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  2. Not able to run simulator (CP1L)

    Thank you imblink.  Good info!
  3. You must have a Rs232 to RS422 adapter to connect USB CIF31 to SCU31-V1. Check B&B Electronics website for a converter.
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  5. Not able to run simulator (CP1L)

    I can fix this problem with online simulator. Step 1: Change in option > PLC > Uncheck Automatically transfer program to simulator Step 2: Click on Simulation > Work Online Simulator Step 3: Click Transfer to PLC, In this step the error will appear again, no problem Step 4: where it is written "Transfer to /From: Memory card" Change for Comment Memory  Step 5: Some errors will appear but you will be able to transfer the program and simulate online, it was the only way I could, I still do not know why this error. Images att  
  6. Thank you for the reply. Can I connect then the PC to that port for programming using a regular RS422/RS485 to USB converter?  Actually, that is the first thing I tried but it gave me connection error (but maybe I have to play more with the connection settings). I need to know of its possible to connect a PC for programming through a communication unit, or if the only way is through the peripheral port. According to what I have read, it should be possible to connect through the serial communications unit.   
  7. SCU31-V1 is a dual RS422 card whereas the CIF31 is an RS232 connection.  These two are not compatible.
  8. Is it possible to connect a PC to program (using cx programmer software) a CJ1M CPU12 using the serial port of a communication card (SCU31-V1)? Or the only way to connect a programming PC is through the peripheral port in the CPU? I bought an omron cable (CS1W-CIF31) that connects from serial port to USB, but I want to be sure that I can connect to program with it before I open it. If not I'll have to buy another cable (the peripheral one). thanks for your help!!  
  9. PLC_Temperature_control

    hysteresis temperature control. actual<=min, set output (S) ( LE instruction) actual>=max, reset output (R) (GE instruction)
  10. So, I am not able to find a problem here. Hopefully someone else can help. isengineer, if you see this and do not mind doing so post the symptoms you had sent to me that may give a better idea of where to look for others.  Good luck
  11. Indirect Addressing NA Terminal

    I sure hope Omron has a way to do it in there NA. They had provision for it on the NS series. Does anyone know??
  12. Unitronics - VisiLogic plc simulator

    As far as know they don't have one for it.
  13. Track NS series IP addresses

    Okay thanks for your input I might have to do the thing of entering a value into a ($HW). Its just I was hoping that it could be auto populated off of the last octet of the IP. Thanks any way.
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  15. tech connect follow up email

    I always leave feedback. Whether it is positive or negative. I rarely use the phone though. I would say 99% of my tech connect experience is via chat. I have found it to be easier for me.
  16. We are a machine builder.  Old customer requests programmed drives to replace failed Altivar 61 drives.  Latest model is Altivar 630.  Past engineers did not fully document all the parameter changes.  I have read through all of the Schneider literature I could find, but have not found explanation of how the parameters all work together. Somewhat of a simple application, with the two VFDs running an AC fan motor.   Not networked.  (2) logic inputs, (2) analog inputs. I believe LI1 ON will put into RUN mode, loss of LI1 puts into STOP mode.  RUN mode uses analog AI1 value for scaling speed command. The tricky part...analog AI2 is to overcome speed command of AI1 depending on voltage level.  The command switching I have not figured out.
  17. tech connect follow up email

    I Was wondering what other people do in regards to the follow up emails that rockwell support sends out after you use your service agreement. I try and fill in all the questions and give good feedback but i have also ignored them all together and never heard anything else. For the record I am a big fan of the rockwell support it may take several calls to get a problem resolved but they have never let me down.
  18. Sysmac studio network configurator

    If you don't have Sysmac Studio you can download a trial version from here :
  19. Programming a bit shift

    @mehdi4467 The link was broken due to a site upgrade a while back.  I have fixed it.  
  20. Sysmac studio network configurator

    Network Configurator is provided with both CX-One and Sysmac Studio.  Look in your Start menu under Omron, Sysmac Studio, Network Configurator for EtherNet/IP.
  21. UPDATE ... This works... Sort of: The ST and the MC_SyncMoveAbsolute fb start at the same time, when the peak + is reached, StateTracker is incremented to #1), Stop_Tsunami goes TRUE, (rung 32), TCosine_Start goes FALSE (rung 29), and T-Hold goes TRUE (rung 30).  FB_SyncMove is disabled: After 6 seconds of Hold, increment State Tracker to#2, which  enables Tsunami_ReturnRamp Fb, returning position back to zero: Tsunami sequence ends, MC_Stop is activated, and StateTracker is reset back to #0   This works nicely .. but it isn't with a flaw .. somewhere..   For TsunamiPer longer than 0.3 seconds, everything works as it should.  Shorter than 0.3 seconds, (higher velocites, and decelleration ...  The linear motor's slider, when first stopped at the peak + position ... doesn't HOLD, it moves quickly negative to the hard stop...and there's a FAULT .. Could this be due to the way MC_SyncMoveAbsolute is "Switched Off" ?      Here's a trace from the LinMot drive: Not too bad.. 0.4 sec. rise time to peak of 60mm... But look at what happens at an attempt at 80mm in 0.4 sec: It does it... but control fails at the transition to "Hold" ... so much for holding,  .... YET, the NJ has no problem keeping control of a 154mm sine wave at 0.4 sec. period ..... To be continued     
  22. Sysmac studio network configurator

    hi could you help me to find sysmac studio network configurator? from where i can start it?
  23. Programming a bit shift

    Hello in your post i did not find any attachment!
  24. Best Connection of Loadcell monitor to PLC

    First you must make sure your hardware will support the Ethernet/IP protocol. The PLC will be the master or commonly referred to as a Scanner. Some smaller Omron PLCs with Ethernet ports will not support being a Scanner. What model PLC are you using? The scale you use must also support the Ethernet/IP protocol. The scale documentation will outline the data exchange and supply you with an EDS file. The EDS file will be imported into Omron's Network Configurator software then downloaded to the PLC so that the PLC can know what data to exchange. No command will be necessary. The data will be exchanged cyclically to the memory you choose in Network Configurator. Sounds easy, right? Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. Let us know what hardware you are using. Maybe some forum members can suggest hardware they have had success with.  
  25. Mitsubishi A700 VFD torque control by RSV (Load Sharing)

    Hi All,  If you are interested to have a go, you may find my programs below. Thanks.  K-line torque control(mr PLC).zip K_-Line
  26. Fuji Micrex FBP 56MR

    I have old PLC Fuji Micrex FBP 56 MR, i want to change with PLC Mithsubishi Fx 3U.  I already read ledder from micrex with console, But i can't convert it to ledder Mithsubishi.  Anybody Have list Instrucsion programing Fuji Micrex FBP 56 MR.    
  27. Best Connection of Loadcell monitor to PLC

    Thank you IO_Rack. But i need more study to do that. If in case i use Ethernet/IP com.  What command or data should i use? Thank you in advance. 
  28. Need help wiring ML1100 output

    See manual page 52,see link below most likely the link or attachment was removed from that old post.
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