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  2. Hi Everyone, I would like to know  if two S7-300 CPU can exchange data via MPI protocol using X_Put and X_Get blocks. is it possible to test the data exchange via PLCSIM to verify. CPU1 = 313C-2DP CPU2 = 312 Please advise. Thank you.

    Mr. @Michael Walsh i think if i push print randomly with that ladder diagram, A392.12 is ON, A392.14 is OFF and must restart PLC again if want to send data (A392.14). And if i use Stream Mode (Send Data Continously), i think can't use this ladder diagram. any solution so i can compare the weight data (just number) like this picture and ladder diagram? Thank you 4329A TO CP1E MOV DATA.cxp
  4. Hello,, I have motion controller A series A172SHCPUN,, I have written the program ladder into the CPU, but I can't write the motion program.. i dont have the program to open file the program motion and I want to ask if I have the software SW3RNC-GSVE, my os computer is window XP, Can it be installed? and is the cable transfer used the same as the ladder transfer program cable (SC09)?
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  6. I try with lacht and momentary buttons. Averything works ok, until i power off and on the m221 and hmi. If 1 of the outputs is ON Whent i power off, then when i power on, the output is stil ON..... 
  7. Omron NX1P2 to Non-Omron DC servo motor

    If you need to generate pulses, then you will need to get an NX Pulse output unit.  The models are listed in section 1-3-4 of this manual:   I am guessing that you need an NPN unit based on the provided drawing. 
  8. We use this driver very often. You need the Festo Configuration Tool to program the settings in the drive. You can use this drive like a stepper motor, so a relative move on every pulse on an input (see attached scheme) or you can program fixed positions into the drive. A position is selected though the inputs. So on your (Omron) PLC you just use digital inputs and outputs.
  9. Seems like you want a momentary pushubtton.  Try changing the Switch Style from Toggle to Momentary.
  10. Help with PLC communication basics

    Thanks for the very helpful replies everyone.  I'm going to chew on this for a little while before making any more decisions.
  11. Hello. I have a m221 and use basic somaks to programe it. The problem is the following. I use %mw0:x0 to allocate a button on off HMI, If on the HMI press the button to set him "ON",and pull the voltage from HMI and M221, when power supply, the button is still "ON", it does not return to an initial state "OFF". HMI i use a Weintek 8070 programmed with easybuilder pro. How can I do that when I power the HMI and M221, the button to be OFF, even if the voltage was off when the button was ON. Thank you.
  12. Machine Edition View for Quick Panel

    Thank you very much Steve.
  13. In your Global Variable table, click on the left side of the "Comment" column. There is an invisible black button that will appear. Click on it then.
  14. How do I edit the comment associated with array elements? I can't find how to do this other than actually using the element in the program and then editing or typing in the comment.
  15. FX5U and SMC EX260 built in ethernet

    Thank for your reply, you are true, Mitsubishi said the same 
  16. interfacing A172SENC motion control

    First of all, the A172SENC is not a motion controller, rather it is a positioning or encoder feedback module that plugs into a Motion Controller CPR rack. See if the following topic within MrPLC helps. A series Motion Control
  17. Looking at the NE555 (Texas Instruments), it says that the output is a TTL, so in my mind it's sourcing not sinking.  I would expect the output of the generator to be turning on and off at 5V.  I question whether you can even apply 24VDC to the COM 0.  I haven't read the ML1400 specifications, but you would also need to know the threshold voltage at which IN 0 will be seen as "On' or "Off".

    What do you see? Greyed out buttons?   What messages do you get?  

    What is different is that the P_1s bit is a one-shot (differentiate UP).  It is only on for one scan.  Right click on the contact and choose differentiate up.  My thought is that using the P_1s bit will allow the code to clear out the buffer.  For some reason, A392.14 is staying on, so the RXD instruction is only executed one time.  There is clearly data in the buffer since A394 = 16, so the P_1s bit would empty out the buffer.  Perhaps your device is sending multiple versions of the same string?  See if there is a setting to have it only send one at a time.  You could also connect this up to a PC with an RS232 adapter to look at it with a Hyperterminal like progam to see what your device is sending.
  20. Machine Edition View for Quick Panel

    Send me a Quick Designer backup to stephen dot bailey2 at Verizon dot net. I'll import it into a newer version of Quick Designer and then into Proficy. Tell me what version of Proficy Machine Edition you're using so I don't import into something too new for you.
  21. PLC5 Subroutine Access

    Thanks Guess. I confirm MCP (Main Control Program) is the solution if there are no JSR commands. In order to get to MCP double click on S2 and then go in the MCP Tab. Most of the time it will be Ladder 2 selected and then JSR will be done in Ladder 2 to call the other subroutine but you can put all Ladder Subroutines number in MCP.
  22. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    very odd, has now seemed to install ok,   I did set compatibility to win7, and run as admin, (although I sure I had already tried this yesterday) strange thing is, I gave up from last try, everything disappeared again, then must have been at least 15 mins later, the next install progress screen popped up, and I was able to complete install....odd
  23. That looks correct as long as your wave generator has a sinking output.
  24. Thanks for the video it helps.  Base on the video explanation, i came out with the schematic attached below, please kindly go through it. and see if i did it the right way.  thanks wiring diagram for AB 1400 & square wave generator.pdf

    I was checked there no write protect switch. i used Mitsubishi rs 232 to rs 422 converter attach with usb to serial port. simulation, compare and read easily but can't load program, can't clear memory. i am using gxdev 8.2 version.   
  26. installing AL-PCS/WIN

    Maybe run the setup.exe  as Administrator that sometimes helps
  27. can anyone help me? please tell me how to interface A172SENC motion control, like what kind of software and hardware that i need to program it
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