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  2. I have heard "Don't use SET or duplicate coils". I kind of agree, so how do you handle it? Do you use logic to control coil A1 and other logic to control coil A2. Then coil A is controlled by either A1 or A2. Do you use logic to SET or RST A and other logic to SET or RST A. Please realize the logic is not as simple as stated above. not simply condition 1 or condition 2 then out A.
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  4. MC_Power_LD_FX5SSC Power Up Error

    You are correct. I did not try to accomplish the actual double posting. It was a snag in the matrix. Please delete the second posting.
  5. How about a cable connector with an auxiliary contact?
  6. I have finally gotten the chance to test this and I've got one issue.  I have no control over when the operator might disconnect the fixture cable.  I have it programmed with a "Remove Fixture" button that disables all of the enabled Ethercat nodes and prevents errors.  If the operator removes the cable before pressing the button though the disable function block will not disable the node, which leads to an EC error that can't be reset because an enabled device is disconnected. Does anyone know any tricks to force it disabled, even if the FB doesn't want to?
  7. IO Link Master Recommendation

    I contacted IFM, their reply was "The AL1322 can provide sensor supply power (US) of up to 3.6A over all 8 ports combined, this is more than sufficient for your 300mA devices (8x of these only draw 2.4A total).  This is a self-regulating internal supply, so you simply add up the power consumption requirement for all 8 ports, and as long as this does not exceed 3.6A, then it is acceptable." So I think I should be good.    
  8. RSP files

    I saw some other threads where .rsp files were being posted and other members were printing PDF for them. I do not have Logx 5 and really was not looking to get it. Can someone convert this for me? Thanks in advance, Chris ABCEXTR_ENH_AL_20190128.RSP
  9. UL 508A Sizing feeder Circuit

    size the wire to the breaker amps  
  10. Oleg

    Here you go. S6G208.pdf
  11. Oleg

    try please 208
  12. Up And Down Counter In Omron PLC CP1E

    You'll get more responses in the Omron section of this forum. Have you looked at CNTR/CNTRX instruction?
  13. IO Link Master Recommendation

    yes - the 200mA is pretty much the standard thesedays. I have seen this current limit on Balluff's IO link, Rockwells and Phoenix Contact Versions as well. I think in the future they might up the size - since some solenoid valves can have a current draw of 2A and up. Festo has come up with some nice solutions such as CPX terminal with a CPI system - it might be useful to explore those options if your current draw is set for 300mA. I never had an issue with Festo Application engineers and they might have a solution for your older system.  
  14. Indexing Table

    That could be the case. If so  just add  <> 0 before the instruction. For testing you can also change the PLC RAS parameters in the CPU so that the CPU doesn't go into stop. You will still get the error but the program will keep running 
  15. Indexing Table

    When I put in DABIN I get an operation code 4100. I think this has something to with the 0 at the start of my dolly numbers (D3000). Should I compare the start of the string and drop off any 0's?   
  16. Indexing Table

    HABIN is hexadecimal ascii data converion. DABIN is Decimal ASCII data conversion => You should get 568 as a decimal number in your Dollyindexed variable 
  17. Indexing Table

    Hi, I'm wanting to create an index table consisting of 1000 "Dollies". Within my "CognexTable_Write" function block i was wanting to use i_Dolly_Number as my index but found out I couldn't have a string as an index.  Is it possible to get D3000 (which is my dolly number, as a string) into word format looking exactly the same as D3000? Many Thanks :D   
  18. Hello everyone...can someone show me some light how to create up and down counter in omron cp1e plc? I need to create a program that can count car in a parking area...if the car park full a red light will on...and if the car park empty...a green light on...
  19. Can I download program to FX5U By SD card

    Dear,   for that once you have to store program by using GX wrks3. in tool>>Write to SD card.   & Thea follow your procedure. 
  20. Barcode reader

    Dear User,  you have to select BAR/QR code scanner which is supported RS-232 communication or serial communication port. then in your PLC have serial port or you have to add serial add on module. then just set serial communication parameters in your PLC  program then assign registers in PLC then take trial.    i used zebra make QR scanner gun.  

    The Beijer E1101 is old operator panel.
  22. IO Link Master Recommendation

    i saw AL1030 communicate with Zimmer gripper. power and communication was taken from one class B port of AL1030. gripper draws 5A current but not from IO pin which is used to communicate.
  23. Magelis-HMI XBT012110

    It seems that the problem has been solved.
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  25. Hello,I am sizing a feeder circuit for a panel according to UL 508A and came into a question:My input current is of 76.5 A (considering all the loads), thus, it is fine for me to use a cable of 4 AWG (max. 85A @ 75 c).For the circuit breaker I did 76.5 A x 1.25 = 96 A and then I selected a breaker of 100A.My question is: Is it ok for me to keep this configuration according to UL 508A? 100A breaker + 4 AWG load side cableOr do I need to level up the cables?Thank you very much in advance!
  26. IO Link Master Recommendation

    Thanks for the recommendation. As a German living in the US IFM always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Quick question: Is the max 200mA current draw per IO link port pretty much standard? My pressure regulators need 300mA and I was hoping I could eliminate additional wiring. To answer my own questions, 200mA seems to be the IO-Link standard, so type B wiring has to be used for higher current draws. See 3 messages below. 300 mA seems to be OK with the AL1123.  
  27. IO Link Master Recommendation

    We've standardized on ifmEfector AL1123 for Masters and AL2240 & AL2241 for Slaves.  We control SMC EX260 Valve Banks as a port off of the Master.  Reasonably priced. We were using Balluff IO Link Master and Slaves, but became too pricey.
  28. IO Link Master Recommendation

    We experimented briefly with a demo unit from Turck that looked like an armor block module. It connected to the PLC via Ethernet/IP and used IO-Link. We never had an application for it in the real world, though, so we never bought one.
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