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  2. Registering EDS Files

    I am having the same problem except with Logix5000. I am exporting out of Click programming software. It worked at one point, the export, and the EDS install went fine. When I had to modify the EDS file, I removed it from the database, and when I went to put the new EDS in rsLogix5000, it says it imported it fine, with no errors. But when I attempt to add new module, the newly added EDS file is not in the registry of modules to add. I am not sure what caused this to quit working. I have tried reinstalling all versions of Logix5000, and tried adding the EDS through the Rockwell Software, and running it as Administrator. I've tried doing windows updates, restarting, shutting down, cycling the power on the PLC's. I've tried everything. PLEASE HELP!!!  
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  4. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    Top: L & Earth & N (Power supply), S/S (Common terminal for inputs), X0-X5 (Inputs) Bottom: 24V & 0V (Internal AC/DC output), СOM* & Y* (Relay outputs)
  5. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    FX3S 10MR/ES
  6. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    What the exact model of FX3S PLC do you have? The exact model name is specified on the nameplate on the side of the PLC.
  7. Hello MR. Celestino,   are you sure that you need this version of file? - this firmware is about 20 years old. I have CTSXV103.bin and  CTSXV105.bin files.
  8. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    Thank you for that. There are two rows of terminals on the top of the plc and two rows of terminals on the bottom. The top two rows from front is where the power is connected? And then the back is where the inputs are connected?
  9. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    Hi, The top row of terminals are inputs, the bottom row of terminals are outputs. The hardware manual The programming manual The user's manual
  10. Hi Micheal:

                             Have you tested NX102 with Multiway using Fin Ethernet TCP or UDP? I am unable to connect and send command with the Multiway.  I had been trying for the past week. It is rather straightforward with CJ  PLC . Can you help?

    my id is simonongsk

    my email is


    Fint routing.png




  11. High speed counter

    There are only two high speed counters available for each MD211 module. Right hand MD211 uses counters 0 and 1, left hand MD211 uses counters 2 and 3. To read the present value for each counter the Port Specifier of the PRV(881) instruction is #0010, #0011, #0012 and #0013 and the Control Data is #0000. You must configure the type of counter in the PLC Setup, then download the setup to the PLC. THEN MOST IMPORTANTLY POWER CYCLE THE PLC FOR THE NEW SETTINGS TO TAKE EFFECT. Attached is link for MD211 module manual. See Section 7 for details on high-speed counters and 2-3-3 for PLC Setup
  12. SLC 5/03 CPU is not running properly

    maybe start a new thread Rharo
  13. Newbie to Mitsubishi

    Hi guys I am getting back into PLC programming after a very very long absence i am using mitsubishi FX3S and yes i will therefore be asking some very silly questions. The first is on the controller itself there are two rows of terminals, one front and one back, is the back row the inputs and the front for the power supply or is it the other way around? Also can anybody reccomend some good videos/tutorials or books for beginners as classes over here where i live are very basic and very expensive for a 3 day course.
  14. SLC 5/03 CPU is not running properly

    Good day! Hi, I am  Rupert Jewel F. Haro of REEL SERVICE PHILIPPINES Inc.   We have been using SLC 5/03 CPU to operate our PARKLAND SLITTING MACHINE since  2000 yesterday encounter SLC 5/03 Low battery blinking and after restart the machine encounter no program.. can you help us. thank you.
  15. GX Works 2, Simple ladder, two dimensional array

    Thank you, good suggestion. I just have to find out how it works. I never use ladder certainly not inline ST ..
  16. Thanks you so much I already opened the project after updating the latest Version Got 2000   Thanks for your help
  17. Thanks Mr.Bryll When I upload the program from HMI, it is reported that It can be saved but it cannot be opened as the image below I am sure the project was written on Got 2000 (Model of the screen is: GS2110-WTBD) so it cannot be opened with Got 1000, even though I have visited Mitsubishi's website  and updated to the highest version (Got 2000  Ver 1.217B) Thanks so much    
  18. Probably not supported in normal ladder. Did you try using inline structured text ?
  19. Hi there I have to use simple ladder in GX Works 2 with System-Q. I need to handle a two dimensional array. That seems not to work because I became a Error message. (Screenshot) abTest[1] works, abTest2[1,2] doesn't In ST everything works fine. Thank you in advance
  20. Thank you for answering me, sir. I have some new questions too! 1. The clock on the HMI is showing AM/PM, how can i display it as 24h? 2. I have a temperature sensor input, and a set temperature i want the room to stay in. Is there a way to program a differential(hysterese?) value? F.ex. if the measured temp is 15, and set temp is 18, the oven will turn on until measured temp is 18, and go off. But then when it falls to 17,9 it will turn on again. Maybe if there is a way to set a differential to 2 degrees, so it wont turn on until measured temp is 16. And the output/oven wont go on/off all the time. Maybe differentiate the rising and falling measured value?  
  21. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    "- DNA must never be 00. Your Sysmac Studio screenshot shows that the PLC uses default Local Network 01, so DNA should be 01 as well. " Which part of the sysmac studio screen shot show the Default Network that I should change? In CJ it is much simpler. "but the data you are sending to PLC is incorrect"  - the multiway error said so.  Multiway work with CJ Fins command, i believe the NX/Nj should behave the same way. Any idea?        
  22. Keyence / proface

    Yes sir the plc is on... i suspect that the cable is broken.... do you have amy wiring config for the kz500 to GP4301
  23. fx 3u series plc

    @manna For FX3U PLC there are special instructions that can find sum of value with WSUM instruction.
  24. 1756-hsc/b problem

    the meter display in the control room is used for setting water flow volume,and show how much water has been added in the machine. and it sends signal to PLC  to show on FTView SE. i'll check it out what kind of signal the meter display sends.
  25. 1769-L32E Need t2 ethernet ports

    One thing your gonna do with default setting is cause the ethernet switch to lock up with to much traffic  if you go under processor advanced tab and change setting concerning system overhead time slice by default will be 20% and when we have overhead time what do you want to do once again default is perform more ladder change that to perform communications and you might want to increase the 20% to more if you can give up scan times for your process  
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  27. 1769-L32E Need t2 ethernet ports

    From the manual, the 1769-L32E can support 32 CIP connections and/or (not sure) 32 TCP/IP connections.  There is a spreadsheet for calculating the total number of connections being used.  I think you can also go to the internal webpage and it will tell you how many of each type are "open" and actively being used. I'm sure there are third party devices that can be used.  The most common method for passing data between the PLC and PC is RSLinx and it's OPC server with configured topics.  Since it is there is one one ethernet port, you will have to be in the same subnet to communicate.  The alternate is to have a router while port forwarding capability to allow for communications between disparate subnets.  In otherwords, a managed switch.
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