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  2. Etn021 ip address change problem

    It is in etn21 mode for sure. I will try it on site, next week.
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  4. Hello guys, I am working on a project in which I have to use linear servo actuators L12 Series from IRROBOT. The control is done via RS485 Serial port communication. From the manufacturer the L12 Series is controlled with  Arduino IR-STSO1 but we were told that we could use our own controller. So we using the FX5U PLC to control the actuator  via its built in RS485. The structure of the command and feedback packets for L12 Series is given and I tried to set  some packets according to MELSOFT SERIES Predefined Protocol Support Function and use the SP.CPRTCL communication Instruction but still not get communication and showing Error code 7D00: the value of the number of of protocols specify by the argument S(P).CPRTLCL instruction and executed continouasly is out of the range. I tried my best to solve this problem but still. Anyone to help me find the problem? Hello guys, 
  5. FX1S output failure

    Yes the output light does come on
  6. FX1S output failure

    Does the output light come on when in pulse mode? If it does, it's more than likely the output is worn out.   You PLC is very old and the output has probably done millions of operations.
  7. M340 csv File Read

    I did see this link although it says possible it gives no reference to how it can be done, as its heading says there are no examples. Thanks
  8. @hmwright Please check this link about Recipe Management Solutions maybe suitable for your applications.
  9. DB vs PLC Tags

    this may help - (for use in a "class" on the differences but may be worth a read?)
  10. I have an application where data gets placed in a csv file. I need to read data from this file in to memory of a M340 PLC. Is there a way to program the M340 PLC to open and read the file in to an array or is this not possible at the PLC. Looked through google with little success.
  11. Etn021 ip address change problem

    Just a guess, but seeing a "Mode 11" message appears, try to double check your IO Table. Did it say CS1W-ETN21(ETN11 Mode) or CS1W-ETN21(ETN21 Mode)? There might be a chance that your ETN21 was set up in ETN11 Mode, but now you are accessing it in ETN21 Mode, or vice versa. In any case, in the IO Table, you can click on the ETN21 unit, then click "Options --> Change ETN21 Mode" to choose the mode suitable for your needs.
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  13. Please understand that RSLinx Classic and RSLinx Enterprise are two different softwares and are configured separately. RSLinx Classic is for communication between the PC and the PLC for use with the various RSLogix Softwares (5, 500, 500, Studio), while RSLinx Enterprise (or Factory Talk Linx) is for Factory Talk View Studio to define communication between the PLC and the HMI.  The RSLinx Enterprise Device Shortcut as actually compiled with the application in the MER and transferred to the HMI.
  14. Ok thanks, I had seen configurations for equipment 1 and 2 and thought it auto-sensed it.
  15. When I use RSLinx Enterprise inside View Studio for ME, I have to manually add each device to the Ethernet driver, both HMI and PLC. It doesn't browse and find them automatically. That may be a quirk of our network, though.
  16. How is RSLinx Classic seeing the PLC?  Is it an Ethernet Driver? Then you must configure the EtherNet Driver in Enterprise.
  17. The issue is I can not see the plc or hmi in RSLinx Enterprise, however I can see them in RSLinx Classic. 
  18. WIthin RSLinx Enterprise, can you see the PLC?  Can you see the new HMI?  Are you going to communicate with EtherNet between the PLC and HMI? If that Driver is not already present, add it. Then add the PLC and HMI to the tree in the Design (Local) Tab, then copy from Design to Runtime. Then create a Device Shortcut and point it to the PLC Processor.  Create the mer and download.
  19. So I am following this procedure, and I am stuck on page 53 of 102. Step 3/4, I can't see my controller under the ethernet driver. If I close FactoryTalk View Studio, and open RSLinx I can see the controller and existing field HMI fine. It seems like I am missing a step that I can't find in the guide. We have 4 pieces of equipment with their own controller and HMI. I am able to see the controllers for equipment 1 and 2, but not 3 or 4. And 4 is what I am trying to connect to, in order to test out the converted hmi program.
  20. Analog input Omron CPM2 with Syswin 3.4

    Slope formula: y = mx + b   You provided your answer. 9999 / 83 =120 b = -20   gtsuport
  21. Etn021 ip address change problem

    No, I didn't change node number. I will try to change ip address via DM or web interface when I go to site next week. But, I wish to know if someone have the similar experience...
  22. Analog input Omron CPM2 with Syswin 3.4

    So an always on bit with a DIFU and bellow the difu contact with move. and how to determine the range? On move i can only have the source and one destination memory right? the source then it will be 4mA? >> 0 ? Thanks 
  23. Etn021 ip address change problem

    is it possible that you changed the unit number, along with the node number?
  24. Analog input Omron CPM2 with Syswin 3.4

    You could use an Always On bit, or a pulse bit. Addresses should be in the Programming Manual.
  25. Analog input Omron CPM2 with Syswin 3.4

    Whats hold me is the following, how to i program the analog input to a move  in combination with other instruction? is that possible?  I dont want to use SCL . Thanks in advance
  26. Etn021 ip address change problem

    Did someone try to change IP address via web interface or via DM area?!
  27. project allen bradley

  28. project allen bradley

    dear friends,please I need any document or video which explain all the necessary steps(configuration) to do a project with rslogix 5000, rsemulator 5000 and rsview machine regards
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