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    Its hard to imagine needing 4 or 5 decimal places with an accumulated value that runs into the billions.
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    Have you tried a Double Precision Float. It will get a higher value range and greater precision. I know that the logix controllers support the type.
  5. If you are asking me this question, I did not have any code.  I simply hooked my laptop up to the PLC and issued commands using a hyperterminal-like program.  The PLC responds automatically. @S2N1992 may have some code that he developed.  Not sure if he can share it or not.

    Or just use the clear function.  No need to do a union. Testarray is of type BOOL[10] It also works with structures: MyTestStruct looks like this: When the testbit turns on in the code above, all the bits turn off and all the INTs are set to 0.
  7. Panel View 1000 and CompactLogix L32E cannot load the program

    Thanks for the info. Upon further testing, I believe the internal flash card of the panelview is corrupted. I've removed the card and upon creating an image encountered corruption errors. I restored the image to a new card (SanDisk 16gb) and it loaded to the DOS screen (starting services) but froze their and never loaded windows. With the corrupted card, it loads the blue windows background but nothing else. i have some engineers coming Tuesday to see if they can find the issue as well.
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    I will probably be needing 4 or 5 decimal places.
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    I didn't catch the decimal.  Probably switching the low tag to floating and lowering the trigger will work, but how many decimals to the left and the right will you need?
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    Thanks TWC, but I don't think it will work for me.  I am adding the readout of a flowmeter which has a decimal (i.e. 14.82 +- var).  I tried a quick test with a GEQ of 1000 then reset, [and two running totals synced to see if the reset would lose any continuity] but since the total didn't hit 1000 exactly (was 998.xx then 1012.xx), the reset would lose that bit that was over the 1000  right before the reset. I am also trying to put the excess over 1000 into a Remainder and add the remainder back into the total.  I get the two totals closer to each other but not completely synced.  The error will compound over time (regulatory reporting issues abound).
  11. Sequential Function Charts (SFC)

    I've used them a few times, in my opinion the Pros are: -Easy to see where you are in a sequence, easy to see where a sequence is hung up as Gerry said -Easy to understand for programmers who aren't used to ladder logic (like Visual Basic programmers) Cons: -Programmers who are used to ladder logic (like me) find them difficult to understand -if there are a lot of different "branches" in your sequence it gets messy -Hard to print out on paper since you either have to fit everything on one page or print on several pages, which makes it hard to view the sequence -You may have to pay more for your RSLogix license if you want SFC capability as Joe mentioned
  12. To Infinity

    You are pretty much on the right track.  If it were me I would have two DINTs, LowDint and HighDint.  LowDint increments as normal, then have a GEQ source A being the LowDint and source B being 1,000,000,000 to add one to the to the HighDint and set the LowDint back to 0.  Then convert both to strings and Concatenate them into a string that represents the flow total.
  13. Subroutine Ladder Diagram

    You obviously need local integrator help.
  14. To Infinity

    Hello.  This is my first post and I hope someone has a solution. I have a program calculating Gal/sec adding to a running total and have up to the end.  Using REAL I can accumulate up to 16,777,216 (2^24) and using DINT up to 2,147,483,648 (2^31), but I need to have my registers continue past these limits.  I've read through many topics here and have tried the Rockwell Knowledge Base but can't seem to find a solution that truly works.  I have gone so far as to transfer the DINT to a string, cut the string into pieces and reassemble them in an Odometer type concatenation. If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate it.  I know I'm not the only one with this problem. PS & BTW - I'm using Studio 5000 v24 with a 1769 L33ER
  15. Can't connect to Micro820 controller via CCW

    Hi everybody, Recently, I started working on a project. I want to develop a program for a Micro820 controller (2080-LC20-20AWB) using CCW (Connected Components Workbench). I built a little motor circuit for testing purpose. However, after building the program and downloading it to the controller, I tried to connect to my controller via CCW, but I can't. When I click the button "Connect", CWW crashes OR a window saying : "The controller has unnacepted changes" appears and asks me if I want to "Download current project to the controller" (wich I already did) or "Upload the project in the controller to overwrite current project content" (wich is grayed out). When I choose to "Download current project to the controller", CCW starts downloading the resource, but fails. In the "Output" window, there's a line saying : "Download failed for Device:Micro820: An error occured while reading from GETACTIVERESOURCELIST.". The problem is that there's no documentation at all concerning this error. I even tried to reinstall CCW, but it didn't fix the problem. I joined some images so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Don't mind asking for more details !
  16. Subroutine Ladder Diagram

    let say im about to runt eh cycle unlimited times and then stop for another operation like turn on the 10002 coil. SO what instruction should I used?
  17. Subroutine Ladder Diagram

  18. Program could not compile!

    I was in this situation a couple years ago with a coworker, but we were working on a PLC5 (RSLogix5). We could not figure out what to do about this issue. Finally we did have to tell the managers that we had to stop the system to download to the PLC.
  19. Hi Guys,   I got assigned here on a job and Im trying to figure out to restore communication between an Omron PLC and kepware - kepserver. We have a moxa nport device to convert the serial to TCP/IP ,.. I am able to ping the device itself so the network communication up to there is alright. I must say that before I was asked to verify - a couple of months ago the communication was working fine. Something has happened in between these time which of course nobody knows, and I have to fix it to get it operational again,...   I uploaded here some images from the kepware and moxa nport settings   if any could assist in what is going wrong - please let me know. 1 more thing. at 1 device I was able to get updates by putting the Scan Mode on a forced setting and requesting each 500ms to pull data. Only thing is that I only get an update every 2minutes while it should be at least every second,. the data value is changing every minute.  
  20. Program could not compile!

    So after hours searching google and looking through everything I could find here, I have an issue that has stumped me for quite some time and was wondering if you might be able to help. I frequently make online edits to our SLC 5/05 that runs our process. We are constantly evolving the process to make improvements, and we are a 24 hour operation, so that means stopping to download is not entirely happy times. Lately in the middle of making changes I have been getting the pop up error that says 'Program could not be compiled! Online Edit Error Going Offline'. Then if I don't shut the process down and do a download, sometime later(usually about 8 or 9 hours) the program loaded on the 5/05 becomes corrupt and the process stops in a bad way. I have tried the techconnect bulletin for RSLinx that changes the CIP connection parameters, and that seems to only have made it worse, so I set it back to default. I am thinking that I will try changing the CPU next. I cannot upload the program, as it is considered proprietary by my company, but if you look at my screenshot you can see the rung I was editing when it happened most recently. The compare for greater than T104:39.ACC was what I was changing, and I changed the value from 490 to 499. I got the first 9 typed when this happened this particular time. It seems to be random and it doesn't seem to matter what part of the program I am working on either. Also, it appears that we have plenty of CPU memory left. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  21. Subroutine Ladder Diagram

    SO how is the subroutine works baes on the shown ladder diagram. When the first coil 10000 is energize,it also activate the SBS also the coil in 10001 can be turn on or off and the coil 10002 is skipped and return to the first SBS. Am I right about the operation 0f this ladder diagram.

    Read the programming book, then ask specific questions.  
  23. Triconex work station

    Dear Friends I have new job in next week , this job required logic modified for Triconex work station , they have some problem with some logic loops , I worked before with Simatic S7 V5.5 & Rockwell automation RSlogix5000 & RSlogix500 , FTV & Wincc I needs your help to know more about Triconex work station & Tristation 1131 , did I can get the software  then I can get some training before starting my job  Waiting your kindly help   Best Regards Ali
  24. GX IEC Developer to GXWorks2

    It's very sad to say, the developer was unknown person and NAMBA Co had been hired him and setup the system. Unfortunately NAMBA Co. closed and I didn't find any one who worked with them. Latterly system was dormant and nobody touched it. Luckily I had a standby A2USHCPU-S1 PLC and it help me to run the system. I believe that old A2USHCPU-S1 PLC program was corrupted and if I could download the program form the working PLC and reprogram that to old one or upload to a new A2USHCPU-S1 PLC. It will be safe for the future. I need to learn and do it my self. Please assist me.      
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  26. Shift register conversion from FX2N to Q series

    I need to convert from an A0J2 to FX3U and wondering, To replace the logic  ---|| M240 ----------[ BSFL M240 K10 ]   could I use ---|| M240 ----------------------------------------------[ STFLP M240 M240 K10 K1 ]                                       (parallel branched off same rung)-----[ RST M240 } ??? The reason for the reset of M240 is because BSFL places a 0 in M240 after it shifts left one bit. The FX PLC does not support the BSFL command thus leaving me to use the STFL command. Would this work? I am only unsure of if it would work exactly the same.                                           
  27. NB Designer V1.4

    Thanks BobB. Configured for serial, works like a champ. Will have to spend some time to see if I can sort out the Ethernet. Thanks again!
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