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    One of the things that annoys me the most about AB is their paid support system. If you don't have a contract with them, I think your best next step is to go to your local distributor. They're supposed to have experts on staff to help with different products. Our distributor has been very helpful with issues we've had, in some cases better than AB.

    Thanks Joe, yes, I saw that document, it doesn't go into the detail I need.  I've been unable to access the AB support page since I began this project a month ago. 
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  5. Difference between RUN and MONITOR modes

    Monitor mode allows for some memory areas to be monitored from outside commands.  Monitor mode allows you to force bits on and off and to set values in memory addresses using CX-Programmer (see my first note).  I will also set the PLCs to power up in monitor as a rule of thumb.  
  6. GX Works 2 Cannot Open

    Which OS are you using ?
  7. GX Works 2 Cannot Open

    Hi Gambit  Yes 2x reinstalled and installed same error.  
  8. Gxworks 2 help

    Have  you installed FX config EN ? then it should be available under special Module in the Project tree
  9. Gxworks 2 help

    Hello, I'm new to gxworks 2 but i have some experience with gx developer. I'm using a mitsubishi FX3U plc with a FX3U-ENET extension module. Now in gxdeveloper you have the special module configuration tab where you can select the configuration file, But i cant find that setting in GXworks 2. Does anyone know how you select the configuration file in GXworks 2?   Justin
  10. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    You should use A641.00 to A641.02 that belong to Optional Serial Port If you use A640.00 to A640.02 It is belong to Built-in RS-232 Port. Maybe you should check program as below and clear PLC Memory (There are some random data on D1300 - D1400) and download project again. modbus coba coba euy V 3.cxp
  11. Modbus frame sent to slave - strange size

    I sent some frame from multiway as I attached and I got some reply but strange is that I get reply only if I sent frame and exktra "0000". If I send just a frame I get no response. I already sent some question to device producer, but not yet answer - just reply that device support standard modbus RTU Maybe you could explain that "0000",     
  12. All in one: PC, PLC and HMI

    Yes , Siemens has HMI with built in PLC programming facility, even some of the other competitors also  have same kind of product Regards, Mahesh N G
  13. cant convert file HMI software V-SFTV5 to V-SFTV6

    ya,  project before use chino dz1000 to hmi hakko V7,, im still study for this.. thx you for your help sir.
  14. HMI GOT1030 Windows Screen

    @Gambit Thanks for help i didnt unchecked window bar and now works well
  15. HMI GOT1030 Windows Screen

    Why do you want to disable the closing of a window ? Just use a popup without titlebar 
  16. GX Works 2 Cannot Open

    Have you reinstalled the software ?
  17. HMI GOT1030 Windows Screen

    Hi, I am currently working on window screen. I don't know how to disable function of closing the window (see attached red screen). The window screen is showing by pressing button on input. My settings are shown on the screens below.  
  18. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    There are Error Code Response Timeout please check communication parameter (Baud Rate, Data Bit, Stop Bit, Parity Bit) that match setting with CP1E and AD-4402
  19. GX Works 2 Cannot Open

    Hi any one can help I cannot open my GX Works 2 upon open have error Desktop Heap area is insufficient. 
  20. GX Works 2 Cannot Open

    Hi any one can help I cannot open my GX Works 2 upon open have error Desktop Heap area is insufficient. 
  21. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    i done use RDA- <--> SDA & RDB+ <--> SDB or RDA- <--> SDB & RDB+ <--> SDA and i use this cx programmer, but the a641.00 value is not 1 but the a641.02 value is 1 and if i check memory a641.02 is 90. what should i do now?   modbus coba coba euy (2).cxp
  22. Mitsubishi FX5U user web interface

    Actually The webserver ia available for both iQ-R and iQ-F series. What do you need to know. You can use the same sample from the iQ-R in the iQ-F.  Just use any HTML editor like from microsoft expression web or something  and just add the java script for the example.
  23. Difference between RUN and MONITOR modes

    Monitor mode allows online program changes - run does not. I start all mine in monitor mode anyway.
  24. Hello guys. I have just a basic question. What is actually  the difference between Run and Monitor mode of the PLC? I know that when I want to change the mode I get a message informing me that the mode will be changed and I should make sure it's safe. But what an "unsafe" situation might happen? I've changed the mode many times when I needed to do online changes or to force a bit and never had any problems with the running machinery. In the manual I've found many times a note that " When the operating mode is changed between PROGRAM or MONITOR mode and RUN mode" some memory areas will be cleared but again, I've never experienced any strange behavior of the machinery. Last thing. If I leave the PLC in Monitor mode permanently (instead of returning back to Run mode) is there any downside?
  25. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    You don't need to connect SG please follow this connection below CP1W-CIF11     <------------>       AD-4402 RDA-  <------------>   SDA RDB+  <------------>  SDB If it cannot connect swap cable CP1W-CIF11     <------------>       AD-4402 RDA-  <------------>   SDB RDB+  <------------>  SDA
  26. How to connect omron CP1E with modbus RTU

    how about wiring CP1W-CIF11 if my indicator is use 3 wire (A,B,ground)?
  27. Thanks Ken. inwill post a drawing of how I think it’s sposed to wire to the 1756-IB16IF tomorrow. let me know if you think there is something wrong with my thought process. THANKS! Dan
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