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  3. Hi Guys I have find one article that was very useful for me so I have share with you.
  4. rounding a value to nearest 10

    Hi I have flow meters and have them counting up to a value and stopping a pump.   it all works but the display on the hmi counts up in decimal places because of the scale factor of the flow meters. To scale them because of inacuracy I basically multiply what I want to count to by 1000 and i basically add for every pulse of the flow meters a value between 1500 and 500 to count to scale the flow meters then compair the two to stop the pump if the count is equal to or greater than the dialed in amount. Is there an easy way to round this value to the nearest bigest 10's value? I'm guessing convert to a floating point use the FIXL instruction? is there an easy way im missing as I could not seem to find a rounding instruction?    
  5. Cj2m-CPU31_ Allen bradley powerflex 525_Ethernet

    Hi Gerry, I always try to keep same controller brand and VFD brand when it comes to motion. Siemens with Siemens, Bosch with Bosch, AB with AB, ...  If it is not possible, I setup a VFD with analog output signals on the  PLC side in order to do speed control and start/stop commands with Discrete outputs. If it is possible for you setup, I would use that for plan A - it is easier to troubleshoot on the hardware side (a maintenance tech can use a multimeter in order to troubleshoot than an ethernet connection).  If you need to control everything over ethernet IP (CIP) --- I know Omron PLC does ethernet/IP with EDS files as well  (see video: ) - only the tricky part is the correct data size and  setup of the CIP message ( I added a sample of a different brand--  how you setup parameters correctly --- ). Also, Omron tech support is quite supportive and if you ask they will help you setting this up or they might have sample code. They helped me out on a similar matter with an EDS file. Hope this helps
  6. Control duty of PWM with PID

    @Mike_O You should use TPO Instructions for change word output from PID to PWM Output.
  7. Yesterday

    Contact your Mitsubishi dealer, they should have a converting software they use. You have to send them your E1000 project and you receive it converted to GOT format. Just be aware that you need to correct some things the converter can't handle. Good luck
  9. NS + barcode scanner and special characters

    Did you get it? Thanks
  10. Hello,      I make a project where I should control temperature for thermoplastic extruder. I read for this type of process a two position controller is enough but I want to use a PID controller. I have values for P,I,D,Tf and I applied Z-transform and I have a numeric controller which is implemented through structured list.  I want to control heating element with this PID but my problem is I don't have an analogue output module just a digital output module(OD 212) and now my question is : How I can( if it is possible) to control duty of PWM with output from pid?  (I have a CJ2M processor)
  11. OMRON NT3S-ST124B-E NTXS V1.03 n V1.04

    i need firmware for NT3S-S126B-E thank
  12. HMI global variable become invalid

    Thanks. I had no idsea  how to help him. 
  13. hi any one can help me about the procedures and tools to convert beijer e1101 to mitsubishi GOT 2710?  
  14. Conversion MAC E1032 to GT2308 HMI panel

    Can you suggest me 
  15. Hi Gambit

    I need to convert my e1101  panel to GoT 2000 , can suggest or give proper tool for the same. I have gt desighner 3 and e designer too.

    thank you ,


  16. Servo motor with FX3U

    Who has been able to sample the various products on this list and can be able to pick out the best one?
  17. Last week
  18. I keep getting a 404 whenever I try downloading anything. Is anyone else having this problem? 
  19. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    Thank Mr. Gambit I also think that the program can be programmed with an older version I will Download all Program to GOT later but I don't know if There is any problem when Download all programs with different Version? and I suppose it will take a lot of time when editing the program and Download to GOT Thank you very much, Mr. Gambit
  20. Communication via MPI

    Thanks Sigmadelta for your reply  1st your are right my network not ring "typing mistake" 2nd I solved this problem after download H/W & Netpro  I disable data transfer through MPI connection and after that every thing worked well
  21. LOGO! 8 TIA portal WinCC

    Hi all experts, I am LOGO! 8 PLC programmer, and now I am beginning to start SCADA developement. I want to ask which software should I install ?, 1. TIA portal with Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional & WinCC Professional 15.1 x64 2. WinCC RT Professional 15.1 x64 3. STEP 7 Professional 14.0 4. SINAMICS Startdrive 14.0 5. WinCC RT Advanced v15 Please excuse me if my question is not OK as I am beginning scada developement I know nothing about it and I can get limited software through my college programme. I am confused too because I found that "Up from version 12 of WinCC the driver “LOGO” is available" and also "I think the Logo! communication driver is only available for a WinCC RT advanced , not professional."  in this post : unable-to-connect-tia-15-version-to-logo-8/185145 Please hep me so that I can learn SCADA developement with my LOGO8 Waiting for your fruitful reply, Thanks and Regards
  22. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    Thank you for your reply.  I will look into using a counter set up or running 2 timers.  Seems like rslogix500 will take some getting used too. 
  23. HMI global variable become invalid

    The guy contacted me. Can close this, I guess...
  24. Dear Jay Anthony, I am adding FTP address in HMI and linked with global variable from HMI to PLC. The At is invalid.
  25. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    Hi Trevor.  All 16 bit integers in RsLogix 500 are signed integers whether they are allocated to an N7 integer, a counter, timer, or anything else.  You are right, for a timer it doesn't make sense to have a negative value, but for many other PLC functions you can end up with negative numbers. If you need timers greater than 9 hours then you'll need to trigger a counter after a certain time lapse.  I like to use 3600 seconds or one hour.  I've got a video coming out about how to do that.
  26. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    If the number goes above 32767 a minor fault will occur.  This will throw the processor out of run mode.   To recover from the error, you need to make sure the high value is cleared, and then just reset or clear the fault.  This may only apply to counter and integer registries though. Checkout page 43 section 2-7
  27. Omron NX Series Manual View File Omron NX Series Manual.......   Omron NX-series Manual.rar Submitter robertaung Submitted 06/14/19 Category Manuals
  28. Omron NX Series Manual

    Version 1.0.0


    Omron NX Series Manual.......   Omron NX-series Manual.rar
  29. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    Hi all I am brand new to rslogix500 I am a little confused as to the maximum value that can be placed into TON pre and acc. Being 16bits it should be 65535 how ever my current program has 32767 will increasing the value cause a problem. I cant see why you would want to have a negative number in a timer. Look forward to your reply Trevor
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