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  2. High speed counter

    I am using RSLogix Micro Starter Lite to communicate with RSLogix Emulate500 via RSLinx Classic. Can I test High Speed Counter using this setup? I tried but it is not working. However most other functions are working correctly.
  3. GxWorks3 Activation key

    That better be a demo license 
  4. RS485 Predefined Protocol Support Function

    You have a mistake in your program. You are missing the control data (D30). S+2 (D32) Should have a 1 (protocol to be executed). Look like you wanted to use D20 for this but than D18 should be used in your instruction 
  5. GxWorks3 Activation key

    Try  095-394462924
  6. Speed in meter/mint

    @Gambit I just assumed 800 increments for 1 meter of travel as an example. can u tell me that this strategy is right or wrong ?
  7. Speed in meter/mint

    @Inntele which type of sensor ? can u tell me the name of that sensors which is used to calculate the rpm and diameter of the shaft.
  8. Speed in meter/mint

    @glavanov Mitsubishi FX5U 
  9. Half Screen when app is opened.

    Yes, it works ok.
  10. Generate wave forms using LCPU

    Hello,  I am trying to generate a wave form, such as sin, using mitsubishi's LCPU. The problem I met is that time precision of the wave form generated is only about 30ms. I checked my cpu scan time is about 2-3ms. my DA conversion specification is 1ms/channel. I am afraid CC-Link communication delay is the cause, but not sure. From the wave form, it seems some where time division is limited to about 30ms. I have expected at least for example 10ms can be obtained, i.e. if the period of my wave form is 100ms, I can output and get at least 10 data points. Would anyone give me some advice. Many thanks in advance. Ting Xing  
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  12. I think i have figured out question nr 2. But the clock view is still a mystery.. Any tips on showing it as 24h?   And a new question, we want to set a time on the hmi, and we've found a ''DateTimeKeypad'' pop-up that is the right data type, time of day. But we don't like that its a roll-down menu, we would rather have a keypad with the numbers. Any tips on how to change this?   I see i have'nt written earlier that this is for a school project that's due in 1 week, so any and all help is much appreciated! We're not so experienced in sysmac yet..
  13. Proper power down

    Has anyone been able to find out which is the best product among those listed here?
  14. FX2N-2AD

    Hi! I have a cutting machine that is using FX2N-48MR but the expansion module FX2N-2AD have no output. 
  15. FX2N-2AD

    Hi! I have a cutting machine that is using FX2N-48MR but the expansion module FX2N-2AD have no output. 
  16. Beckhoff TC3

    Hi, ALL; i'm new to Beckhoff and TC3. My question is, how can one read one byte or word of data from I/O card? For example; i have one 16bit digital input card, and want to address card as one WORD - read data as WORD. I know how to define variables and link them.   Best Regards
  17. Hi good day.  I am the new user of Weintek, Easybuider pro.  I bought few modbus IO decvices, connected to MT8071ie and I could get succes with read the modbus IO and also can do scaling 4-20mA (raw count 4000 to 20000)to 0 - 200 Deg C.  but I am not able to scale 0 - 200 Deg C on trend.  I did the data sampling and use that for trend and trend worls for raw data 4000 to 20000 but unable to scale to 0 - 200 Deg C.  It appears there is no interpolation option for me to do the scaling on data collection as well on trend.  what I understand is that we need to create Macro to do the scaling.  can you give sameple macro code so I will try to suit with my IO. or please advice how to make scaling for Trend.  I struggle last 2 days with no success.  I am a hobbyist, trying to develop few parameters to test and learn. 


    thanks and best regards


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  19. Speed in meter/mint

    What PLC are you using?
  20. ebay PLC FX1N-20MR china special

    hi all never mind I got it all sorted now it only works in a fashion with gx developer
  21. ebay PLC FX1N-20MR china special

    Ask for the manufacturer of this toy. It's not a Mitsubishi product, also it's not a clone. It's a chinese market fantasms... I have tested one of such. The quatity of assembling and the performance are extremelly better than Mitsubishi products has. However it's not a twin.
  22. hi saw one of these on  thought I would give it a try PLC FX1N-20MR & Rail Type Housing & PLC Display Relay Module Delay Module 10-28V item 113675779023 but unable to get display to respond was wondering if anyone has any ideas or any experience with them I am using gx- developer fx 8.45 and can communicate to it
  23. Speed in meter/mint

    To measure linear speed correctly you need in two sensors: the one for RPM measuring, the second for measuring the diameter of roll (an encoder or a resistor; the paddle, laying on roll, transfers the angle, related to the diameter of roll, to the sensor's shaft)
  24. FX1S output failure

    That is the wiring schematics, not the plc program. If the relay on Y0 is the only connection to the inverter then maybe the pulse time is set on the hmi. There most probably should be a way to alter the on off time.
  25. FX1S output failure

    The procedure to run it in pulsed mode is changed through the HMI touch screen. You can select to either run it constant or pulsed by pressing the option on the screen that is it. I have attached pdfs of PLC program depositor PLC 2.pdf DEPOSITOR PLC 3.pdf depositor PLC.pdf
  26. Speed in meter/mint

    If you have 800 increments the "resolution" will be very low- so you may have to calculate over a larger time base .   Regards Daniel.
  27. Speed in meter/mint

    So 800 increments = 1 Metre of Travel. Capture number of increments over a set period of time. You now have a time and distance, now you just need to get everything into metres/minute. -Set this as a high priority task (10ms) if possible. -You need to account for overflow in your code (32,767) -Your final value will be a REAL, so you may need to take your inputs and convert to REALs in order to complete the calculation.     Regards Daniel.  
  28. Thanks, Already have and read it, still no luck
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