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  2. MX Component Question

    I have never used MX Component but have been looking into using it. I know you can log data from the PLC to Excel but if you have an excel file (say a quality standard) and want that displayed on a TV when a certain recipe is called can MX Component pull files from excel and send them to a TV display? 
  3. Raspberry Python FX3U

    I'll have a look at it more in details. Do you know it? Could you give me an hand? For what I understand this is a good way for creating a new interface, and for sure I'll study it in deep At this real moment , I need a more faster solution (faster for me of course). Once a did the same with a Siemens S71200, using python and Snap7. So, in a really simple way once connected to the PLC I can read the data I need, knowing its address. And this is the same I would like to do now with this Mitsubishi.
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  5. I am trying to find the proper way to tie my 1S Servo Controller STO to my NX Safety CPU via Safety Output Module.....  I am looking in manuals that I have and searching OMRON site as well.. I am unfamiliar with Omron Programming in general but have had years of AB I figure it will be similar, but I cannot get my Drives out of ST mode.... Thanks,
  6. Wonderware Help

    Can you not take a new PLC  and then just install all the WW porducts you need,   transfer license, transfer the project files  and test.    You may find issues if your wonderware doesn't support you OS,   rather than try and "ghost" / Clone machines.  
  7. Analysing SCADA systems

    Use-a-bility,     If we look at something like ifix  from years ago.   Lot of people liked it and some hated it  but that was because of the Use-ability rather that the functionality.   I system need to be able to be usable by engineers and sometimes the simplest of tasks can be  really complex making engineers  become haters.     
  8. EDS is not registered why?

    Well my problem solved.  The eds tool did the job correct, but the profile had problems. So I download the profile add on from Rockwell and I fixed it.    So just for future issues like mine, guys check also the add on profile....both things must be ok   Marios
  9. product gaping on 3 conveyors

    it is APV.  its the old pusher type rather than bucket feed. the pusher doesn't push relative to where the dough piece is. purely on a pulse every swing of the prover. it didnt help when i went to site to look at it the divider was running faster than the prover, so more dough pieces than the prover could handle. was never going to work. few tweeks sorted this out.   
  10. EDS is not registered why?

    Hello Bob, well I added the card in EDS tool and I tried to register the card. EDS tool looks that the card is registered (finish the process just fine). Then I wanted to confirm that, so I went to the remove section of EDS tool and I found the card (but instead of a name with this format xxxx-YYYY it is A-B xxxx-YYYY).So I guess if I see the card in remove section of EDS the card was registered, but when I search to add the card in my hardware tree I cant find it.   Maybe my English are not correct so.... feel free to joke about that :P   Marios
  11. Hello mr.@NevergoldMel. Can you show me example? How to configuration master and 2 slave Qj71mt91 ? 🙏🙏🙏
  12. product gaping on 3 conveyors

    I guess you mean 2 doughs in 1 pocket?? In the plants I've worked on, there wouldn't be room for 3 conveyors between the rounder and 1st prover. And I don't think the bucket loader was ever intended to operate at 7000/hr. I'm assuming this is a Baker-Perkins/APV plant, with the buckets indexing with a clutch/brake system. Here they used a capacitive prox to sense the dough piece and trigger the clutch. As the rate increases, PLC scan time, I/O response time, and prox switching time all become issues - not to mention the clutch/brake - due to their innate variations becoming more significant relative to the dough rate. I don't think those loaders ever perform 100%.  
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  14. Honestly, This sounds like a typo. I'd retype everything into the config.
  15. Export your comments and I/O descriptions and then upload the project fresh from the controller. Check to see if there are any third party cards in the rack. [This is more common with allen-bradley but hey].
  16. Dose anyone have experience with Beckhoff FC3121 profibus master PCIe card connected to Siemens CP342-5 as a profibus slave? The data retrieved from S7 PLC is wrong, and keeps fluctuating rapidly. TwinCAT (TC) config looks OK, and it reports that the slave is OK and has no error. The slave is in Run mode with green LEDs. S7 side is believed to be OK as another master from HMS-Anybus retrieved the data correctly. Tried several versions of TC up to the latest (at the moment) ver. 2.11.2305. Here is a zip file with two graph pics of the two masters showing how the "same" data looks like in each case: Thanks, Hos
  17. Good day  Every time my Laptop switches off because of battery or go into sleep mode , when my GX work 2 project is open, i have this message saying  selected project contains a unsupported POU file. it cannot open projects with IL POu's with this version of GX works 2 . Then i have to reinstall rthe software and update it but still gives me this error.    Can someone please help me so that i dont need to reinstall the software every time ? or maybe someone has experienced the same before ?   Thanks 
  18. S7 300 Hardware Configuration - Simatic Manager

    I believe the answer to this to be a no.... However you have 2 possibilities here: - 1. Create 2 SIMATIC Projects, load the respective project into the PLC as and when you need to 2. Create your Project with all relevant nodes (so compile your project with a full list of hardware)- you can then use System Function SFC12 to "disable" individual nodes, then you can "enable" them later when required. Using this method will stop the CPU calling a fault OB and moving the PLC to stop mode.   Let me know what you think.   Regards   Daniel
  19. Online verify with offline GX works 2

    Hi wzrdstrm   Thank you for this. This works great . Thanks    Regards 
  20. CX-Supervisor - NX1P2 communication

    I haven't used CX-Supervisor, but if your using the CJ memory locations i'm sure you would just select a CJ Processor using FINS protocol in CX-Supervisor.
  21. @(symbol)

    Yes.  If the@ symbol is in front of a function (@SUB(31)), then it will only execute for one scan.
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  23. CX-Supervisor - NX1P2 communication

    Thank you! I know the using CJ memory of NX1P2,  my question is that memorys can be read in Supervisor? I cant add NX1P2 in CX-SUPERVISOR.
  24. @(symbol)

    If I have a @SUB(31) instruction, does the @ indicate a single-scan condition, as Jay mentioned above?
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  26. CX-Supervisor - NX1P2 communication

    Good point @chelton.  I had an NJ project open and just typed up my sample variables really quickly.  It did not even trigger the reminder to turn them on.  
  27. CX-Supervisor - NX1P2 communication

    You also need to enable the memory area in the NX1P series  As Micheal has said you need to assign the addresses to variables in the "AT" column. Just to clarify, the AT (address translation) field can be set on global or local variables.
  28. Converting CPU Types

    In GX works use 'change plc type'   It will walk you through the process
  29. NA-series password change

    Hello Kassius   Did you find any way to do it? if I put a button that bring user to system menu for changing password, so user can access to any place also. this is not good as security issue.      
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