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  2. The "remote" 1756-ENxT, the chassis that contains it, and the "Producing" 1756-L73 controller must all be in the I/O tree. The 1756-L73 is definitely supported by Studio 5000 v30.
  3. I'm not a Produced/consumed tag user but I think you would be looking for the Ethernet card in the remote PLC assuming that the communications.
  4. Will try to change the settings and see how it goes. Thanks for the helps. Really appreciate it.  
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  6. I'm working on Produced/consumed tags using studio5000 rev.30 and also using 1756-L73 processors for both the Main PLC and remote, however, when I try to configure the remote PLC within the main PLC tree, the 1756-L73 module type is not an option... Thoughts?
  7. Auto Test Fanuc Series 90/73

    I'm familiar with the product line that was labeled GE Fanuc, which carried the model number 90/70. Is the 90/73 a Fanuc variant of that? I'm also not familiar with an "auto test" feature on the GE Fanuc product. Could the auto test be a feature provided by the  machine builder? Where do you see the message you cited? On an HMI screen? In the PLC's fault tables? The GE Fanuc 90/70 allowed the programmer to create custom fault messages which would appear in the PLC's fault tables, so perhaps the message you're seeing is directing you to contact the machine builder. Sorry to offer more questions than answers.
  8. Auto Test Fanuc Series 90/73

    We have a plc that runs the auto test every 72 hours ( 3 days) and it is sending a message Application msg (10304) I/P A/T res timeout we went to the manual and all it says is to contact the vendor so no much help at all. Question: If we disable the auto test what is the risk ? all of the outputs are fail safe ! Any experience with this topic, thanks
  9. NB Designer giving "data reading error" on download

    I would  have never (well maybe not never) thought of that. 
  10. PROFINET Gateway Confusion

    I could be completely wrong here...Seems to me the Beckhoff EL6631-0010 is EtherCat on the Master side and Profinet Slave on the Device side going to the guage. Any chance you need to bypass the Beckhoff and go straight to the ProSoft?  Or is the Beckhoff needed for something else in the system?  Anyway to split the guage to both the Beckhoff and the ProSoft
  11. PROFINET Gateway Confusion

    I'm trying to setup some interlock signals between a CompactLogix L33ERMS and an optical gauge.  The gauge only offers PROFINET as the fieldbus for interlock signals (hard-wiring is not an option).  The PROFINET connection for interlocks in the gauge is supplied via a Beckhoff EL6631-0010 PROFINET RT device terminal (connected to a Beckhoff CX8010 bus coupler, but I assume that is not relevant). The PROFINET connection on the CompactLogix side is supplied via ProSoft PLX31-EIP-PND "EtherNet/IP™ to PROFINET® IO Device Gateway". My PROFINET experience is zero, and the ProSoft gateway was selected before my involvement in the project.  It seems to me that one of the PROFINET devices needs to be a controller or "master" on the network.  Right now, both the ProSoft and Beckhoff devices appear to be devices or "slaves", but the terminology is fuzzy to me (PROFINET IO vs PROFINET RT, etc.). Should I be able to make the connection using current ProSoft Device gateway, or do I need to upgrade to a PLX82-EIP-PNC "EtherNet/IP™ to PROFINET Controller Gateway" or equivalent?  Does at least one of the devices on the network need to be controller-level? Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have been poking around on the internet today and reading about tap rule. I want to get clarification on "taping a tap" The reason this comes up is a lot of our equipment panels have distribution blocks in there. How do you properly use a power distribution block, without breaking the taping a tap rule? Example: If I have a 50A fused disconnect connected to a power distribution block via 8 gauge wire <10' - Then from the distribution block I run 14 gauge wire to multiple 15 amp breakers. I believe this is fine because the 8 gauge wire is large enough to handle the 50 amps, and then we use tap rule to go from the distribution block to the breakers. Following the less then 10' Rule and 1000% rule and is inside an enclosure.   Am I missing something. My understanding is that doesn't count as tapping the tap because the distribution block is fed by a wire that is sized to handle the ampacity of the load size protection device (fuses)   *all assume copper, 75 Degree wire, less then 10'
  13. I had never heard of velocio PLC's before.  Just did some research on them and those things look neat!  Looks like it could be a solid option for a smaller application.  Im sold, I am going to buy one for some home projects just to try it out. But I would be very hesitant about specifying it for a paid project at this time as well.
  14. NB Designer giving "data reading error" on download

    I have the same problem, apparently the cause of the power supply HMI is less than 24V, after the voltage I increase the download is successful
  15. I am looking for a way to communicate between RSEmulate 500 with CitectSCADA v6.1 through RSLinx OPC.  I have read several articles saying that it is possible but not how it is accomplished.  Everything that I read on Schneider Electric refers to newer versions of CitectSCADA, which I do not have.   If no one knows how to accomplish this does someone know where to download a newer version of CitectSCADA for free?  I have a demo key for up to the 2018 version.  This would allow me to use the walkthrough I have found.
  16. Help on CQM1

    Thanks for Help Jay I'll follow your Recommendations  Chago
  17. Speed Dec Issue & Siemens PLC info

    Unfortunately, that's not an easy question to answer. How long has the PLC been in service? That will help narrow it down but won't be foolproof. I'm not that familiar with the ET200S processors, but to program an S7 processor, you will need Step 7 for either Simatic Manager or Step 7 for TIA Portal. Do you have a source code file for the press? That would tell you which software package you need but not necessarily the version. Uploading from the PLC to your PC will give you the code itself but no symbols or comments. Diagnosing issues may not be easy at that point. As for your problem, it sounds like a setting changed somewhere. Is there an HMI on the machine? If so, I would go through all of the screens looking for a setting that could change the step per button push. If you don't have an HMI or if you can't find a setting, then you may need the software. Is the company that built the machine still around? If so, I would contact them for help.
  18. Hi To download the file from the ftp server you do not need ftp software like filezilla You can go directly via web browser into the ftp site and just download the file. There are some features on codesys that somachine doesnt have like alarming and some others
  19. gtsupport is absolutely correct.  Set the mode to Hostlink.
  20. Change the PLC   Serial Port to Mode  Host Link. You may have to change the End Code to CR, LF.
  21. RS Logix

    Hi All just a quick question on RS Logix 500 versions after ive been reading a thread on here as i understand RS Logix Micro Lite can only communicate with MicroLogix 1000 and 1100 as this is a free download but this chaps got a paid version of RS Logix Lite that can communicate with ML1200 and above is this software the same but the comms door to more higher end PLC's opened just interested to see what you guys make of it
  22. In order to conduct a change or a reset of the password, the user should follow the given steps- • Open your Google account in order to sign in. • Then under the security section select signing into Google. • Then select a password as you will have to sign in again. • Then in the field enter your new password and then click on “change password” and if you need any sort of further help connect at Gmail Support Number UK 
  23. Mitsubishi servo Drive, Motor combination error.

    Maybe in this topic you can find some useful info:
  24. Hi @abdoon89 . Few days ago I am also facing same type of problem as u mentioned but I must say that u should attached your motor and amplifier of same rating. This might solve your problem. 
  25. Hi kaare_t. Thanks for replying. I have been reading the manual (Data Communication Edition) and trying to parameterize the two channels, one for Modbus Master and other for Non-protocol Communication or as Modbus Slave but unable to do so. I figured that I cannot use Modbus Master and Modbus Slave together even if I have two separate adapters, as the Modbus serial line is shared and Channel1 takes over, disabling Channel2. I am gonna contact my supplier if he can give a solution, otherwise I think I am going to buy a FX3U-232ADP-MB and a CNV-BD card. Please do tell me with little details if I can use my existing two 485ADP-MB adapters for my application. Thanks
  26. Hi Everyone, I want to know some information regarding PLC which is installed in my machine.  SImens PLC: ET200S,       CPU: IM151-7   Please guide me which software with exact version is used for uploading and downloading the program from this PLC and I am facing some issue as the operator said that when he press the speed Decrement button it decreases the speed by one point (for example from 100 to 99,98,97...) and he need to press the button many times in order to stop the machine. As he said that previously  when he  press the button the speed decreased by 10 points (say from 100 to 90,80,70....). So my question is is it possible that this could happen itself or what might me the issue ??   Thanks  
  27. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    Thanks Everyone, @panic mode I thing Your suggestion is really helpful for me. Thanks !
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