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  2. MX Component Question

    Well my idea was to have both and make the pages for the 40" TV in the GOT as this is fast and simple to do. The GOT can also do the Database comms and back-p the data is thr Database is unreachable. Yes the GT25 (and you can use the smallest one) would be more expensive but it would save you a lot of time in programming. So unless you're making multiple systems it would worth it it my opinion. Ignition will need a PC ( your database/excel so i guess you would be using the same PC) and be running on windows. Still this would increase the load on the PC.
  3. ip Finder

    Doesn't Rockwell have a tool called System Ferret that does this?
  4. Going Obsolete

    And you would be complaining if you didn’t  get a quote.    go buy TIA Portal Step7 Basic This is the replacement        
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  6. 1756 ControlLogix connect with 1734-ib8s

    You cannot use POINT Guard modules as though they were ordinary I/O modules, or with a non-GuardLogix CPU.  
  7. Is there a way to add all the register one at a time?

    Thanks guys!   
  8. Hi, you should check mySCADA at they specialize on production line visualisation and control and they are good at it. Check their demo at it looks like it exactly fits to your requirements :)   Have a good day  
  9. Analysing SCADA systems

    Hi, recently I have done quite extensive research of available SCADA systems. If you are looking for I4.0 I think you need to consider a system which is good at gathering data from multiple sources easily, can combine data and has good options for data visualisation. From my experience Wonderware is too complicated and complex work with ease and you can feel it has its age. We finally end up with mySCADA and are really happy with it. It has native drivers to multiple PLC vendors, can be easily extended using scripts, has modern feature set such as SVG graphics, browser based, uses javascript, etc. Runtime is really fast and reliable.   Does anyone of you have experience with mySCADA? If so, how do you like it?    
  10. Have a look at the FAL function, you should be able to do what you want.
  11. ip Finder

    Here's a video I did on the PLC Tools SIM-IPE doing exactly what you are asking for.  It will give you the IP address, MAC address, model number, firmware, and serial number of most AB PLCs and Ethernet/IP devices.
  12. ip Finder

    Hi everyone, if i have a lot of AB PLC's but i dont know the address to these, is there an ip finder or a way i can find it without knowing it? 
  13. Is there a way to add all the register one at a time?

    Try using an AVE block but divide by 1. Nevermind, that won't work. I guess you'll have to write a text routine with a FOR loop.
  14. 1756 ControlLogix connect with 1734-ib8s

    I don't think you can use the Point Guard with the L61, you would have to use a GuardLogix version of the CPU. Seems to me that you are missing the AOP (Add-On Profile) for the other modules.  Goto Rockwell's download page, download and import them.
  15. Hi guys,   So i want to add all the 60 registers. Is there a way to do this?
  16. 1756 ControlLogix connect with 1734-ib8s

    HI, i`m working with the  ControlLogix 1756-L61, with a ethernet/IP 1756-ENBT and a POINTIO 1734-AENT, but i`m only have  POINT Guard I/O 1734-IB8S/OB8S, my question are; if I can use the POINT Guard with the ControlLogix or I need to change my PLC for a GuardLogix?
  17. recovery firmware

    Hi, Sorry for "Steeling" this tread, but my question is pretty similar and relevant so I hope it is ok. I'm also new at this forum by the way. I’ll try to control a R88D-1SN15H-ECT with a beijer X2 control panel running with Codesys 3.5.13 The communication and everything seemed to be Ok, it was possible to change mode of operation etc. from the mapping/Variable list, but it was not possible switch the drive on. This was most likely because the "switch on disable" bit always was High. (I could never figure out why this was high) There was no alarm in the Codesys or in the Sysmac studio (connected with USB) and running the motor from sysmac was working. I therefore tried to implement the Safety drive file Omron R88D-1SNxxx-ECT_Modules but after this it looks like the communication is gone. I have never worked with neither Omron servo's or codesys before so some help would be highly appreciated.
  18. MX Component Question

    I have thought of using a GOT display but even the largest HMI's are still small and expensive compared to a 40" plus tv. I think i may just call this up using Ignition instead of going the Mitsubishi route as we already have Ignition talking to the Mitsubishi PLC's
  19. TO further b_carlton's point...the STRING is an array of 82 SINTs with a second value in the form of a DINT to describe the length LEN of the array or string.
  20. Yes, timers and counters in the SLC500 and Micrologix worlds consist of 3 16 bit words One contains the preset time/count. Another contains the current time/count. The third is used as individual bits and, at least in the timer, a small numeric section to compare with the system real-time clock. Refer to chapter 8 in this manual for more info.  
  21. @b_carlton Thanks for the reply. What you say now makes some sort of sense to me, because it appears from the existing driver code that we can only read data of types integer (89), float (8a), boolean (85), output (82) and input (83). One of the mistakes I guess I made was when I looked at the RSLinx Data Monitor for one of the controllers: I saw a list of data files which included not just integral and float types, but also strings, timers and counters, and made the (wrong) assumption that they were all atomic data types as far as the controller was concerned. Once I've worked out the correct format of command packet required to read non-atomic data files, you're implying I should be able to read one or more of the timers or counters already available in the above controller. So, one follow-on question if I may: I am guessing that, since 'string' is not an atomic data type, it must be an array type (wouldn't make sense for it to be a structured data type) ? And presumably if there was a 'table' of strings I wanted to read, that would be a 2-dim array ? It's just that I'm sure I've seen in one of the protocol documents that it is possible to read both structures and arrays of 1, 2 or 3 dimensions (and even where each element of that array needn't be just an atomic type but could be a structure, e.g. a 2-dimensional array of counters).
  22. I think I'll scrap the countdown timer. My program is a multi liquid filling program based of recipe, then self cleans then mixes the mixture to time again set from a recipe. I was wanting to add recipe progress tracking and then display it as a percentage. Having a think about it today I'm thinking to split each section up, track each with a timer/counter then convert them to display an overall percentage eg when liquid section is at 100% the full job completion might only be 40%
  23. Going Obsolete

    Maybe because that's what you asked for?  Ask them to quote the next generation software with backwards compatibility.  Siemens has a website, type in the product number and it will probably list the next compatible software or recommend next steps.
  24. I have modicon m580 cpu as master and tm221c16r as slaves and etor4 as gateway.but i cant get all devices in communication
  25. Going Obsolete

    I just got a quote for S7-200 MICRO/WIN software, 6ES7810-2CC03-0YX0, for 1500.00 USD. The quote also listed this product as "PHASED OUT". What is the alternate product? Why would a supplier quote a phased out product? WTF!!
  26. I took a look at your data trend pictures.  Looks to me that your bad one is inverted.  I again ask you to look at the configuration of the Beckhoff FC3121.  See if there is a means to do byte swapping.  Siemens has the low and high endian bytes swapped versus most any other PLC platform. From a mapping or tag assignment viewpoint, any chance you are off by one byte? Is it possible the configuration is looking for signed intergers versus unsigned integers and thus inverting the signal. If there is no chance to fix it in the module, then you are going to have to write a lot of code to swap the bytes to see the correct data.
  27. Hello everyone, I am currently working with a CP1L-EM Omron PLC and I must control 7 stepper motors with encoders with a (not yet determined) stepper driver, but probably a hybrid stepper driver, because they allow encoders... ( To control the motor driver I should send a pulse to the PUL+ input or is it also possible to send a very high-frequency signal to the input, so a 200 Hz signal (or more) 5V - 0V - 5V - 0V. If no, the CP1L-EM only has 4 PTO's, but I should control 7 motors, so I need 7 PTO's... I thought that it might be possible to use 1 PTO and send a pulse to a motor driver and then use a relay to send a pulse to another motor driver, is that possible? If no, what is the best way to control the motors? Kind Regards, Olivier
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