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  2. Omron CP1E - Jump Ins.

    Thank you sir
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  4. Replacing PPC-CPU852 with WinCPU

    Hy guys, I am working on a series machine that runs Mitsubishi PLC. In the past it had PPC-CPU852 on it that ran a communication software. Starting from 2012 that part is no longer produced but we had a lot of them in storage. Now we are talking about changing it to Q10WCPU-W1-CFE. The custom software will run on it because i already checked. Because i'm not very experienced with Mitsubishi I wanted to ask if I replace the old PPC and it's HDD with the new WinCPU, should I expect any problems if the custom software I need to run on it works? In the PLC Parameter->I/O Assignment I still have the PPC written and it's HDD but at type I have empty. I used this software to run on a rack with WinCPU but not on the whole machine. Just on the rack. Do I need to change the I/O Assignment or will it not affect anything?
  5. Modbus TCP/IP Multimaster

    Good Day All can one use Q03UDE CPU to talk Modbus TCP to external devices? Thank you
  6. See pdf faultlite.pdf
  7. first of all thank u for the information. yes i have  a spare of plc rack chassis . and i chassis the plc rack then fault is not change  
  8. PanelView 600

    in pv600 pluse hmi to micrologix 1100 communication cable pin detail.Any help    
  9. How to use this Instruction and what is the use of this ??? Please see photos.
  10. PanelView 600

    hi guys i want some detail of pv600 pluse   
  11. AB PLC 1400, RS LOGIX 500 WITH ABB ACS 850

    What are you trying to accomplish by doing a R/W with the drives?
  12. Creating a tag group

    Under "Me" as a controller tag should be a sub-group called "AreaName" with 250 bytes in it.  
  13. SM51 and SM52 Q50UDEH Battery removal

    Whoops! Guess I'm more used to the FX series.
  14. adding I/O @ 1747-AENTR

    I'm using a 1769-L19ER-BB1B. I'm trying to establish an SLC rack connected via a 1747-AENTR. I haven't connected anything to the laptop yet. Just doing the build for now. I right click on "Ethernet" in the controller organizer, add module, add the 1747-AENTR, set up number of slots and create it. When I go to add I/O to the SLC chassis, I right click on the new SLC chassis, click "add module" and my list is empty. I type some card data into the search bar in the window and nothing comes up. I can not create ANY SLC I/O slots.
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  16. Has anyone been able to produce screenshots of an NA project via File/Print menu option on Sysmac Studio? All this does for me is produce an image of a page showing objects or controls on the page itself, but it does not include anything from pages that are setup as 'background' for the page. This makes producing documentation a real pain. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help.
  17. Am trying to make move arm to specific position which is controlled by encoder and PLC FX2n . am using C251 to count from X000 and X001 for A/B . 1.can anyone help me to calibrate position for example if i move arm 100mm on the PLC i need to see valu 100 . 2. if C251 value is les than 5 , Set Y000 .  
  18. Creating a tag group

    When creating a tag group, what is (Me.AreaName, 250) defining in the code snippet below? If rpOneTagGroup Is Nothing Then Set rpOneTagGroup = Application.CreateTagGroup(Me.AreaName, 250) Call LoadSiloTagGroup(xSilos) End If  
  19. You're welcome!  Their Complex Code is almost identical to C programming.  It's super powerful, but also a bit of a learning curve if you're used to other HMIs.
  20. PME v 7 - two programs compare?

    Unfortunately, PME 7.0 does not have a compare utility similar to RSLogix and you can only open one program at a time. If the programs, (hardware configuration), are similar, you could download one project to the PLC and go online using the other project. This way you could do a "Verify Equality' check and identify the differences this way. I'm not sure of any other way to achieve this using this version of Proficy. 
  21. Redlion HMI page control from micrologix 1500 plc

    Thank you so much. I have found time to try this out. It works great like this. I understand more about the complex code now. Like old basic commands. The examples you gave were dead on perfect for what I needed. Will have to read more that I understand more. Thanks Again so much.
  22. Which port will you use?
  23. Any users of Eplan P8 ?

    ok, Nine years later....doesn't seem to be much activity, but I'm in desperate need of GM eplan help.....  
  24. Omron CP1E - Jump Ins.

    Please see the CP1E Instruction Reference Manual (link is below). PDF page 89 is where the Jump instructions are explained. CP1E Instruction Reference
  25. I got the logic set up to run a macro based on an event. But can I make the macro run a VBA routine? That's my issue. I want to run VBA when my event occurs. If I can run a VBA-routine from a Macro - then i'm fine - but ideally I would just have the event run the VBA directly (without a Macro calling the VBA-routine).
  26. You're off to a good start to learning PLC's. The fact that you're even a little concerned about doing things the right way and seeking help from outside sources puts you way ahead of the curve.
  27. I think we are not talking about the same thing. I want to have a VBA module (MyRoutines) with my own standard functions. These functions must be available to VBA modules in all my displays - therefore MyRoutines must be generally available and if I use one of the functions then it should jump to MyRoutines if I press Alt-F2 when the cursor is on the procedure name. It has nothing to do with the PLC - it's purely a HMI-VBA issue.
  28. master k 250

    If it's a Gold Star K250 PLC you are asking about, then you are asking in the wrong section. This is the Mitsubishi section. Try the "Other PLCs" section.
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