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  4. Sample blocks for S7 1200 plc's

    Hi experts, please share the sample blocks for the EDITABLE TIMER block it should be editable from HMI(Siemens). And also motor run hour block. Actually i am having all blocks in tia v12 version and sadly i dont have the old software to convert it again. So please share the blocks that it shoud be work in TIA V14 for s7 1200 plc's. Please note that the blocks should use add instructions to calculate the time because i don't have much memory.
  5. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    I got pricing information. The ML 1400 is $1,200.00 verses the ML 1200 $1,030.00. The ML 1400 has built in analog I/O (0-10VDC) so I would not need the 4 channel analog module which costs $424.00 So actually it would be cheaper to go with the Micrologix 1400. I would also gain the ethernet port. Although my HMI does not have ethernet, I may just go ahead and purchase a Cmore panel that has it and retire this one. AT the very least I can keep the computer connected to the PLC all the time and leave the serial connection for the HMI. What I actually need is analog output so I can control the speed of the trains. I found a schematic of the CW80 transformer online that someone hand drew out, and the throttle input is 0 to 3.3VDC. What I will probably do is use a voltage divider so I cannot exceed 3.3VDC and possibly damage the transformer. This would also give me the full scale on the analog output. I could use the analog input as a feedback to verify the transformer is outputting power to the track, in the event of a derail, if there is a short, the transformer shuts down and blinks the power light and stays that way until you turn the throttle to zero and then back on again as a reset. This way the PLC will know if the transformer shut down. The output to the track as a weird AC wave, I can build a bridge rectifier with filters and then scale it down to 0-10VDC for one of the inputs. (I do have experience in building electronic circuits) So in my case the fact the analog I/O is DC voltage is fine and would be better for my project. Mike  
  6. Hi Guys, I am working on a project where my Client is looking to upgrade a CPU 414-3 DP (S7-400) 6ES7 414-3XJ00-0AB0 to a newer supported model.  The suggested replacement for this CPU is CPU 414-3 (6ES7414-3XM07-0AB0).  We are looking down the avenue of potentially replacing the existing  CPU 414-3 DP with a S7-1500 CPU. In the existing setup there is Remote IO and on Board IO.  If we replace the existing CPU 414-3 DP with a S7-1500 CPU we will be able to communcate with the existing Remote IO via an ET 200M IM 153-1. No problem there,  However, the problem we see is with the existing On-board IO.......... Does anyone out there know if there is a module that allows S7-400 On-board IO to communicate to a new S7-1500 CPU ?  Thanks Guys 
  7. Concept 2.1xl

    There is no typo. We have  plc programs written by concept 2.1 b2.1 XL . I need concept v2.1.
  8. Q series Built-In Ethernet problem

    There is probably a time out time that needs to pass how long did you wait for the connection to close ?

    Hi, Could you give me more details about the control button? When I connect the reader to my computer, I am able to receive the data correctly in the terminal software. Likewise, if I connect the computer to the HMI and I send the same data (STX......ETX), it is showed properly in the HMI; however, if I connect the barcode reader to the HMI, apparently, I receive nothing after the reading... I don't understand it. I have tried several pinout for the db9 connector. Now, I am sure that the problem is not in the wiring. Thank you. Best regards
  10. Q series Built-In Ethernet problem

    Hi ~ Thank you for helping me I use the Q03UDVCPU this time. I set a TPC MC Protocol 3000 port on the Built-in Ethernet to give PC to connection. The ethernet cable configuration is the PLC CPU link to Switch and link to PC. The problem is that when the PC is connected to the PLC, I use the Ethernet diagnostic of Work 2, you can see that the port 3000 is occupying by PC. There is no problem here, but when I remove the ethernet cable the PC, this 3000 port should be cleared, but the IP still occupying this 3000 port, until I remove the PLC CPU ethernet cable, it is the same result, and my PC can no longer be reconnect. Since the ethernet cable are all removed, the connection status should be updated, I don't understand why it is still occupying. Does anyone know the answer? Thank you so much!
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  12. Program download

    No, it will remain the same as long as you uncheck the box as you have shown.  
  13. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    @Webbs Unfortunately, there is no functionality to change the name of the units.  This is only what is displayed inside Sysmac Studio though.  The operator of the equipment will never see this unit setting.  I would recommend setting Pulses and then make a note somewhere in your code or in the comments of the program that states that the units are really "Tiles" and not pulses.  
  14. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Please use Derived Controller function for that purpose. Derived controller allows to  use different EtherCAT and I/O Map configurations while keeps Programs aligned.
  15. Buttons with images in NA

    The easiest way is to delete the button and then set a press event for the image.  To do this, show the Events and Actions window: Then select the image and in the Events and Actions window, select Press as the event.  Then choose what action to take when the image is pressed: It seems that this is a button that switches you to another page, so you could use the ShowPage Action, you would then just need to specify which page to go to.  You could also do many other functions like setting a variable to a specific value, etc.  
  16. S5 plc help to load from EPROM

    Switch the selector to run  
  17. Concept 2.1xl
  18. Concept 2.1xl

    Current version of concept is 21, do we have a typo on our hands?
  19. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    If I remember right the "Analog Inputs" on the ML1400 are 0-10VDC.  Most instruments are going to be 4-20ma.
  20. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    Some of the following you already know- One thing to be careful with, randomly setting your laptop IP while on a LAN or WAN that has "other stuff" on it could result in a duplicate IP address situation. You need to know what addresses are being used on the system before you assign any IP address to anything. Software like Angry IP Scanner (or whatever your IT people allow) will tell you what is on the the range that your computer is using. However, you need to know the IP address, subnet mask, and router IP address that the PLC will "live" on. BootP needs your laptop to temporarily be on that subnet before you set the address in the PLC, then you log in an hard code the address to the PLC. If I had a dollar for every time I forget to set my laptop to the right subnet (and then called the PLC bad names) I'd have a few dollars more (insert Clint Eastwood whistle here). 
  21. Program download

    Hi all,   If you download the plc program will you lose the routing table and data link? Best regards, rpoppe
  22. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    download into PLC project that uses static address. turn off DHCP/BootP
  23. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    Update::: Fixed the issue, was slightly confused on how to get the BootP disabled. I was assigning a separate IP address to the Controller for our facility which has all of its controllers on their own network. In doing so I was using an automatic IP address from my laptop to initially communicate with the PLC through the BootP program, but when I would go to disable to BootP it wouldn't communicate with the controller so I had to go through my adapter settings and change my IP to nearly the same IP I entered into the PLC (One number off at the end) and then it disabled it nearly instantly. Hopefully this helps somebody down the road that is pretty new at it like myself!
  24. MicroLogix 1100 IP Addressing

    I have a micrologix 1100 PLC as well as a weintek HMI all connected through a network switch for them to communicate between each other, however I'm having an issue where the Micrologix Controller will not retain its IP address once I set it through Allen Bradleys BootP tool. I can set it through the tool and then go into RSlogix 500 and communicate with it and all that, but once the controller is turned off the IP address goes back to its factory setting of not showing an IP at all. Any suggestions/ ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
  25. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    I am awaiting the price for the Micrologix 1400. If I choose that one over the ML 1200 I won't need the 4 channel analog combination module since analog I/O is built in to the 1400. It might offset the cost of going with the ML 1400. I found online a schematic for the Lionel CW80 transformer so I know where I have to make modifications for the PLC to control the throttle. It also means I can tap into the three buttons on the unit to control direction, bell, and whistle. Mike  
  26. S5 plc help to load from EPROM

    1) Power on the PLC 2) Switch the selector switch to STOP 3) Remove the battery 4) Power off the PLC for at least 30 seconds 5) Make sure the EPROM is inserted into the PLC 6) Power on the PLC 7) Insert a new battery
  27. Hello,   Omron NA project: I'm trying to create a button with image (see picture). Unfortunately if I click on the image the button does not work because the image is 'above' the button itself. Is there a way to solve the problem ?   Thanks!!
  28. E900 Operating System Required

    If you have the old E designer (not e designer 7) (It comes with the E designer 7 CD) You can choose Firmware 4.nn for the project and it will download without complaint.    
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