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  2. ZCP Instruction

    Hi group! I am struggling to figure out what I am doing with the Limit instruction (ZCP 088).  I want to turn on a permissive if the compared word is between 1 and 12.  Rockwell makes this so much easier!!! It looks like my "=" instruction is not correct but this is how they show it in the manual???????    
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  4. 14 yr old TSX running OK now. We want to be prepared for eventual component failure. Cannot access PLC for program download for archiving. Personnel who knew password no longer available. OEM says they cannot help, they didn't keep records. Know not supposed to discuss "bypassing" passwords on this forum. Are there an resources someone can point me to access PLC?
  5. PLC download problem

    Never seen such...  What software?  What PLC?
  6. Hi  I would like to get acquainted with PLC and embedded webpages. Where do I start? Tutorials? (I know the basics of CX-programmer and step 7) Do I have to know HTML? or some other software? Which cheap PLC is suitable for some experimentation.   Thank you  
  7. Mitsubishi PLC Backup

    GX-Developer or GX-Work2 or GX-Works3.  SC09 cable or FX-USB-AW cable.
  8. Bits on Contactor

    Why would you want to look at one bit in the numeric value of the counter? If you want to know the value, use a compare.
  9. Weintek hmi with fx3u128mr

    Well, that escalated quickly... I hope that Google translate caused the response to be amplified further than intended, but it's possible it didn't. Sajadh: What have you done so far? I'm not familiar with that particular hardware, but some concepts carry over between hardware brands very well. Is x1 a physical hardware input to the PLC? If so, writing to it with the HMI will almost certainly not have the results you're looking for. The HMI should be writing to an internal memory location in the PLC that will then be used to control the output.  
  10. NA Screen Multi-Line Alarm Message

    Use a Label instead of the User Alarms Viewer. If you really want to use it then remove any unwanted columns and resize the Message column and font size to fit your text to one line. This is the method I've used.
  11. "Unusual" use of a shift register

    You do not need a physical PLC for simulation. I've heard of some simulator issues in the past. Make sure you have the latest CX One updates. There are a few methods for running the simulator. With the program open in CX Programmer, choose Simulation from the menu then Work Online Simulator. This is the simplest method to test PLC code only.
  12. Concat Ascii to readable text

    Thank You Ken, this worked perfectly. I appreciate you and 'panic mode's' response to my post.  
  13. UDP connection

    ok, thank you for your support ! now I was able to use the function blocks for UDP open, send and close
  14. Cleco to PLC Communication

    If anyone know about above query please share with us thanks.
  15. AB MicroLogix 1200 Backup

    This link may help also...
  16. AB MicroLogix 1200 Backup

    You will need RSlogix500 to Upload the program out of the ML1200 (but you will not get any comments or descriptions, these are stored in the RSlogix500 offline file).   In the AB world you Upload from the controler and Download to the controller.   Alan
  17. Mitsubishi PLC Backup

    Hi All, I have 2 pieces of manufacturing equipment that are using a MELSEC FX3U – 16M and a MELSEC FX2N – 12MR for their control. Currently do not have a backup of the program uploaded to the PLC and would like to have one, just in case of hardware failure of some description I understand I need to connect a computer to it through the communication port, I have the specific serial to usb cable. I would like to know what software I need and the process of downloading the program from the PLC and if there are any dangers by doing this. Thanks in advance Michael
  18. AB MicroLogix 1200 Backup

    Hi All, I have a piece of manufacturing equipment that is using a MicroLogix 1200 for its control. Currently do not have a backup of the program uploaded to the PLC and would like to have one, just in case of hardware failure of some description I understand I need to connect a computer to it through the communication port, I have the specific serial to usb cable. I would like to know what software I need and the process of downloading the program from the PLC and if there are any dangers by doing this. Thanks in advance Michael
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  20. PLC download problem

    Hi, when I download on PLC (R04), sometimes for example. TON timer's output .Q is automatically set to true even though input is false (also on .ET time is 4h ...??). Also, sometimes some bool variables are also set to true even though they are not set by any kind of logic. However, when I physical reset the PLC (power cycle), mentioned problems don't exist. Does it mean that software reset isn't working entirely correct and I need to reset physical PLC (power cycle) every time after I download on PLC? Regards Luka
  21. PIDAT mv

    Greetings, I searched some pidat tutorial on youtube and I saw the manipulated variable constantly changing according to present value and set value. I tried to make a program to control temperature from that tutorial, using cp1e na20dr-a, temperature sensor, and heater. The problem is the mv in my program didn't change even though the pv is reaching sv. I tried to activate the autotuning bit, but the pid constant didn't change and the mv too. Can anyone help me? Ty suhu.bak suhu.cxp suhu.opt
  22. Hey all, Was wondering if any one can help me think through a project! I come from the HVAC world, but pretty fresh in the industrial automation world. The site as follows 24X Growth ponds;  split into pairs (12X PLCs with IOs) Central processing plant Spread across 1sq km Each pond pair will have its own PLC and IO with basic controls and loops. Each pond relies upon the main plant, they are not independent system [require resources stored at the central plant] The control processes are slow, the fastest cycle time is around 45mins (with longest being weeks) - I'm not looking for fast response.   I know BACnet quiet well, is there any reason not to use it for a job like this? That way I can have a simple setup, and run Niagara ax for easy as reporting, alarming and remote access. Thanks for your time, any input would be appreciated :)      
  23. Concat Ascii to readable text

    The default STRING datatype in ControlLogix consists of a 32-bit DINT that represents the Length, and a SINT[82] array that represents the data, one character at a time. In your case it sounds like you have BCData.Data[0] that holds the Length (but it's only 8 bits), then BCData.Data[1],[2],[3],[4] that holds the letters "6 8 2 8".    The last character is shown as "$r" which is shorthand for 0x0D = 13 = Carriage Return. The easiest way to handle this would be to use a MOV instruction to move the BCData.Data[0] value to the StringTag.LEN tag.     Use the MOV because it automatically converts from SINT to DINT and it's easy to understand. Then perform a COP instruction, with the Source = BCData.Data[1] and the destination StringTag.Data[0].   Make the Length of the COPY the number of target elements (SINTs), so use StringTag.LEN as the Length.    If you don't want the carriage return on the end, subtract 1.    
  24. "Unusual" use of a shift register

    Thanks. I think I got it. I tried to run that particular part in a simulator as you advise me to but my CX-programmer freezes every time. There is the hourglass icon hanging forever. Do I need to be connected to a physical PLC for the simulator to work?
  25. Workmaster not equal

    Thanks for the info Steve. I have the boat anchor with the little screen. I'll touch base with Automation direct. Appreciate the help.
  26. Workmaster not equal

    The "Logic not Equal" message is a result, not a cause. The message is telling you that the program in the memory of the computer running Logicmaster is not the same as what is running in the PLC. In your case it is because the attempt to extract the program from the PLC (upload) failed. Try uploading at a slower baud rate. Which Workmaster do you have, the boat anchor with the tiny screen or the luggable one with the floppy drive that folds out? Another possibility is if the program in the PLC was created with TISoft instead of Logicmaster. I'm not sure if Logicmaster can read a TISoft program. When Texas Instruments took over that product line they were giving away TISoft software and were trying their best to move the users from GE to TI. So they weren't interested in making it easy for end users to keep using Logicmaster. If you can get in touch with an old-timer in Automation Direct tech support they might be able to guide you about potential compatibility issues.
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  28. Workmaster not equal

    Yes, I can not extract the program. The L/S/V (Load Store Verify) function from the supervisor menu is how i am trying to upload the program from the PLC to the Workmaster. When i hit control-e to start the process, the process starts, blinks the word busy on the Workmaster screen, flashes com failed at the bottom right of the screen then says process aborted. The program is Logicmaster 1F Version 01.05 for the series one family. My PLC CPU is a Texas Instruments 330-37 model, but its compatible through cross reference with this software and the other connection components i mentioned previous. I suspect the not equal message at the top of the screen is the main obstacle. After i set up the communication from the scratch pad screen when i first start the workmaster, the status at the top right of the workmaster screen changes from no comm to run and the data light on the dcu starts to flash indicating that the cpu and workmaster are communicating. I hope thats makes more sense. I am kind of new to this. Thanks.
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