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  2. Difference between l33erm and 306erm.

    Funny that this just came back alive today.  I just checked out my 306ER installation today.  I specifically need a separate I/O subnet and SCADA subnet.  I have flex I/O and an E&H transmitter on one port and SCADA and messaging to an old PLC5 on the other port.  Used to have to go up to the Logix to get multiple networks like this so it's pretty cool.  The money for the PLC5 upgrade is a ways off so I'm using the compact to bring in devices like the E&H transmitter over the network.  This will allow us to move forward on our near term sfield device selections that will integrate nicely with a new logix in the future. 
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  4. Help catching my runaway TLY Servo

    Well, unfortunately this was never fully resolved. Here is what we found: Deleting the axis and starting from scratch did seem to stop the runaway problem. However, after adding a new axis and autotuning, the unloaded shaft still (about 1/2 the time) would drift and correct itself. It would bounce back and forth through an angle of about 30deg. When I rotated the shaft by hand, it would easily allow me to rotate it, and it would "cog" every 40 or 50 deg and sometimes not servo back to its original position. However, this was not repeatable, and it often would servo. One behavior that was repeatable, was that if we commanded it to jog forward it would sort of jump or cog in 50-60deg intervals. This could be smoothed out by increasing the system damping in the Manual Tuning parameters. Rockwell tech support agreed that it was behaving like it was single phasing, or not commutating. We tried a new drive, and saw the same exact behavior. For now, we aren't going to replace the motor or cables, because it seems to be managed by increasing the system damping (for example increasing damping from 1.0 to 0.7). Thanks to everyone for your help.
  5. Difference between l33erm and 306erm.

    So I just poked around a little more. On the "General" tab of the controller poperties, there's a selection for "Ethernet/IP Mode", where you can select "Dual-IP" or "Linear/DLR". I think that answers our question! I'd say the main thing holding us back from using these now would be our installed base of I/O (not a big deal) and the fact that a bunch of our machines use AMCI resolvers. I'm checking with them now to see if they have (or will have soon...) a module for the L306ER.  
  6. Hello Everyone,  I am working with an existing project trying to improve the system. I have a Derviced FB Type called NAI_CALC and I cannot seem to reproduce the calculation correctly. The input variable is named UVT and based on live PLC data the value is about 74. The output variable is named NAI and based on live PLC data the value is about 6800. When I do the calculation by hand I am getting about 3700000000. I have included the actual calculation screenshot below. Is there a way to see the output of each calculation block in realtime to confirm my calculations by hand?
  7. Difference between l33erm and 306erm.

    Ditto. Next time I come into contact with Compact I'll definitely be playing around a bit.
  8. Difference between l33erm and 306erm.

    I just created an empty project with an L306ERM. Since it's offline, the "Internet Protocol" tab of the controller properties is all grayed out, but there are 2 ports listed in the I/O configuration: A1 and A2, each with its own Ethernet network. I was able to add a Flex IO chassis to each of the ports. It really looks like the 2 ports can have their own IP addresses. I'll definitely be investigating this further.
  9. 1771-OW16 vs 1771-OW16/B rev H01

    Here's a link to the installation manual for the 1771-OW16/B. On page 5, it states that the /B series must be used with a series B or later chassis.
  10. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    As stated we need the complete program, the files you have sent are only part of the program structure, the RESOURCE folder is missing. I have managed to open the file using a substitute RESOURCE folder but obviously the program isn't correct. Steve
  11. Hi guys, I am trying to add an EM 223 module in step 7 micro/win program. I am new to this siemens S-200. Can someone help with this? Thanks  
  12. I was curious if anyone knows if the pin-out of ports to the 1756 chassis backplane are documented.
  13. 1771-OW16 vs 1771-OW16/B rev H01

    That's a really old card on a really old system. That goes in a PLC-5 chassis, yes? Usually when a catalog number has a "/A" or "/B" etc behind it, that designates additional functionality added to the newer model. For years Allen Bradley has been in the habit of adding new features to the end of the list (so-to-speak) so as to make I/O cards backward compatible. I did open an RS5 file and looked at available I/O cards. It only shows the 1171-OW16, and does not differentiate between /A, /B, etc. So, I don't think you should have any issues using the /B as a direct replacement.  Unfortunately, Allen Bradley has retired the PLC-5 so I wasn't able to find a readily available .pdf on the I/O cards. If I do come across one, I reply again with a link. Hope this helps.
  14. How is logic stored in S7 PLCs?

    Hi,   Take a look at point 2.4 in this PDF   Basicly ladder (LAD) and fuction blocks (FDB) will have an intermidiate compiling step during runtime into STL before compiled into machine code. Siemens SCL (ST) will be compiled directly into machine code, just like STL. This is changed with their newer PLC's 1200 & 1500.
  15. FX-EEPROM-16

    Thank you for feedback. Still I can't download different program, the protect switch is off. How to erase EEprom?
  16. Difference between l33erm and 306erm.

    Can be configured individually? Does that mean that the controller can have two, separate IP addresses? Or just have different configurations for the two ports, but for the same IP address. When I see two Ethernet jacks on the same Allen Bradley module, I tend to think that it's just for DLR compatibility.
  17. How is logic stored in S7 PLCs?

    Hi, fairly new to Siemens platform but have been around PLCs in general for a long time. I have been told that some programming formats run more efficiently than others within the PLC (ie ST vs LAD). I find this contrary to what I thought I knew before. I was always led to believe that the different IEC 61131 formats were for the user's benefit, and that it's stored as machine code in the PLC (hence the need to compile?). Can anyone point me to a definitive source of documentation for this? Thanks in advance!
  18. 404 when trying to download updates

    Internet Explorer is no longer supported and Rockwell is slowly moving away from it, even though it shows up as one of the two preferred download methods in PCDC; the other being Firefox. Try Firefox and make sure you have dependable high-speed internet access. Hope this helps. 
  19. Reset in ControlLogix Processor

    Joe has given some good advice here. As to what caused the fault, non-recoverable faults are usually hardware faults. When this happens, something has gone so catastrophically wrong that the controller erases its project from memory, leaving the I/O cards to their control I/O via their configuration files. As often as not, a non-recoverable fault results in the replacement of the controller card, so I would definitely spend some time trying to find out what caused this. Electrical power surges, loose power/ ground connections, and prolonged excessive heat are a handful of the things that can cause this.   Good luck!
  20. Is there a way in GX Developer to dock the toolbars in one place and have them in the same spot regardless of program openned?
  21. Data Conversion

    The cognex_dollynumber is a string format. The values are already strings  12339 = H3033 = ASCII 30  or do you want 3007 as decimal number in a register in that case you can use HABIN to convert the two registers to one decimal nr.         
  22. Data Conversion

    Hey, Using a Q03UDV PLC. I've got my data coming over from a Cognex camera via Modbus. When it comes to putting 2 words together to make one double word and converting it to a string I just get the HEX result and not the number which I really want. Really "Cognex_DollyNumber" should be 3007 not 37303033. Would anyone have any advice on this for me? Thanks
  23. Migrating to Siemens

    there is no medium of migrating Mitsubishi programs to siemens, you can only write new programs in the siemens by considering your existing inputs/outputs, sequence of machine operations.
  24. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    Just set Positioning data #12 as CONT. Set Positioning data #13 as END, ABS and positioning address for parking the Axis.
  25. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    It would be nice to be able to batch export and import... also would be nice to be able to set software options to ask the user to export a copy each time its saved.
  26. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    sure but Can you just zip the complete project including the resource folder and then attach it ?
  27. Melsoft Series GX Develop Error

    We do as you say but still it won't open.  Herewith is the copy of the program.  Please check if you can try to do something about it.  Thank you.  Gppw.gpj Gppw.gps Project.inf ProjectDB.mdb Gppw.gpj Gppw.gps Project.inf ProjectDB.mdb
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