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  2. Fx3s plc Chapter 4.1 of the MD204L HMI manual gives you instructions on connecting to a Mitsubishi FX PLC
  3. just call your local Schneider Electric Support and ask for link
  4. Help: Basic Program Question

    Sorry forgot to mention counter needs to have a preset of 5. and compare instruction is not allowed .
  5. Analog input scalling load cell

    Even assuming a load cell being a proper signal source for 0..5VDC input (which is not true): 0.01g is 0.00033% of 3kg. The CP1W-AD042 accuracy at 25°C is 0.2% full scale, and becomes 0.5% in 0..55°C range. Make the conclusion yourself.
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  7. Agree uni-telway seems a problem, I still can not find a OPC server for that protocol....
  8. I would create an internal bit called "Write request Pending" and set it when the operator commands a write. Use that bit as a permissive (must be off) for any read requests. When there is a write request pending, and the most recent read command has been executed you can execute the write command. Upon successful completion clear the "Write request Pending" bit.
  9. Change Management LogIn(lost password

    Actually i was working on getting the 32bit large data by 2-16bit consecutive addresses and doing little conversation of adding high order and low order datas to get my energy kwh readings which is greater than what a 16bit data can holds. But on validating it generates error, may be i have to change the data type of my kwh output from workbench too! But workbench is logoff , asks for Management logOn!
  10. Change Management LogIn(lost password

    I cant able to make any changes on the points (datatype from INT to DINT) on cimplicity workbench  everything thing is greyout!! i checked and found that the workbench has a change management logOn option asking to logon! Which asks for user name and password!! And No one here Now has the user name or its password!! what to do now on such cases , Also on doing modifications on logic developer validating project generates error  may be due to mismatch data type of that associated point on workbench.
  11. great. thank you very much¡¡   does anyone know how o where download it? v8.1 or v11.1?  
  12. Motor Control Sequencing

    Hi! How are you controlling the G120 C? I mean into the PLC program. Are you using SINA_SPEED FB? Wich telegram is configured for PN communication? You have just to move a new value as a reference speed... it isn't difficult...
  13. it was screenshot from UnityPro v11.1, but in UnityPro v8.1 I'm also able to choose MC80.
  14. which version are you using? In unity pro xl v11.0 only appears these options.  I contacted schneider electric and they told me they couldn`t sent me the software. It would be great if you could let me know the version you are using in which appears the MC80 and how to download it.   thank you very much.    
  15. MC80 is only for Spain market. Anyway you don't need any HF for UnityPro.
  16. Analog input scalling load cell

    Hello, Can someone explain me how to scale the analog input correctly? I have cp1w-ad042 analog card with 12000 resolution. I want to connect to this card load cell with range from 0 to 3kg. I would like to have 0,01 g accuracy of measurement. It is possible? My load cell has 2mV/V sensitive.
  17. Hi! With the emergency circuit I usually power off all the outputs and for motors I power off the main circuit. Powering off the main circuit of an Inverter it is not a good way. I'm just wondering how do you implement the J1000 inverter into your emergency circuit. Could you share your best practice? I've seen that there is an external fail input but this is not a safe input right?
  18. FX-64MR

    Ok thank,u ,to day i try upload to my pc with fx2c, and proccess stop on step 1304 ,what hapen, never complate to upload to pc?. Can i upload to pc without eeprom place in fx plc?.in my case this plc without eeprom,but have battery on there.
  19. With Opc on a pc it is done directly. Nothing needed on plc. But if you can do some coding on visual basic you can write your own protocol. But bein unitelway that might be a bit of a problem
  20. Host link error

    Hello, can anyone help me regarding my problem "host link error". I am using CPM2A PLC controller and F260-C1 vision controller. The communication is through RS-232. In the PLC controller, the communication switch is set to O thus I am using the standard host link setting of baud rate 9600, 7 data bits, 2 stop bits, and even parity. Thank you for your help ! Regards, Gerry
  21. Help: Basic Program Question

    Another approach counter preset = 10 think about count accumulated in binary what bits are on when count = 5  turn on output and hold in counter dn can reset and break hold in for output    
  22. Help: Basic Program Question

    Is a compare instruction considered a math instruction?
  23. Fx3s plc

    Hi, Thanks for corporation. I got the update. Thanks again. Now I want to ask. I have a MD204L HMI. its use for setting timer for our machine request. how I want generate it/link it to my new FX3s. I making new program because the old CPU FX1s no backup program and total lost. I don't know how this console communicate with PLC. Can someone explain. Thanks.
  24. Help: Basic Program Question

    Latch / Unlatch is the key to your problem. Counter done and output not on, latch. Counter done and output on, Unlatch. Use the ONS in front of the latch unlatch.
  25. Working on a communications project where I will be continuously polling 4 different Modbus enabled devices.  By "continuous" I mean that every 25 ms (a parametric value) the PLC will be reading different coils, inputs, input registers, and holding registers.  There are approximately 10 reads per device, so 40 reads total in a single read cycle. On command (random operator intervention), writes to certain holding registers will occur. In order for a write to occur, the reading must temporarily stop, then, after a short delay (10 ms), a write may be attempted. I'm trying to figure out the best, cleanest way to pause the reads so that a write can occur. The "brute force" was would be to create, for each writable value, a pause bit, a write delay timer, and a break (unpause) bit. However, this would start to add up to a lot of tags quickly, and I feel there must be a better way to do what I need to do. Any ideas? Thanks!   edit: the PLC is an Automation Direct Productivity 2000  
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  27. Resetting variables/High Speed Counter

    Argh. This works perfectly, thank you very much. Can't believe I missed that. Thanks again!
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