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  2. Safety controller

    Thanks.  Yes, I have seen distributed systems with remote intelligent units (ie networked), some that seem to be a ring configuration and some that seem to be star. All with pluses and minuses.   
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    Node address is set for both the drives but do i need to make all digital inputs to not used as it is controlled over device net ?  

    Each device on a DeviceNet network needs it own address, called nodes, usually node 63 is left out as any new device will have that node number by default, and most time node 0 is the DeviceNet scanner but it does not need to be. Alan.

    Hi Joe, Thanks i will check with this parameter.

    Hi kaiser, Thanks for your valuable information, yes the communication board is installed and the communication is established. Do we need to configure the IP address  in device net communication? i guess its required for Ethernet communication.  
  8. Its GT designer 3(GOT 2000) Version 1.109P. Logged in as Administrator. Same GS installer setup file working on other systems on Window 7.
  9. How to protect screen with password GOT 1055QSBD

    ok. Got it.
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  11. rsview32 works

    My guess is you need to activate RsView32. How would AB know the difference between a "test" and actual production?
  12. Proface historical trend

    Do you have the user manual for GP Pro 3.5?  Every HMI has a slightly different way to creating a trend display. In the case of Rockwell's FT ME you can selected tags directly from the tag database or a tag from within a data log file. Since you stated that you wanted a Historic Trend, I would suggest that you need to create a log file within the Proface.  Most data log files are time or sample rate dependent, in otherwords, how often a value needs to be stored in the data log.  You need to be aware of maximum size of the file and the type of data such that you select an acceptable sample rate such that you don't exceed the storage capacity of your device. At that point, you should be able to add a trend object and start assigning "Pens" with reference to a specific tag within the data log. Could you post pictures of the various tabs of the object where you would configure the properties of the trend object?
  13. Proface historical trend

    Sorry.  Proface GP 3000 series, GP pro 3.5, Allen bradley RS logix 5000, ethetnet IP protocol  If I remember correctly Thank you for your reply.
  14. rsview32 works

    Hello, Im wondering why my rsview 32 works project is not connecting to my SLC5 plc program? Its just a test program on the bench configured the driver correctly, rslinx running, node is configured correctly, built a few tags. Trying to test run them in works, not activating my plc tag bits. Do I require the activation license just to do a test run in works? How do you confirm your rsview works project is communicating with your PLC in remote run?
  15. ControlLogix DLL File

    Hello, I've been wracking my brain, but I thought I remembered there was a way to store and execute a DLL file inside of a ControlLogix (not softlogix) controller? You could use exposed functions inside the DLL to fit your needs. Am I going crazy? Or is this not possible? Any insight into this is much appreciated. Thanks, neech
  16. FB's

    Thank you Michael. Any ideas on how to execute a FB one at a time?
  17. Zebra ZT230 Ethernet/IP

    Does anyone have an .eds file for the Zebra printers. I need to use ethernet/IP from a CJ2MCPU31
  18. Proface historical trend

    What model of Proface?  What programming software?  What PLC platform?  What communications protocol?
  19. FB's

    If you execute them at the same time, then the last one will be the one that is valid.  You get around this by only executing one at a time.  I am not sure if this is exactly what you are asking, but we should start here.  If you are having some other issue, please provide more information.
  20. Proface historical trend

    Hi Guys! I have an another question , I hope you guys can/want to help me. I have some problem with an proface panel. I want to make a hisotrical trend, but when I want to select the channels (tags what I want to monitor) I can't select anything, because undetermined. I think I should set the tags kind of a buffer list, but I don't find it. So my question is how can I set the tags. I can't changed it at all. If the answer is I need to make a buffer list, then where can I find it ?  Thank you so much. 

    From my reading of the manual, P046 should be set to "Network Opt":  

    This family of drives typically would have a 22-COMM-D DeviceNet adapter board for DeviceNet comms.  Is this communication board installed? PowerFlex drives typically come with DHCP enabled.  Have you disabled DHCP whilst you were configuring the IP address? What version of firmware are the PowerFlex drives running?  Drives often ship with a very early firmware, expecting the user to download and install latest firmware. The PowerFlex 523 and 525 families can be programmed via FREE Connected Components Workbench.  Without having a Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLC program to reference (which would give you status of all drive internal parameters), you should download and install CCW (requires a FREE Rockwell user account).   The attached work instruction should give you some insight into these tasks.   Work Instruction - Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 VFD Startup.doc
  23. FB's

    Hello, I am using function blocks multiple times to execute motion commands. The function block has a few MOVE instructions that would move the motion profile values to the drives. I noticed that the PLC only keeps the last value. Meaning, the values always zeros. How do I go about this issue? Thank you all
  24. Error OBs

    You're right, some Schneider plcs system bits could be used to "emulate" some OB, but in this particular case it's not really interesting. With a Siemens Step7 Plc, if you address a memory area that doesn't exist, your plc will stop. If you add OB121 (that is not present by default when you create your project) it will not. It's really a totally different philosophy between Siemens and Schneider and it's not a good idea to try to do with a Schneider plc what you did with a Siemens. JC
  25. code optimisation steps vsr FB memory

    If it works like most PLCs, then writing function blocks instead of writing repetitive code does in fact save memory.  Rather than write the same logic 10 times, write it once as a function block and call it 10 times. Not much help if the code inside the function block is 1 or 2 rungs, but if you have a lot of repetition you may want to consider it.
  26. How to protect screen with password GOT 1055QSBD

    You need to contact Mitsubishi for a software update.
  27. Pretty sure it always starts on the first record.
  28. Safety controller

    I've worked with several safety controllers in my career.  Some involve networks and some don't.  Can't say one is any better than the other, except from the standpoint of the time to install, and cost of wire and conduit.
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