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  2. usb connection

    hello, how i upload PDF file from  USB to the HMI (NA5),  so the user can choose and show a pdf file from the usb files list?  
  3. For my school project pls help =(
  4. Ultrasonic Flow Meter noise

    Are the Flowmeters AC or DC powered? Some frequency outputs are passive that need loop power to operate. If a 24Vdc power supply is in the frequency loop, is the 24V common grounded or floating?   Can you ground the DC supply if floating, or float it if it is grounded in order check alternative performance? I have heard of some field instrument outputs picking up noise from switching DC power supplies, where the solution was to substitute a linear DC power supply.   Linear supplies are now uncommon, but it might be worth the effort to locate one for testing to see if it makes any difference. Presumably the Fluke is battery powered and floating.     Are the frequency test results done with the field wires disconnected from the input terminals of the AB input card, or with the field wires connected? I wonder what an AC powered, grounded chassis oscilloscope would show for an ”as connected” test (in parallel with the connected field wiring)? I’ve seen 4-20mA common mode issues disappear when the field wiring is disconnected and its signal checked with a floating battery powered meter where problem reasserts itself when the field wiring is re-connected, because common mode is ’common’ between two points - remove the commonality (wiring connected, not floating) and the common mode disappears. Try the same frequency test with the (-) low side meter probe grounded to see if you get the same results. 
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  6. I am trying to examine a proximity sensor during acceleration: what I am trying to accomplish is "during acceleration if there is no change in state to the poximity sensor (either stays high or low depending on last cycle) then initiate shutdown. What I am currently getting is "as soon as acceleration starts shut down". I am not sure how to examine the state of the input for "no change" and am wondering if anyone might have some insight as to how to accomplish this? I am using an EZ420 PLC/HMI Hopefully a screenshot of my current logic (reference rungs 7-12) is attached. Thanks in advance!
  7. Map Physical Input and Output to Word

    Elements of a union or structure (with the period in the name) cannot be used in the I/O Map.
  8. Watch Tab Page (Table) can also be used for structures.  Shows all elements in a structure the same way it does arrays.
  9. folder display on the HMI

    Nope.  Not possible with current tool.
  10. is it possible to display a folder with pdf files on the hmi so the user can choose a file from the list? i dont want to upload every file to the hmi, i mean that if i upload a file to this folder in the pc it will update also the folder in the hmi. anyone can help me?
  11. Hello All I am new to Mitsibishi servodrive, i am using a Beckhoff PLC TwinCAT3  and MR-J4-TM servo drive from mitsubishi , i connected the servo to the NTwinCAT using etherCAT. I was able to write a program where i was able to activate the servo from the TwinCAT using the mc_Power instruction . My question is , i am not able to run the servo using the mc_movevelocity and mc_moverelative . Do any one have any suggestion to how to go from here .. datei_Mr-J4-TM_TwinCat_EtherCAT.pdf
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  13. Map Physical Input and Output to Word

    I am using the above method, I thought there is a more simple method instead of writing bits to bits. Is there a way of assigning a variable at IO Table directly with the union variable?  
  14. Cp1h-y - encoder issues.

    Wiring  W450 manual  
  15. Cp1h-y - encoder issues.

    Yes sir, I'm all correct as far as I can tell. maybe I should try a different encoder?.

    Have a look at the Stack* instructions under "Stack and Table". StackPush is probably close to SQI and StackFIFO is close to SQO.
  17. Servo Movement

    which exact homing method is used? how exactly it is setup? things could slip if there was a collision. also what kind of motor is this? does it have a brake? it may be worn out so motor slips a bit when powered off. as i recall these drives also have absolute encoder option (requires battery). did anyone ever change that battery?
  18. Cp1h-y - encoder issues.

    Have you looked at section 5-2 of the CP1H Operation Manual (W450)? You'll need to configure Settings for the 'Built In Inputs'. There are 4 channels for HSC, make sure your wiring is correct for the appropriate channel. For channel 0, the pulses will count in memory address A270 - 271.
  19. Map Physical Input and Output to Word

    You have to make a union.    See below: First, make a union under data types like this: Then create a variable that is of the type that you created: Then use the variable as both a bit and a word like this: You can ignore my comments about VB in the ladder, this was an example that I did for someone else. 
  20. Cp1h-y - encoder issues.

    My issue and goal. - Trying to get an encoder (Automation Direct TRD-N30-RZVWD) connected to a cp1h-y to read wheel position(coupling) and have a pulse trigger at certain positions is this possible? I currently have the encoder wired up to highspeed counter 1 and am using PRV(881) port #0010 control data #0 with an P_On always on flag.  wanting to see  values change but nothing is being changed in the watch window. I'm reading the programming in section  3-20-2 HIGH-SPEED COUNTER PV READ: PRV(881), but I'm struggling.  any help is much appreciated.    
  21. Robotic Pick and Place addressing method

    one common way is to use an array (or set of arrays). This allows easy manipulation and accessing elements by index, rather than name.
  22. Hi, I've been given a couple Twido PLCs (TWDLCDE40DRF) to create and test modbus communication between devices and a HMI/SCADA software, as of now I haven't been able to work due to IT restrictions (hopefully this will be adressed in the next few days) I can't disable firewalls nor can I manage COMs ports.  My question is, when creating a Master/Slave between a SCADA (master) and a PLC (Slave) do I need to write any code in the Twido PLC, or I just need to configure the ports/adresses to be able to read the info in the plc? Disclaimer: English isn't my first language.   Thanks in advance. Edit: Fixing writting.
  23. You can easily view the contents of a structure by adding it in the watch tab page. Simply click on View --> Watch Tab Page (alternatively you can push keyboard shortcut: ALT + 4). Fill out the Device name, and name of the structure. A small arrow will appear next to the structure, click this to expand the structure to view all of its contents.
  24. How to map physical Input and output into variables type of Word?  It is easy in CX programmer with Mov 0 to  Inp_Word_0  (type Channel) Global Variable  -----> Inp_Word_0 ,      Inp_Word_1     Type Word                                       Out_Word_0,        Type Word                           Example in NX1P2   map Input Bit 00 to Input Bit 15 to a Inp_Word_0,     and    map  Input Bit 16 to Input Bit 23 to a Inp_Word_1                                      map Outpu Bit 00 to Input Bit 15 to a Out_Word_0,                                         
  25. Hello Everyone, I have just started exploring the Sysmac studio and I am not familiar with the instruction set of the sysmac studio.I am trying to create instruction that is equivalent to SQO and SQI in studio 5000. Can anyone please direct me into the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 
  26. From PM today: Sysmac C60P

    Another option would be to use a C200H-PRO27-E with a 3G2A5-AP003 and a 2 or 3-meter cable. This is still using the handheld but with the cable extension, it is better to work with it. Regards, Garry
  27. Ethernet/IP bandwidth

    The maximum number of nodes on a LAN depends on the media type, network protocol, and (at least for the IPv4 protocol) the network address class.
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