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  2. 1769-L32E Need t2 ethernet ports

    Wow! Excellent response time. Thank you. The first PC pulls downtime data and sticks it on a screen. I dont know what the 3rd party does to get the data. I work in a saw mill. The saw I'm talking about is controlled by the plc but receives its commands through bit to bit using opto22's. No data transfer. But now they want me to take the log mass from the PC and use it to control how fast the log hits the saw blades. USNR (the company that owns the pc) has a way to connect to the plc processor through ethernet without rslinx. I dont know the protocol.  USNR demands a separate ip port. My company unfortunately is cheap and insists on used equipment. Lol 
  3. 1769-L32E Need t2 ethernet ports

    How is the first PC talking or exchanging data to/from the L32E?  Is it through explicit messaging?  Or is it through RSLinx acting as an OPC server? How do you want the 2nd PC to exchange data with the L35E? If RSLinx, it's as simple as adding a RSLinx to the 2nd PC and configuring it's topic. In your project, what and how many devices are configured to talk E/IP to the L35E?  There is a limitation on the maximum number of connections.
  4. Hello Im new looking for help

    You would then want to use the Emulator portion of RSLinx and it will create a virtual PLC.  You should then be able to point your HMI to the virtual PLC.  There are large limitations for the emulated or virtual PLC and some functionality is lost.  Other can speak better to the lost functionality.  Either way the manuals on Rockwell's website describe the limitations in detail.
  5. I have a CompactLogix 1769-L32E that is talking to a pc that is collecting downtime. Now, of course they want me to receive travel speeds for my equipment real time from another pc. This supplier assures me that running both pc's through one ethernet switch will overload the processor and suggest separate ports. I'm told the L32E can only handle the one port and there are no options to add a card. My employer will only spring for used equipment, therefore I'm finding the devil of a time finding any info that properly guides me. My supplier will only talk about new processors. I've found the 1768-L45 that can use a separate ethernet adapter. Any thoughts?    Thanks, new guy Robert
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  7. Hello Im new looking for help

    thank you for your assistance   so far I have rs logix 5000 rslinx factory talk view studio me  with all this can I simulate the rack and hmi? do I need another program to simulate the i/o rack I know view studio can create the hmi but can it simulate the functions if I were to link it to the rack and program I create   once again I appreciate all help   
  8. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    Well... looks like your connection is OK, but the data you are sending to PLC is incorrect. - DNA must never be 00. Your Sysmac Studio screenshot shows that the PLC uses default Local Network 0
  9. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    Well... looks like your connection is OK, but the data you are sending to PLC is incorrect. - DNA must never be 00. Your Sysmac Studio screenshot shows that the PLC uses default Local Network 01, so DNA should be 01 as well. - I believe using 00 for SNA should work. But if it doesn't, you can put any number there, like 02 for example. It doesn't really matter for a single PC and PLC connection. - On your Multiway screenshot, your attempts before the last one are just sending the FINS Header, which will never work - Your last attempt in the screenshot looks fine, except the DNA being 00.
  10. Discrete Input Module Issue on DL06 PLC

    When you swapped the modules did you swap the wiring block? If not then it is most likely the module. If you did then inspect your wiring, especially the commons. It sounds like commons - signals swapped.
  11. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    Below is the multiway screen shot
  12. HELP! Logix 5000 locked!

    I don't think its password protected, just tied to Eric's laptop - think we've cracked it by saving it as a new project
  13. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    I am still unable to use the Fins Command with multiWay attached is the setting  
  14. Hello Im new looking for help

    The software required depends on which platforms are used for PLC and HMI. For programming PLCs: RSLogix5 is for PLC2, 3, 5 series RSLogix500 is for SLC & MicroLogix RSLogix5000/Studio5000 is for CompactLogix and ControlLogix To actually upload or download or debug a PLC you will need RSLinx For Visualization on HMIs: PC bases could be RSView32 or FactoryTalk View Studio Site Addition or Machine Addition with Runtime Oldest Panvelviews needs PanelBuilder32 Panelview Plus, Panelview Plus 6 & PanelView Plus 7 needs FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Addition. Of course, this is all readily available information on Rockwell's website.
  15. HELP! Logix 5000 locked!

    This is the exact purpose of Rockwell's FactoryTalk Security.  You'll need the original PC to get into the program and while online, unsecure the project and save.  Then you'll be able to move it to another PC.
  16. HELP! Logix 5000 locked!

    You are going to need to contact Rockwell Tech Support.  Discussions of password circumvention for any reason is prohibited here.
  17. fx 3u series plc

    M8000 -||------+------------[+ D0 D1 D100]- | +------------[+ D100 D2 D100]- | +------------[+ D100 D3 D100]- | . . . | +------------[+ D100 D10 D100]- :)
  18. HELP! Logix 5000 locked!

    Hi, we've found one of our programs is locked to a certain laptop, when we try and open it on another laptop we get the error message attached. Whilst we've got the laptop its locked to, we can't work out how to allow it to be used on other computers, and unfortunately the guy who did it has left the company! Can anyone help?
  19. Hello Im new looking for help

    HI all so as the title states im looking for help here my questions what software do i need to virtualize my machine program plc  hmi. I have access to rockwell through my work so acquiring the required software should not be a problem. I am in the very beginning stages of learning plc's. I have some knowledge of programming but am looking to become much better than I currently am.....   thank you for your help    
  20. CP1H Communication HElp

    Hi all.  Did you solve this problem?!
  21. Simple PID explanation

    I want sample ladder for PID CX ONE PROGRAM  
  22. Read position from rotary encoder

     I have the same problem. I tried to use Port Specifer  #10, #11, #12 and #13 but don't working. Can you help me ?
  23. High speed counter

    Hello!       I wrote a ladder program where I use PRV function for reading current position from rotary encoder. My issue is I received data on PRV only when Oringin_Search is on, I want to read value without Origin_Search active. I tried with High speed counter but  I don't receive  values. I used port's 0,1, 3 because I have three servomotors with encoders. I have CJ2M CPU and MD211 Module.
  24. Don't really understand this. If GT Designer is version 1.210U and the project is of an older version, shouldn't it just open up ? Could it be that it's written for a GOT 1000 panel ? Try to start GOT 1000 version and load your file, might work.  
  25. Thanks Mr.Theo V I have visited Mitsubishi's website and have updated Version Got 2000 but I still can not open the project even though my Version is higher than the Version of the project  Thanks for reply  
  26. PV standard with Logix controller

    Hi, I'm investigating the feasibility using an old PV standard display with a Logix controller via the controller serial port. We have multiple PV standard units available in excellent condition, so this is a worthwhile use of these otherwise obsolete resources - if it is possible. The PV's are part number 2711-K10C3. The communication protocol for these is DH-485 (i.e. DH485 over an RS485 physical layer).  Work by others with a 2711-K6C5 (which has a RS232 physical layer but uses the DH-485 protocol protocol) has shown that the communication is possible using SLC mapping in the L5X to "trick" it into thinking it is talking to a SLC and configuring the com ports on both the L5X controller and the PV to DH485. Here is a link to the white paper: The obvious caveats are that the serial port on the processor is no longer available for programming or configuration and that only one PV can be used per controller. Can anybody advise if I can I simply use an RS485 to RS232 converter to bridge the physical layer difference? Would an old 1761-NET-AIC work for this? I've looked for information in Rockwell Knowledgebase (we have a limited support contract), but I can't find anything specific.  I do not have a non-production controller to experiment with and I have no intention of risking damage to a production unit by experimenting. Any comments or advice greatly appreciated.
  27. A1S68DAV parameter

    Have you read the manual ? Do you now how to work with  BFM ? Which software are you using because there is a FB available ?  
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