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  2. yes I use Built-In 485 Port 
  3. Your PLC Settings show communication settings for the Option Port. Are you using the Built-In Port?
  4. Hi,  I have a problem with modbus communication. I set everything as shown in the pictures and I get a error 04. What is wrong ? program.bmp ustawienia.bmp

    That is a servo amplifier error for axis 6. You will need to contact a mitsubishi service partner.
  6. GX Works2 Version 1.501X Request

    You should ask your Mitsubishi Dealer.

    Hi All,  I need help regarding my robot arm giving this amplifier error for all axis. Any one can share with me their BACKUP PARAMETER FILE for this arm robot model RV-2AJ. This robot is using controller CR-571.  thank you!!
  8. Please kindly share gx works2 version 1.501X. I need this specific version to test configuration with other version. Regards
  9. Some videos  show how to use Real-time clock Analog Install Hardware Using timer Using counter  
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  11. AB 5830 - safety output fault state

    Funny thing is, that after night switch off this module starts to work properly without any change. I'm happy with it, but also afraid that this problem will occur in the future.
  12. Modbus slave example

    It uses GX Works. Mitsubishi softwares  
  13. Automax Reliance Electric Drive

    As i recall, the solder runs sometimes had issues.  DO you have the Drive Manuals that come with the drive? The card manuals would be included in them. If not, I'd ask my local Rockwell Distributors if they could gather the electronic version for you.
  14. RedLion CR300010 Raw TCP/IP Communication

    I've had some issues with the 3.1 and it's "widgets".  Have you been able to verify the connection is operational using a modbus emulator? Do you still have the 2.0 version in operations? Have you tried to do the same programming in version 3.0?  Red Lion support has been very helpful and suggest you might reach them. John
  15. stepper motor controle CP1E

    thank you so much for your help 
  16. I am controlling the powerflex 527 drive with MSO instruction, first setting the drive on and then running the motor with MAJ instruction. After MSO instruction, motor is rotating about 2 sec and then stops to wait the  MAJ. I have not find any solution for this. My configuration is frequency control, no feedback, sensorless. One hint i found from the rockwell pages but it did not help me. Rated slip speed is set to zero.  
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  18. stepper motor controle CP1E

    No, expansion units cannot be used for pulse output.  Only CPU OUT 100.00,100.01,100.02 and 100.03.   Pages from W480-E1-04 CP1E Software.pdf
  19. Powerflex 70

    Hi Everyone! I need some help with configuring an inverter. The inverter type is powerflex 70. How can I set the next parameters. It should be work with two speeds.  First:  around 40 Hz.  Second around 10 Hz.  I think first I need to decide the direction, So I need two digital input for forward and reverse. Then I need plus more digital input, one for the high speed and one for the low speed. I guess I have connect dc 24 V too. I just dont know where should I connect this signal. I didnt find the properly manual. Do I forget something ?  Can anybody help ?  Thanks in adnvance!
  20. stepper motor controle CP1E

    Thanks for your reply , so the CP1E-N40S1DR-A is relay output ,can I add a transistor output module as an expansion and use its output for pulsing?
  21. Eagle Signal Controls Micro 190+ PLC

      Hello good morning, I am a new member in this forum and I need your help. I have a plc micro 190 Eagle signal control and the program was deleted due to battery damage, and I cannot connect via a DB-9 cable because it does not recognize me. I found this information, it is necessary to apply a voltage to this terminal to be able to connect through the data cable ???    
  22. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    I will ask for a quote for the ML1400, if its not much more then the ML1200 then Ill probably get that one. May not need the Ethernet port now but might be useful in the future. Mike  
  23. JL1N-20MR (chinese version off fx1n(C)

    @nandugos I have check your program do you need to flah output for D10 times but you fix them to 1000 time first? If yes I think you should use counter is necessary for count flash time. Please describe your program concept for more information.
  24. RPI as Related to Scan Time

    Garmin express is a computer application that is made for easy management of Garmin GPS device through the computer system. This application software is used for updating GPS map and also is used for keeping a back up of all the data associated with all the Garmin devices that are in use. The user can easily get voices installed and can also get the product manuals downloaded through Garmin Express a user can easily get all the Garmin maps updated automatically with just a click with the help of Garmin express the user can easily get the data saved on Garmin express also provides alerts for new maps to be installed and also transferring data becomes easy for the users through Garmin express.  
  25. Hi,I've got a ML 1200 C series with only 1 port and would like to connect to our DCS via Modbus. Since there's only one port, I've decided to employ a 1761-NET-AIC+ to provide for extra ports for Modbus and programming. Problem now is how to get PLC configured for Modbus. I can change the channel from DF1 Full Duplex to Modbus RTU Slave but then I won't have any port for programming. How will I get my modbus configurations in the PLC referenced to RS485 port on AIC+???
  26. Upload if the process is running properly.
  27. Hi, I have problem with 5069-obv8s, trying to use it for a first time just to power relays and contactors. All outputs are in internal fault, even if their are not conected. The card is set to use single output as safety outputs. Additional power on LA+ and LA- ports is connected. I don't know what else should I checked to fix this problem. There is no problem in controler or this specific module just on all of outputs. Hope someone will be able to help.
  28. Hi eulno, I looked at a multi turn encoder but running at a reasonable resolution it would count for about an hour of running and then reset back to zero.  The machine can run for several hours without stopping so there would be an issue when the encoders returned to zero.  There are 4 chains the product moves along each with pushers at different spacing  (process requirement).  The encoders are used to measure the current position (and speed) of each chain and an offset can be adjusted to align the pushers to transfer the product between chains.  The chains are driven by AC motors and  VSDs. Having the encoders position resetting its count to zero at different times while the line is running would cause adjustments to go out.  I could look at having some maths set up to try and deal with this but would be easier to have a continuous count that only reset when the line stopped like we do now.    
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