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  3. Delta HMI Screen Editor 1.05.83

    Thank you @plcfans But this software is dedicated to TP series HMIs. I could not use it for DOP-A series.  
  4. Rockwell Automation You Make It Challenge

    voted. Hope he does well... 
  5. Yesterday
  6. Sorry for the late reply guys.i was using a serial db9,of which we use for all other Quantums.the strange thing is that after the weekend ,I got straight in and downloaded the program with no issues at all,I hadn't done anything different,what's happened now is that the Plc is not communicating with the magelis Hmi I guess that has defaulted as well .the hmi is connected via the modus serial the a way of finding the address ? as I've never worked with this type of addressing  system.
  7. Modicon 984

    Ok thanks sorry for being a pain but in the manuals it says to kill power to the power supply before pushing in i/o card that's not correct? or just a safety precaution
  8. PLC occasionally going out of Run mode?

    Would this show past faults even if the CPU was put back into run mode? It was a co worker who put the plc back into run mode and I'm just trying to find out why it keeps happening.  Also the PLC is an IM 155-6 PN ST   Thanks for your help.
  9. Modicon 984

    That is correct. But even on the "master" rack  you do NOT need to kill power to replace an I/O card.
  10. The original 200 series with the "knurled pins" allowed for maximum I/O flexibility, but some folks didn't use common sense when setting them as you found out!
  11. Crossbow, you are correct! NXT will NOT communicate with a 484. A 484 is asynchronous and also needs a hardware asynchronous to serial convertor (Modicon J470).
  12. Modicon 984

    Ok thanks so for example If I change a bad I/O card on remote rack and processor(J890). I can kill power to the power supply I wont risk losing memory because the memory is stored on the Master PLC ?  That being said if I was to change a bad I/O card on the Master PLC (984) just make sure my battery is good before I kill power on the power supply.  Once again thanks for any info you provide!
  13. Modbus Plus to PC

    Collinsd70, you are correct. They work well but are costly!
  14. Once the processor has lost its' memory, the comm addresses default back to 1 for MB & MB+. Once the program is reloaded and the processor is started to Run, the addresses will be set by the newly reloaded program.
  15. What address are you attempting to connect? If the unit is defaulted, it has returned to address 1.
  16. Modicon 984

    You do not need to kill power to replace an I/O card. You can replace it "hot".  You only need to kill power on the processor, remote I/O interfaces, power supplies etc. The J890 gets updated from the processor on power up. nothing to reload there. Also, no programming changes for replacement card.
  17. PLC occasionally going out of Run mode?

    Go online and look in the diagnostic buffer what cpu? 
  18. PLC occasionally going out of Run mode?

    Has anyone had an issue with Siemens plc's occasionally going out of run mode? I was doing some research and found that it could be due to a bad analog input. Is there a way to tell which input or output is causing this fault? I know I can create a hardware diagnostics error organization block but that only correct from what I've read.     Edit: I've added a screen shot of the diagnostics report. The fault that may be the problem is: Temporary CPU error: Serious firmware exception  CPU changes to DEFECTIVE mode (system reaction)  This plc / system was installed 2 year ago and we've had this problem occasionally since. I'm guessing the wrong firmware was used during the install. Will try upgrading firmware this weekend.   
  19. old software needed

    I am looking for some old software, I have a GE Fanuc 90-30 and I need to upload the program. What software will work seeing how I cannot find Logicmaster 90. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. 
  20. I have found my self in a plant with no experience with this PLC its old and I cant find much documentation. Just out of curiosity say I had a failed input output card (series 800).  Can I remove power to the processor or remote processor(J890) and have it retain its memory ? also are they any changes I would have to make in Concept programming software to see this new input/Output card. I am aware of top and bottom keying on input/output modules. Just want to be prepared so if  any thing happens which I am sure it wont I will atleast know a thing or two.  Thanks for any info
  21.   Hi, folks, how’s going?   Could you give a hand to program this logic: in Logix5000, there are 6 bits “testbit.0”, “testbit.1” ……”testbit.5”.   If any two of them are ON at the same time, the bit “testbit.10” will be ON.   How can we program it? I edited 7 rungs to make it, but it does not look like the best way.   Thanks a lot.
  22. How to set MX2 so it starts ("RUN") automatically after power on

    Config file inverteris2.sdd
  23. How to set MX2 so it starts ("RUN") automatically after power on

    No luck so far.. It's 3-phase setup. I think, basically what i need is  inverter to resume "RUN" after power off.
  24. Last week
  25. welcome everybody I have a question about how to control the engine speed through PLC By sending the frequency from the memory number (for example: VD100 = 50 , 60 , 70 or 100) on the HMI display connected to the PLC and then to the frequency inverter Responsible for determining engine speed using (RS485 or RS 232) Recommended : RS 232   My tools:   1- Plc ( CPU 226 - 6ES7216-2AD23-0XB0 ) -------------------------------- 2- HMI -------------------------------- 3- frequency inverter ( Lenze 8200 vector ) -------------------------------   Please help by sending an example of my request
  26. Delta HMI Screen Editor 1.05.83 Try this link please.
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