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  2. 5069-L310ERM

    With the 5069 controllers you can set the ethernet ports to different IP address, or have them both have the same IP address. With having different IP addresses it allows you to connect to a scada network and a local IO network.   Alan.
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  4. 5069-L310ERM

    Hi guys I am a beginner when it comes to PLC and AB. Today I started to make some backups of different ACD files from controllers and I encountered something that made me a little confused. Look at the attached photo, you can see that I can see two controllers with different IP. In the machine I can only see one controller. When I run a upload on both of them, I get the same ACD file as far as I can see.    Why do I see two controllers? Do I need to make backup of both of them? And it says that number two is under something called A2. What is that?   The controllers are running version 31.011.
  5. For the purpose of object animation, I created a Subroutine in "Global Subroutines" that simply toggles a NA internal bit variable. In "Gobal Events" I've created an event that cycles (Interval) every 200 milliseconds to run the bit toggle subroutine. I then use this NA internal bit to change a number of image visibility states to give the impression of fans turning, or pump pistons moving.
  6. Omron NA panels

    This question is only applicable to the current NA series of Omron HMI/operator touch panels. I'm trying to find a way in Sysmac Studio - Standard Edition V1.3 to control the colour change of toolbox items like pipes and motors. To date I've only found how to make these things turn invisible or move around the screen; not change colour.
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  8. Siemens S7-1200

    It doesn’t need it on the motor.  Setup the mechanics appropriately. The plc closes the position loop.  But the motor must drive the material and the encoder must be driven from the material. They have to be connected in some fashion.  Do some reading. It will work.  Or hire a system integrator. 
  9. Hi All  I'm very new to PLC Programming. I did some programming years ago in uni, but haven't revisited it since. Due to the current situation I'm working from home, so thought now would be a good time to brush up on my skills! I'm planning on making a control selection panel. The panel will use lots of SPST Illuminated Momentary Push Buttons. However, I want to be able to control the LED's on the push button separate. Do you know of any push buttons that have separate contacts for the LED, that work when voltage is applied, regardless of the contact state?   Thanks,  Will 
  10. Siemens S7-1200

    there is no encoder on the motor there is an encoder on the line for footage that's it.    
  11. Wire size <18awg

      When I worked in a panel shop and did machine wiring (converting machines etc.) these were our rule of thumb standards. I do not know if  they were code but common standards. Was 10 years ago or more Control 120 wiring red 16 AWG mtw in the cabinet Control 120 wiring red 14 AWG thhn in the on the machine Analog wiring 18 AWG shielded in the cabinet & on the machine Power wiring Motors etc black 12 AWG thhnshielded in the cabinet & on the machine DC control  wiring blue 16 AWG mtw in the cabinet DC control  wiring blue 16 AWG thhn on the machine in my opinion 22 AWG can be pain in the a** to work with.  It's flimsy & can tend to break when stripping Keep the guys doing the wiring happy (within reason of course) The above is one guys opinion only   
  12. Could you please share PLC sample code, i am unable to find here.  how can i use this block (Inverter Refresh the only FB in attachment) ?
  13. Hi,  the output from serial port 2 is in modbus format? can i use this fb to  operate Yaskawa V1000 VFD?, and how can we use this block to operate  multiple vfds
  14. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    It looks like EtherNet/IP is still under development, I cannot find them on the ODVA website, they don't mention EtherNet/IP in the manuals and it does not seem to respond properly. Here is an idea, they do support EtherCAT and the ESI file (.xml format) imports properly into Sysmac Studio.  It appears that it would be worth trying.  Try EtherCAT.  
  15. RedLion CR300010 Raw TCP/IP Communication

    Thanks for the posting. I've noted the move from 3.0 to 3.1 has brought some challenges for sure. I recently had a large project updating some screens to the AB Logix "Enhanced" tag driver. Appears to be much faster to load my screens.  Always learning...
  16. I've been checking your EDS and there are some "TODO"... it seems that it's not complete. I've seen, also, that the assambly value in the EDS is Assem1 and  Assem2, not 100 and 150 like you have in the program. May be you could try to change these values inside Sysmac or replace into EDS
  17. mx2 control with modbus

    just to add to this, ive been on the phone with omron for a long time changed the scanlist to #2 but still no luck, the person at omron had a go with my code with no luck until he changed the data area to W however when i applied this still no luck
  18. NA-series password change

    i made a popup for set : name , his own psw , check the role ( automatically set the psw role )  and call "enregistrement_nouvelle_personne" . and an other popup for Login , just write the own psw  and  call "OuvertureSession" for looking ,in the file.txt ,the role .
  19. That's probably not the problem. You are probably just missing some settings. What is the error you are getting ?  
  20. Melsec FX1n-40MR ES/UL - upload/download problem

    One of FX1N-24MT  PLC using last 13 years in our machine. Now the PLC shown error.  I have kept copy of the PLC program. I have downloaded the program another new FX1N-24MT  PLC, recently which has collected from china. But the PLC not functioning i.e, one motor not working.      Please, is their any different in old version and new version   FX1N-24MT  PLC?      Gppw.gpj Gppw.gps Project.inf ProjectDB.mdb
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  22. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    You could also download Wireshark (Make sure it is OK with IT in the facility you are in, sometimes it is definitely not) and trace the communications between the two devices.  Note that you will need a dumb switch (not managed), or one with port mirroring for you to be able to do the trace.  If you do this, post the trace in here.
  23. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    Well, I am out of ideas.  Maybe try saving the EDS file with the minor and major revisions swapped.  Perhaps they are interpreting it backwards on their end....
  24. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    I set up the generic EDS as you described, I'm getting the following error. I believe it has to do with EDS file as you guys said. Sadly the guys at R&D seems to be not so sure of what they are doing with regards to this EDS file.    
  25. Siemens S7-1200

    So analog to your drive and high speed counter from an encoder back to the 1200 hsc input Easy This is done with a TO A third party drive will work just fine Enable from plc - a Qx,x output Analog reference from plc  for position/speed control  
  26. PowerFlex 525 PID Feedback

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is staying safe from corona virus. I have a question about powerflex 525 pid feedback. I would like to know how a powerflex get pid feed back. I set P047 [Speed Reference] as 11 and  A464 as 40. I have attached a pic of it. Right now, I am getting 0 for the feedback. Any help, i will appreciate it
  27. EtherNetIP Programming with Sysmac

    As a correction to a couple messages I saw, SMC and SMC2 have nothing at all to do with Network Configurator.  They are export formats for Studio. Network Configurator has been around for a really long time and is used with other devices like CJ-Series PLCs, that do not program in Sysmac Studio. Until Sysmac Studio 1.10, there was no replacement tool for Sysmac, we kept using the old tool.  You still can use Network Configurator, as many people feel it is a bit moreuser friendly. Sysmac Studio simply has a built in tool now for doing the settings for a Sysmac controller. You can even program the network in one package and upload it in the other.  Two interchangeable tools for the same application, one newer than the other...
  28. Siemens S7-1200

    Ok jrw, I looked into technology objects.  What I gather so far is that TO's need to be used with either servo motors or steppers.  What if I just want to control a third party VFD in open loop? 
  29. Hi guys, I installed new MachineExpert v1.2 and Vijeo 6.2.9 on Win10 machine. When connecting simulation PLC to Vijeo to test my application everything is good. I go to PLC and check the nodename (see the pic attached) which I put in my Vijeo application and everything works. Issue is, because of my hard drive capacity I am forced to work via VM (but this is my preffered way also because of number of PLC softwares used). When I installed from the same installer (everything same as my local Win10) on Win7 VM when I run simulation I get empty space where the PC simulator should be visible which nodename I should type in Vijeo. Also I noticed when going to gateway management console in VM the process is active, same parameters as in host machine. Turning off the gateway on the VM turns it off as well on the host. Is there a known problem of connecting to simulator on VM? Or win10? Unfortunately I don't have Win10 VM to try right now.. Anyone can help? Much appreciated!
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