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  2. 1756-EN2F

    Replacing a 1756-ENBT in a working system (6 years) that also uses a NTRON ENET to Fiber Optic (62.5 Multi-Mode) Media converter to a new 1756-EN2F and I can no longer Ping the new 2F module (I also put the same IP, Subnet and Gateway addresses in the new 2F module using the USB port on the front of the 2F module. Any ideas why..?? Thanks,
  3. I know this is late, but I had the very same issue and my resolution was to use a AB Stratix 5400 AND you must use a AB 100MB Transceiver and everything worked just fine.  I have also used the 1756-EN2F module and it also worked very well.
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  5. B&R

    Hello  I am having B&R hmi PP41 and PVI TRANSFER TOOl. I need to upload the backup and also i have communication module. I want to know the cable pin out for pc to hmi communication and also method for communication. Dip switches are in my hmi. Is any changes are done in the dip switches fro uploading the project. Pls rply me.
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  7. Please find listed below the NModbus4 console code.  The DataStoreWrittenTo event is not firing when I do the write to PLC C0 relay coil.  Can anyone tell me how to get the event to fire?  using Modbus.Data; using Modbus.Device; using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Net; using System.Net.Sockets; using System.Text; using System.Threading; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace NModbus4ListenerDemo { class Program { #region "Properties" static TcpClient tcpClient = new TcpClient(); static ModbusIpMaster PLCModbusMaster = ModbusIpMaster.CreateIp(tcpClient); static string C0_RelayCoil_Address = "3073"; static ushort C0_RelayCoil_BitAddress = Convert.ToUInt16(Convert.ToInt16(C0_RelayCoil_Address) - 1); #endregion #region "Setup Listener" static IPAddress MiddlewareSlaveIPAddress = IPAddress.Parse(""); static TcpListener MiddlewareSlaveTcpListener = new TcpListener(MiddlewareSlaveIPAddress, Convert.ToInt32("502")); static ModbusSlave middlewareslave = ModbusTcpSlave.CreateTcp(Convert.ToByte("255"), MiddlewareSlaveTcpListener); #endregion static void Main(string[] args) { string PLCMasterIPAddress = ""; tcpClient.BeginConnect(PLCMasterIPAddress, 502, null, null); Thread.Sleep(100); #region "Set Relay Coit C0 to false" PLCModbusMaster.WriteSingleCoil(C0_RelayCoil_BitAddress, false); Thread.Sleep(50); bool[] C0_RelayCoil_BitValue = PLCModbusMaster.ReadCoils(C0_RelayCoil_BitAddress, 1); string C0RelayCoilBitValue = C0_RelayCoil_BitValue[0] ? "True" : "False"; Console.WriteLine("C0 Relay Coil = " + C0RelayCoilBitValue); Thread.Sleep(50); #endregion #region "Create DataStore and start listing" MiddlewareSlaveTcpListener.Start(); middlewareslave.DataStore = DataStoreFactory.CreateDefaultDataStore(); middlewareslave.DataStore.DataStoreWrittenTo += ModbusDataStore_DataStoreWrittenTo; middlewareslave.Listen(); Thread.Sleep(50); #endregion #region "Set Relay Coit C0 to false" PLCModbusMaster.WriteSingleCoil(C0_RelayCoil_BitAddress, true); Thread.Sleep(50); C0_RelayCoil_BitValue = PLCModbusMaster.ReadCoils(C0_RelayCoil_BitAddress, 1); C0RelayCoilBitValue = C0_RelayCoil_BitValue[0] ? "True" : "False"; Console.WriteLine("C0 Relay Coil = " + C0RelayCoilBitValue); Thread.Sleep(50); #endregion Console.ReadLine(); #region "ModbusDataStore_DataStoreWrittenTo" void ModbusDataStore_DataStoreWrittenTo(object sender, DataStoreEventArgs e) { Console.WriteLine("ModbusDataStore_DataStoreWrittenTo event fired!"); } #endregion } } } I've attached ladder logic screen shots showing the C0 relay coil being set on by the console application. The console application displaying the messages.  Note the absence of the "ModbusDataStore_DataStoreWrittenTo event fired!" message. WireShark showing the TCP Modbus traffic between the modbus master and slave over port 502.   The PLC NetEdit3 Modbus information Paul  
  8. FX 3GEwith GXworks 2

    That isn't really how ladder logic works, it doesn't really do 'else' unless as suggested you go for a PLC with structured text (ST) language option. In ladder one options would be:   IF --[> DB*** DB###]------------------------------------(M1)--- THEN --|M1|-------------------------------------------------(Y0)----- ELSE --|/ M1|------------------------------------------------(Y1)-----    
  9. GOT2000 GD registers

    Thanks for the useful info.
  10. Interesting, we are also experiencing similar issues that we have been unable to solve with the NX modules. i have a few thoughts, but nothijg concrete as yet.
  11. FX 3GEwith GXworks 2

    It is possible but it will use a lot of your pointers. It woud be better to use an FX5 but it is possible.    
  12. FX 3GEwith GXworks 2

    Hi Guys, I,m fairly new to programming but I,m (kind of) OK at the basices. Years back I used to have a play with the old Basic Program on an ordinary PC. A very handy command in Basic was the "If, Then, Else " statement.  I was just kind of wondering if a similar thing was available when programming an Fx Plc in GX works 2, (eg FX3ge). For instance if value DB*** (Outside temperature)  is greater than DB### (Inside temperature) then output Y001 else output Y000. I,m also going to have my very first go at Analog Input/Output programming a temperature sensor to control the speed of a cooling fan so expect to hear a lot more from me  LOL   Many thanks   Del
  13. PLC Unity Pro

    Hi Quant Thanks. for introduce to me right now we can solve problem this alarms but I have new problem could you help me , when not connect with Endress+Hauser not alarms. if connect with Endress+Hauser alarms DTM Used in application is not install but we already install how to solve this problem ? see photo below 
  14. It's getting harder for me to keep up to date on new innovations in the industry, but this week I was at a Neff Expo in New Jersey and I saw this Murr Mico Pro. Is anyone else using this product in their panel builds instead of traditional circuit breakers or fuse block holders for 24 VDC protection? Looks like a really neat product to try.
  15. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    Open CQM1 in CX-Prrogrammer and change the PLC type to CP1E.
  16. PC send data to PLC

    First of all, the reception completed flag is A392.06.  Secondly, post a picture of the settings for the comm port.  Or just go ahead and post your project (.cxp file).
  17. GT 2000 down convert to GT 1000?

    Utilize project only allows me to select another GTW project, not the GTX project from my GOT2000
  18. GT 2000 down convert to GT 1000?

    Did utilize project work ?  
  19. GT 2000 down convert to GT 1000?

    Downgrading because I am trying to copy the screens of an existing system to create a new one, but we parts bin shopped and I have 4 GOT1000's to use. 
  20. Removing Coordinated Motion Task

    Thanks Jobbe9000. I have had a better look now- removing the globals COORDINATE_SYSTEM and followed through errors. I now need to instruct the motion axes individually and reassign all calculated "angles" that the Cartesian was driving to.
  21. Removing Coordinated Motion Task

    Hi Dan,   It is hard to tell without having seen the program, but the motion instructions for coordinated motion, usually takes the "cordinate system" as a parameter. If you make a backup of the project and delete the coordinate system, you should be able to compile the whole project and you will get an error from the compiler everwhere the coordinate system is used.    
  22. GOT2000 GD registers

    VNC isn't free neither is GT-Mobile but it is not expensive. It is very easy to create as you make the pages the same way as nomal pages and they can be in other resolution to fit an smartphone or tabled. That's the problem with VNC they never match. Also you can create hyperlinks to webages open documents and call phone numbers etc.          
  23. GOT2000 GD registers

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Battery low from the HMI, but it looks like that  isn't the issue if the GDs aren't retained. Strangley this PLC has no retentive registers. It has some flash memory you can write to with a special function but that is a bit risky given the possible number of writes. I will use some external memory and a recipe. Webpages? Sounds like too much hard work.  Is VNC free on GOTs yet? 
  24. GOT2000 GD registers

    I don't think so. I would use the latched registers from your PLC. Battery low from your PLC or HMI ? VGD and VGB is for GT Mobile. Webpages in your GOT.
  25. CP1E-N30DT with Hyperterminal PC

    if i use CP1E-N30DT, what file can i use it?
  26. PC send data to PLC

    Hello, i'm newbie for plc. i want to ask about PC/computer send data to PLC CP1E with serial communication (RS232). my wiring cable is: PC                         PLC 2                             2 3                             3 5                             9 4&6    7&8                               4&5 and if i send data from PC to PLC, my indicator in COMM is blinking. i think the cable have no problem. but if i send data from PC to PLC, the memory is not same as what i send and whatever i send data, the memory didn't change. i will attach my ladder diagram. what should i do?    New folder.rar
  27. Dataliner

    Hi All, Currently i am using allen bradley dataliner 2706 D21J8. I am planning to replace to other device that is similar with the current dataliner. Can u recommend me the device to be use?
  28. There have been many good discussions on the applicability of cloud-based solutions for manufacturing and process control systems. On one side, some people have concerns regarding security and control of the information, on the other side, there are identified benefits enabled by cloud systems. From VMS minicomputers to DOS and Windows, from ArcNet to Ethernet, it is inevitable the industrial automation systems shall adopt the technologies that are getting predominant in IT general use; the current environment that I am calling the “Cloud-iPad era” is no different; therefore the practical discussion is not if those new technologies will be applied in the industrial environment, but how. This paper is not intended to join the conceptual discussion about the cloud, but just to present a few simple practical examples, where cloud technologies are already enhancing industrial automation solutions and enabling new business opportunities. CloudPracticalApplications.pdf
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