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  3. Q172CPUN

    Hi, I used MT Developer2 ( Online--> Read from CPU..) from the old cpu, and (online --> write to CPU) for the New CPU, but the new CPU not work
  4. GOT 1155 won't communicate through USB port

    I've tried to install the stuff from Easysocket folder but windows has decided that "the best driver is already installed".. :( What should actually be in the device manager instead of "unknown device" when the suitable driver is found?
  5. Thanks... You're a wonderful person... don't ever change....
  6. Hi Crossbow... I'm Joking!.. I always assume I'm not being insulted ('tho I probably deserve it) .. And.. Yes it should be in the manual...   There's a lot that should be in the manual...  But.. It's a good manual ...    I'm always afraid the members are going to think.. why doesn't this nube use the manual ...  sooooooo .. I was just accepting a perceived challenge to "find it"         Please take no offense .. I love you ... really!    
  7. GOT 1155 won't communicate through USB port

    You may need to point the driver manager to a specific directory where the Mitsubishi software is installed.  I forget the actual path, but look in Progam Files (x86) for Mitusbishi.
  8. Automatic Upload of PLC and HMI software

    Pretty sure the only other software that can read programs besides Mitsubishi's own is MDT Autosave. 
  9. Q172CPUN

    Then you need MT Developer or MT Works2 and you can upload from the old CPU.
  10. GOT1000 Operating System

    Again showing your software is out of date.
  11. Wow, all I said was it should be in the manual.   There is a very short section on the safety function, not hundreds of pages.  I said nothing about your ability to read a manual.  If you want to take it that way, then fine.  I simply won't reply anymore.
  12. There's a function called Get***Cnt which is free running counters, incrementing once per time frame, and there are several time frames that you can select from.
  13. Hello guys, I'm trying to connect my laptop with GT1155 with USB cable and it won't establish the communication. In my win7 64 bit system, there is "unknown device" label in the device manager. It seems that my windows can't see the HMI. Do I need a special driver for it? If I try to update the driver through the driver manager, it won't find anything..
  14. Test Connection error

    Hi all, I have problem to connect my Pc to PLC. when i find cpu using build in ethernet, the PLC was found. Then i choose the PLC cpu, and try to test the connection an error show.  how to solve this problem?  
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  16. L3 Serial Communication

    :rolleyes: Don't go throwing a handful of acronyms out and ask how to implement a system.    If you've got a manufacturing execution system of any kind and it doesn't have drivers to communicate directly with Allen-Bradley controllers, I don't think it's much of a software system. It's practically professional malpractice to use ASCII serial when high-speed Ethernet communications is available.
  17. Once again C20h plc Syswin question

    Didn't even want to go there...
  18. motion A273UHCPU download errors again

    Hi Letranlong, Can you plase tell us the Error-code you get? Maybe some screendumps.   /Dariusch
  19. I have a question to you help us when I download programmer from PC to motion A273UHCPU being errors, I can upload program to PC, but I can't download program to motion A273UHCPU, software GX developer it enable upload programmer from motion A273UHCPU to PC, but it disallowance download program to PC, What is eror  could you help me how to fix those errors?    
  20. Once again C20h plc Syswin question

    Oh come on Jay. You can always fix it with a PRO27 .
  21. Level Access codes in CX Programmer with NB designer

    The plc I am using a a cp1e. I cant seem to get the bits on in a register part to work and i need to compare 200 consecutive words. Would a loop be in my best interest and if so how can i get a bit to increment. Thanks for all the help.
  22. Communication SLC 5/04 to ML1100?

    Hello Friends I need to share some bits and integers between SLC 5/04 and a ML1100. I am thinking in Lantronix UDS1100 connected to a switch, but I am not sure if this device could do that. Have you done this before?   Thanks in advance
  23. CX-One AUTO UPDATE topic

    I just install it without issue - it is up to date.
  24. Replacement for 1761-NET-AIC

    Red Lion DSP
  25. Replacement for 1761-NET-AIC

    Hello Friends I need to share some bits and integers between a SLC 5/03 and a Micrologix 1100. But, 1761-NET-AIC has been discontinued. Do you know another option to communicate this PLCs? Thanks in advance
  26. Once again C20h plc Syswin question

    You don't need anything else.  Be sure to notice that Pin7 and Pin9 are connected together. One problem: the default setting is Sysway protocol,9600,E,7,2.  If somebody has changed the default protocol to anything other than Sysway, you are out of luck.
  27. Once again C20h plc Syswin question

    So I can plug directly into the RS_232C serial port on the PLC  to the serial port on the computer running Syswin using this cable. Or do in need to get something else to attach to the PLC? Thanks?
  28. What are you saying here Crossbow.... ?  Did you mean to say: "It should be mentioned in the safety section... but it isn't."   ... Or,  If I had looked, I would have found it in the safety section of the manual. ?      Sounds like you may be impugning my ability to find specific information in the hundreds of thousands of Omron's pages.   I admit it ... sometimes, it's all I can stand, I can stands' no more.  when it comes to "finding" things in the Omron manuals ... The search function is a life saver... In this case, it didn't help.   I might go look again, if this is a challenge.. I accept it!
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