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  2. CJ1W-ETN21 Detection

    You could have both modules registered in the I/O Table and if one is missing, there will be a non-fatal (PLC will keep running) error  A402.03 will be on when one is missing and then the bit in A427 corresponding to the unit number (dials on front of module) that is missing will be on:   So, if you have 2 ETN21 cards registered in the I/O table as units 0 and 1, if unit #1 is missing then A402.03 will be on and A427.01 will also be on.  
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  4. PULS & SPED for Controlling Servo Drive

    Check scaling in the servo drive parameters on the pulse input side.  There may be something like input numerator / input denominator so that:  Motor movement = pulses in * (input numerator/input denominator). 
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  6. FX2N 4DA output

    Not wishing to be silly here, did you connect 24v to the module itself. I have had people miss this before. No power no output   Colandra
  7. How about ethics? Let someone steal your "managements" property. See what happens. Not to mention, virus, malware, ransomware, key monitors, etc. a frequently hidden in cracked software.
  8. micrologix 1200 C series Modbus configs

    1761-NET-AIC+ is not a protocol converter, it's just a RS232 to RS485 converter. To use Modbus you need to change comms driver in Channel configuration (see picture). However, since you only have 1 port, you'll need get DF1 comm to monitor/upload/download. To do that press and hold special hidden comm button for 1 sec (picture), then port protocol will return to default. Once programming job is done, use the same button or laptop to return to modus comms.
  9. It's a shame that you have to make a business case for following the law... In the US, the penalty for software piracy is a fine of up to $250,000 and up to 5 years in prison. I don't know what it is where you are.
  10. you could create a ladder routine in periodic and set a MOV function of a FLL, it is easier than LIST
  11. Hi everyone. I didn't meant to encourage everyone for a pirated software. But I want to know what are the advantages of using genuine license TIA portal V15.1 software over the crack license? Pirated is against the law. Yes. and how about its technicalities? is there any missing libraries? and missing updates? etc. I need your inputs, because I'm trying to discourage our management of using cracked license. Thank you so much in advance...
  12. Hi, I have a problem in my Panelview Plus.I made a view with a trend object ( 2 tags temperature and pressure) , this tag is save in a data model which is started in startup setup.When the view is on  the historical data is working, but if I quit in another menu and return in the view, the historical has been cleared... Can you help me? Thank you,
  13. CJ1W-ETN21 Detection

    To all the gurus. We have a project now that is using CJ2M PLC. However some hardware is using 1 piece of ETN21 card while some machines are using 2 cards. Programs sequence is quite similar. However Customer wants us to be able from program side able to detect if there is 1 card presence or 2 cards presence.   Not sure if there is certain bits or memory in PLC that program can tap to "detect" number of cards that is presence.
  14. Sample blocks for S7 1200 plc's

    hi  i want motor blocks , valve blocks and analog blocks standard for s7 1200 PLC and it shoud be open in tia v14. please note that this blocks should be developed by ladder or STL only. 
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    Hello. Thanks for sample. But I would like to hide the input field (password). I tried to do this with setting: - Control Flag: Display: Hidden. But then the function does not work. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks. BR, Andrej.   PS: I can move the input field off the screen, but I think this is not the best solution.
  16. Help - RSLinx

    Hello! Did you solve the problem? I have the same problem.
  17. Dear All i would like to clarify few doubts regarding Modbus data read using IEC Developer. The following hardware and software we are using in our project. PLC - Q25PRH Remote IO head - QJ72LP25-25 Modbus Module - QJ71MB91 (Connected in RIO) Slave Devices - Power meter my question is how to assign the parameter like Modbus function code, Modbus slave address,Modbus holding register using IEC Developer software . and if possible please post the sample program. Thanks.  
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  20. Missed dedicated instruction in GXW2

    I'm not seeing it in Works 2
  21. I have a 3 processors all Modicon 984 I would like to do a full back up of the 3 processors.  I am using concept 2.6.  Should i export via concept converter for all 3 processors. 
  22. PULS & SPED for Controlling Servo Drive

    do you have any idea where should i check? If you are sure PLC program is configured correctly with PLC and SPED then the problem has to be in the Servo Drive parameters. Can't help you there as I am unfamiliar with the Panasonic servo products.  
  23. PULS & SPED for Controlling Servo Drive

    Thx for the prompt reply. i will read the manual. but why right now if I’m sending 2500 for PLS the motor rotate almost 2 rotation (like 1 3/4 rotation for 2500pulse)? do you have any idea where should i check? I’m using cp1l-m30dt-d for this case. thx before
  24. PULS & SPED for Controlling Servo Drive

    PLS sets the number of pulses you want to send to the drive. If you want to rotate the motor 1 revolution and the drive and motor is set up correctly so that 2500 pulses = 1 revolution use 2500 in PLS. SPED sets the target frequency [pulse rate] used to output the number of pulses set by the PLS instruction. If you want to rotate the motor at full speed of 2000 rpm then use 83333 for the target frequency in the SPED instruction. Read the relevant section in the manual W451-E1-03, this has examples of how to implement PLS+SPED on page 730.
  25. PULS & SPED for Controlling Servo Drive

    Dear BITS N BYTES,   Thx for suggesting me using PLS2 instruction, I will use it in the future, so for now i will try using PLS & SPED instruction for this case since i modify the existing machine. Sorry i mean i send 1525 pulse (not 1.525) to PLS instruction. Before that, I'm new to servo drive and servo motor with its application to PLC. So why I'm sending 1525 pulse means 1 rotation in the PLS instruction? How to i determine hw many pulse for 1 rotation. I got 1525 by testing one by one. I'm sure there is a better way to determine the pulse for PLS instruction.   So is it correct that the F in the SPED instruction is 83.333 for the max speed?
  26. PULS & SPED for Controlling Servo Drive

    First of all I recommend you use the PLS2[887] instruction. This allows modification of the accel/decel rate, target frequency [max. speed] number of pulses and whether movement is relative or absolute. In your  application a 2000 rpm motor with 2500 pulses/rev would require [2000 x 2500]/60 = 83333 pulses/second to achieve max. speed. You cannot send fractional values for pulse outputs [you mention 1.525]. My 2 cents.  
  27. Change CIP Service Code

    I received an answer on the allen-bradley support forum: He included a link but it doesn't seem to work: Topic can be closed.
  28. Hi All,   Need some help on Cx-Programmer. I've been using CP1L to control Panasonic Servo Drive and Servo Motor by using instruction PULS & SPED. Panasonic Servo Motor model number is: MDMA502P1G, with Servo Drive type is: MFDDTB3A2 The questions are: 1. In my opinion for PLS is the instruction to ask the servo motor rotate by how many degree by sending pulse. and SPED is the speed of servo motor, was it correct? 2. One rotation should be 2500 pulse per rotation according to servo motor specification, but why I'm sending 1.525 to PLS instruction means 1 rotation (360degree)? 3. What is the maximum speed for this servo motor? Should be 2000r/min (based on photos at Servo Motor) * 2500 pulse per rotation while SPED units for F is pps, means maximum speed is around  83.333pps?   I'm sure i was wrong, please advise and correct me. Here i attach the name plate on the AC Servo Motor. Thx.
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