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  3. Good morning everybody,   I am working on a project using Schneider M580 PLC. The PLC is connected on an Ethernet Switch and all connection from Unity to the PLC is made through the Ethernet network. My customer is asking me to demonstrate that the PLC connexion password traveling on the network is encrypted. Would any one of you be able to guide me to a document where this is explicitely said. I have being searching Unity help file, the M580 reference Manual, The M580 Planning guide, Modicon cybersecurity reference manual, etc and all I could find is a mention that password is encrypted in the programm file. Close but not what I need to prove to the customer.   Kind regards,

    Hi I am a beginner within PLC, I have attended high school and will attend an oral and practical test in January. To become a "licensed" automatician. Total 4.5 years of school and practice. (NORWAY) I have programmed a little omron before, but not with HMI I'm having trouble getting plc to communicate with HMI. I get CX-Designer to communicate with both PLC and HMI.   Hardware: CP1L-EL20DT1-D     NS5-SQ11B-V2     W4S1-03B     Omron 3-port basic ethernet switch 3x Ethernet Cat.6 patch cable   Thanks for reply
  5. String to bytes of array in unity pro

    MR.QUANT i have some problems with write code it's showed me that and i don't understand what is function( INT_AS_BYTE)  Quant
  6. I found a blog like this, but have not experienced it yet and it's not entirely clear what it should give out at the output? How does he work? I write through values into variables. Then I just write down the dechki and then I'll change these doshki from poneli. And that's why it's not clear at the exit !? What will be on the way out? I thought that there would be a flag that would start heating up. Previously, I used the developer, but then I began to migrate to Works2 and now I'm stuck with PID. I downloaded a couple of libraries for PID for Works2 but there is something that a lot of everything I do not think that I need all this especially since there for 3d 5g Tell me how you can use this blog only? And can they only be dispensed with? and tell me how you can make help in works2?
  7. String to bytes of array in unity pro

    Thank you very much Mr Quant i will do it  Quant  
  8. I used standard blocks in my example and call all variables with their names. 1) ok, first set values to zero count:=0; DO_SOME_CALCULATION := 0; 2)  do a loop for number of elements/characters in your STRING. In your case you have every time 22 characters, so you can just use LEN_ORIGINAL_STRING:=22. 3) you separate every character from STRING - I call it ELEMENT_OF_STRING      as INT 4) you split INT in to 2  Bytes: ELEMENT_BYTE1 and ELEMENT_BYTE2 5) you calculate something that you need with both bytes - I call it DO_SOME_CALCULATION 6) finish :)  
  9. String to bytes of array in unity pro

      Excuse me, I don't understand anything please i want more explain and details    Quant
  10. converting gx developer program to gx works 2

    So, i ran the updates... It still won't converge the program. I tryed with another program and it went just fine. edit: Came closer to the issue it seems. Found me another program which is giving me the same issue. Similarity is that both are run on an A1S plc.  
  11. I'm not sure if it something complex or is it to easy :( Your calculation looks like this:  
  12. OPC Local Error

    Dear all! I try to connect Wincc7.4 and S7-200 Simulator. But when I BrowseServer of S7200.Simulator.2, 1 Error happe. Can you help me to solve this issue! Thanks and best regard!!! P/S: Install in Win7 32bit and Win8 64bit also happen.
  13. Conection FX2N-1PG & MR-J2S

    Most likely you need to home the system First
  14. String to bytes of array in unity pro

    I have tag  data type is String consist of 22 characters, i want to extract one  character and convert into Int to do some calculations, i have used( MID_INT) Function Block extracts a sub-string of characters starting from a certain rank. The result is a character string but I want to put in Array of strings or Array of Bytes and then  take every Byte or character  to do some calculations.Summarization: how I can extract one character from string[n] composed of set of characters (n)  is number of characters TO DO SOME CALCULATIONS  LOOK Is  There any function Block can i use it? Thanks Quant cHud
  15. Conection FX2N-1PG & MR-J2S

    the "DOG" LED is light i attached backup program Hamnosh-fx2n-32mt-eslive3.rar
  16. Conection FX2N-1PG & MR-J2S

    I have backup from my plcs program . all of program is true and worked but communication between 1pg & mr-j2s is not true. mr-j2s does not command and does not move
  17. Conection FX2N-1PG & MR-J2S

    What lights are lit on the 1PG? As Gambit says - the plc program should have some TO and FROM instructions in the program Can you post the plc program here.  
  18. Conection FX2N-1PG & MR-J2S

    What do you mean is not included ? The 1PG is driven from the PLC program
  19. converting gx developer program to gx works 2

    Freddy De updates kun je downloaden via de mymitsubishi site
  20. converting gx developer program to gx works 2

    Thank you clear.mind. Seems like i get an older version of gx works 2. Gonna run me some updates and see if that sorts the problem out. Will keep you updated.
  21. Change title bar of pop-up screen

    Thanks for reply. Yes, that is one solution, but in that case I don't have posibility to move pop-up screen around the base screen.
  22. Conection FX2N-1PG & MR-J2S

    Hello to all I have a FX2N-32MR-001 PLC which is connected to a FX2N-1PG. The FX2N-1PG  is connected to a MR-J2S Servo. The backup battery's PLC has finished and its program has been erased. Now, when I download the application into the PLC, the connection between the FX2N-1PG card and the MR-J2S Servo Drive is not included. Please help me.
  23. No - ring Omron and see if they will help you.
  24. Alternative to SET/RSET

    I use SET RSET or KEEP. KISS!
  25. Change title bar of pop-up screen

    For your Pop Up screen, check "No Title Bar". Create your own title bar using a standard rectangle or text box if you wish to have text and place it at the top of your Pop Up screen. Create a graphical white "X" with a red background in Microsoft Paint. Now, use a Command Button to put in place of where the "X" should be. Set the Command Button to:  Function - Control Pop-up Screen. Action: Close Local Pop-up Screen. From the Color/Shape tab, Shape from, choose Bitmap. Then from Select Shape 1, browse to the bitmap you created in Microsoft Paint. The built in features can not satisfy everyone but Omron's NS does offer the flexibility to work around. I've done this.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Hello! Yes, you should consider using an Add-on Instruction (AOI) to do what you need. You need to define "ENode:I.Data" as an InOut parameter in the AOI and "ENode_Data_Type" also as an InOut parameter since it is a UDT. Inside the AOI you will then parse the raw data into the correct format and place values into the correct location in your UDT. Once you have the AOI defined, then you will instanciate it twice, once for each of your nodes. The first instance uses "ENode:I.Data" and "ENodeData[0]"  for the parameters and the second instance would use "ENode_1:I.Data" and "ENodeData[1]". Cheers! vds  
  28. Communication issue between 5069-L320ERM and 2715-B10CD

    Dear pc, This is a whole new topic. According to the knowledgebase subject referenced earlier, Rockwell says there isn't 3.001 AOP so you have to use 2.001 I haven't gone deep on the view designer thing but apparently 3.01 does not create apps for lower versions I must go now but will visit this later Thank you, bye  
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