are going: CIPTag1.0 := BoolTag1.0; CIPTag1.1 := BoolTag1.1; etc... or BoolTag1.0 := CIPTag1.0; BoolTag1.1 := CIPTag1.1; etc...
  15. Since the CIP MSG instruction supports only numerical data types, is there an alternative way to read/write booleans in Logix5000 processor? Base boolean tags, not aliases to numerical data type tag bits.
  16. RedLion CR300010 Raw TCP/IP Communication

    What are you writing to?
  17. Concept 2.1xl

    In that case I would try calling your rep until you get someone that can find it.  If they continue to state that they cannot produce it for you ask for a written statement that the software in question is out of service and abandoned by them. At which point the lawyers will "lose their minds" and somebody will go dig it out of a closet, or they may do nothing, or the loons may write the statement which will free you up to acquire the software through unofficial channels (which will never happen).
  18. usb-sc09 Driver

    It should come with one... Unless it's an eBay Chinese one. Then good luck deciphering the Chinese instructions
  19. usb-sc09 Driver

    Hi guys anyone have i driver of Mitsubishi plc cable usb-sc09 Driver thank you for your help..
  20. RedLion CR300010 Raw TCP/IP Communication

    Hi,  Well , I still have the old HMI with crimson 2 and it works totally fine. however for some reason same program in crimsion 3.1 with Cr300010 not working as expected. CR300010 only support crimson 3.1 software. So i didn't test 3.0 version on machine. how can I use that "Have you been able to verify the connection is operational using a modbus emulator? " Iam not sure how to use that can you advice me?  The issue that I am facing is writing to pc over Raw TCP/IP protocol. Redlion CR300010 can receive data from pc however can not send data back.  I have debugged my code using web server and Windows online tools and found my code is executing, however i couldn't see what i am sending to pc. i couldn't find a way to monitor the string data type that i am send.   what could be the issue? its same code exactly in crimson 2.0. same Ip address and subnet mask. is there any suggestion that i should do to help me discover the root cause of this issue ??    thanks
  21. TON syntax error

    I am trying to do a TON timer in GX Works2 on a FX2N PLC. If I simulate the code I have done in GX Works it works the way I need it to, but as soon as I upload it to the PLC it goes into error state. When I look up the PLC diagnostic there are two entries in the list.  NO 6502 Error Step 35 Syntax error No 0000 Error Step 35 Unregistration error If I remove the timer from the program, all other things works fine.  This is the code that makes it give the syntax error.  Forward( IN:=%IX004, PT:=eTime); %QX004:=Forward.Q; Also tried this Forward( IN:=%IX004, PT:=T#5S); %QX004:=Forward.Q; I have also set up the same in ladder, but get the exact same syntax error from the PLC once it's uploaded.  Does anyone have an idea of what the problem can be?   
  22. S7400 On-Board IO to S7-1500 CPU

    The only way I know if is to make the S7-400 CPU a Profibus Slave to the S7-1500.  The S7-400 would have to have a small program to transfer the I/O signals from the S7-1500 to the S7-400 I/O.  
  23. Prv instruction in structured text

    Thanks for your input, I will check out your suggestion on monday  
  24. Connect PC through QJ71E71-100

    I am using a Mitsubishi Q03UDECPU with QJ71E71-100 Ethernet Module. And I am trying to connect the PLC Via QJ71E71-100 Ethernet Module with , Network No - 1 , Station No. -1 But Cannot Connect. (And also i am able to Ping the Module at My Settings are in the attached images. Please Suggest.
  25. Sample blocks for S7 1200 plc's

    Hi experts, please share the sample blocks for the EDITABLE TIMER block it should be editable from HMI(Siemens). And also motor run hour block. Actually i am having all blocks in tia v12 version and sadly i dont have the old software to convert it again. So please share the blocks that it shoud be work in TIA V14 for s7 1200 plc's. Please note that the blocks should use add instructions to calculate the time because i don't have much memory.
  26. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    I got pricing information. The ML 1400 is $1,200.00 verses the ML 1200 $1,030.00. The ML 1400 has built in analog I/O (0-10VDC) so I would not need the 4 channel analog module which costs $424.00 So actually it would be cheaper to go with the Micrologix 1400. I would also gain the ethernet port. Although my HMI does not have ethernet, I may just go ahead and purchase a Cmore panel that has it and retire this one. AT the very least I can keep the computer connected to the PLC all the time and leave the serial connection for the HMI. What I actually need is analog output so I can control the speed of the trains. I found a schematic of the CW80 transformer online that someone hand drew out, and the throttle input is 0 to 3.3VDC. What I will probably do is use a voltage divider so I cannot exceed 3.3VDC and possibly damage the transformer. This would also give me the full scale on the analog output. I could use the analog input as a feedback to verify the transformer is outputting power to the track, in the event of a derail, if there is a short, the transformer shuts down and blinks the power light and stays that way until you turn the throttle to zero and then back on again as a reset. This way the PLC will know if the transformer shut down. The output to the track as a weird AC wave, I can build a bridge rectifier with filters and then scale it down to 0-10VDC for one of the inputs. (I do have experience in building electronic circuits) So in my case the fact the analog I/O is DC voltage is fine and would be better for my project. Mike  
  27. Hi Guys, I am working on a project where my Client is looking to upgrade a CPU 414-3 DP (S7-400) 6ES7 414-3XJ00-0AB0 to a newer supported model.  The suggested replacement for this CPU is CPU 414-3 (6ES7414-3XM07-0AB0).  We are looking down the avenue of potentially replacing the existing  CPU 414-3 DP with a S7-1500 CPU. In the existing setup there is Remote IO and on Board IO.  If we replace the existing CPU 414-3 DP with a S7-1500 CPU we will be able to communcate with the existing Remote IO via an ET 200M IM 153-1. No problem there,  However, the problem we see is with the existing On-board IO.......... Does anyone out there know if there is a module that allows S7-400 On-board IO to communicate to a new S7-1500 CPU ?  Thanks Guys 
  28. Concept 2.1xl

    There is no typo. We have  plc programs written by concept 2.1 b2.1 XL . I need concept v2.1.
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