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  2. That's a real shame, thankx anyway!!
  3. Lost all my old Modicon and Telemecanique stuff to a hard drive crash many years ago.. was in the process of preparing to burn it all to DVDs... ;(
  4. How to download omron scada

    You don't download it, you purchase it.  And exactly which SCADA are you looking for?
  5. NA5 Function Keys

    The lamps cannot be controlled.  They are tied to the key press.
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  7. Hey, Crossbow The "Modicon" loads just like the C_H/Eaton. all the drivers for the different PLC's and comm. types. do you happen to have a Users Manual for this dinosaur?
  8. Does anyone know how to control the LEDs on the Function Keys? The only way I've found to turn them ON is to physically press them. The software manual only describes the Press function and the Instruction Reference only describes the EnableInputOperation function.
  9. SLC 504 and Prosoft AN-X2-AB slow

    Can you use a CLX gateway Chassis with a 1756-ENBT(or newer) and a 1756-DHRIO modules to bridge the ethernet to the DH+ network?   Alan
  10. Barcode reader

    Once you know the reader model/ make....come back to us and we can have a closer look at what needs to be done.   Regards Daniel
  11. MC_Power_LD_FX5SSC Power Up Error

    one post should be enough
  12. MC_Power Power Up Error

    The FB are open so you can monitor the inside and see why you are getting this error. It can be any of these: ErrorAxisNo ErrorPLCReady ErrorServoOKC ErrorServoPower Just work it back   
  13. Barcode reader

    Thank you for that.   They are supplying the reader so I don't know what type yet.   But at least with that information I can cobble a price together   Thanks again.
  14. How to download omron scada

    Hello sir Where to download it 
  15. How to download omron scada

    You should speak to your local distruibutor here...
  16. Barcode reader

    HI Ron. Cant say ive used the FX for Barcode Reading- but have some good Mitsubishi experience. I have used the Keyence SR1000 Barcode Reader before on a CompactLogix system which was very easy to set up and work. The nice thing about the SR1000 is that it supports so many protocols (PROFINET, Ethernet/IP etc) but can also be wired via RS232.   Anyways- having a quick google reveals a lot of examples of people using other Products and Programming Languages. This examples shows an example via Ethernet on the Q-Series Platform (the FX should be able to do something similar with an Ethernet Connection). Either way- let us know if you need any further information.     Regards   Daniel.    
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  18. Rolling average

    Odds are that your use up all the memory in your ML1100.  You need to find out how much memory your currently have.  You might not be able to achieve either 5 minutes at your 1 sec resolution, probably not even 1 minute.  You'll have to play around with it.
  19. Rolling average

    This is an old thread but the files are not available anymore. What I need is a 5 minute average of a pressure transmitter. I am using A Micro logix  1100. I need to be able to pull data from any point in time while the five-minute rolling average is happening. I figure I would need 300 registers to do this. 
  20. MC_Power Power Up Error

    I am using FX5U-32MT/DS, FX5-40SSC-S and the PLC Open blocks. I am getting an Power-up procedure error status signal. Any suggestions on how to track this down? Or should I do away with block and replace it with Un\G# codes. If so what should I use to make sure the drives are ready?
  21. MC_Power_LD_FX5SSC Power Up Error

    I am using FX5U-32MT/DS, FX5-40SSC-S and the PLC Open blocks. I am getting an Power-up procedure error status signal. Any suggestions on how to track this down? Or should I do away with block and replace it with Un\G# codes. If so what should I use to make sure the drives are ready?
  22. how to configure input/output modules in step 7 micro/win?

    Don't recall having to configure anything for digital I/O modules, they just took the next available addresses.
  23. Not sure, but I would venture to guess the Modicon units were configured to talk to Modicon PLCs alone, while the C-H version was used with many vendors.  Haven't had a chance to work on those since like 2000, so not sure.
  24. FX-EEPROM-16

    The software will erase the EEPROM when you download to the controller.
  25. We have 11 systems that have multiple Ultra 3k drives in them, controlled over SERCOS by a ControlLogix. If the program is gone from the PLC, there would be no way for the drives to be configured, which would cause the initialization sequence to hang. The drives don't keep their configurations internally but are written to by the PLC on power-up.
  26. I did some research on RSL5000, then made a Who Active -- Go Online -- Download on the controller, apparently the program got erased (checked the backup memory and it has only 2.3VDC, spec is 3.6VDC. Will order new battery. I guess not having a program will produce this behavior on the drives, anyone has seen this?
  27. I thought the same thing at first. His variable is global. After commenting it in one program, the comments did not show up in another program. (See image with option unchecked). Checking the option above makes the comments appear in all programs.   AngryRobot, I believe the alternative is to edit the comments in the Global Variables section first. If they are edited from the Externals section then they only apply to that program (which you found was your problem).
  28. Barcode reader

    I've been asked to beat a quote for a conveyor system That part is no problem. They want to use a barcode reader to decide which channel or which conveyor route the product will take into the warehouse when the barcode is read. Now I have never programmed or used a barcode reader in my programs before. I don't even know what add on I will need on an Fx3.   I will need to take data from it and decide which of four routes it will take. There is no hmi, just a plc. Any preliminary advice or hints well help at this time. Thanks  
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