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  2. simatic-op is on a write-protected medium

    Pretty sure it's telling you that the memory cards in each device have their respective write-protection switches turned on.  Just turn them off, then when done, turn them back on.
  3. Replacing a motor for powerflex 755

    Nothing to do in the PF755 or PLC, if and only if the replacement motor is identical in all it's characteristics and nameplate data.
  4. controllogix cellular remote sites

    PERFECT!!! That's the missing piece that I came back to tell you about. You figured out for yourself! Nothing sticks in you mind better than that. Well done!!
  5. This seems very odd to me.  You have a 32 bit float number and you want to essentially convert it into a 32 bit integer and then break that integer into 2 - 16 bit integers?  What is the purpose of this?  So, you start with 170000 as a Float and end up with 2 and -26608 as single signed integers?  I am trying to understand to perhaps provide alternatives.  Thanks.
  6. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Okay so I switched the IP address in my path and it works!!! I was putting the up address of the micro820 .. I switched it to the IP address of the cell modem for the micro 820 and boom working !!! 
  7. controllogix cellular remote sites

    If it helps when the message is running the error text is “ connection failure “  error code “16#0001” 
  8. STP-DRV-6575, RSlogix500, Stepper Module 1746-hstp1   So, here is my dilemma. I was just recently thrown this project at work that I was supposed to be learning on. Well, the guy who was supposed to teach me up and quit. This project has been handed down the chain. I’m sure some of you know how this goes. I have a knack for logic controls, however, I still have much to learn. My hopes here is that someone can explain this to me like I am a five year old, because I have seen several videos on this stuff, and none of it looks like it applies, so here goes.:   I will be needing to control 4 stepper motors that when a button is pressed on the HMI. These motors will move to the location programmed. However. I don’t know how to do that… at all. I have never worked with stepper motors.   So far what I have done is that if a button is pressed on the HMI, the programs checks if the motors need to be homed and if so, it initiates a sequence which will home them…   If I only knew what command would do this. The ones I looked up “kindof” make sense. But not fluid enough that I would be comfortable taking down production to add this feature in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Twido twdlmda20dtk problem

    Hello, I have a problem with my Twido twdlmda20dtk, when I turn it on all the leds go crazy. Any idea what can be wrong or how to diagnosticate it?   Thanks!
  10. I tried to initialize my FX5U as you described, unfortunately it didn't work out. The Error LED started blinking over and over as finished initialization.  I'm just experimenting the FX5 series beside my daily works, can somebody tell me those plc are really reliable when compared to Siemens or AB?  GX works3 diagnostics tell you there's an error, but doesn't tell you clearly how to fix it...the messages are misleading, and the manuals are bulky as bible...
  11. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Good catch. I "never" use anything but globally defined. Never like I might someday but so far there's been no need That's huge. You've narrowed it down to the modem. Your Message is correct for a direct connection. I'm going to reach out to some coworkers this morning. They have more recent experience with cell modems. Cell modem config can be tedious. It'll have something to do with the port forwarding. I know that we used 44818 and 80 (for modbus devices) but it's been a while so I need to check with some people that have done it recently.
  12. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Okay so I connected my 820 in the ethernet card the cell modem normally connects to.. and had to change the tag in the 820 to a “globally defined “ tag . And it works, I adjust my generator and the value goes up and down as it should in the controllogix .. when I try to go through the cell modems ... nothing . Still feels nice to get that far though. Any suggestions? Thanks for the patience! 
  13. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

      It was not mentioned in the thread, but that will no doubt be an advantage to this PLC. I purchased the Micrologix 1400 and three I/O modules. The parts arrived yesterday. I am still awaiting them to setup the rockwell online user id so I can download the RSlogix Micro Starter.  There is no doubt some things I have to learn about the new PLC before I even resume my programming. I still have to make an order with Automationdirect for parts. (terminal blocks and such) it turns out the HMI panel I have can do Ethernet with a $50 add in module which I plan to purchase as well as a small din Rail Ethernet switch. This will provide a better connection between the PLC and the Cmore HMI and I should be able to program either of them without unplugging and plugging in USB or serial ports. I am also going to buy a wire marking label maker as there will be more wiring involved and I need to keep track of it. Of course the next step is I have to tear down what I built and re-do it with the new PLC and additional I/O I now have available.  Problem now is I work a goofy 12 hr shift so spare time is more limited to work on this project I have been looking over the suggestions posted above and I think I have a better plan in mind for writing the routines in a better way. One good thing is this PLC has more memory so some limitations I had with the Micrologix 1000 won't apply now. More variable data to work with (bit values, timers, etc) and I can have more ladder routines.  When I wrote the last working routine (The main and side interchange program) I noticed in the printed report, the memory was over 60% filled which told me I would not have the memory space for all the routines I had planned to write. This was a deciding factor to make the investment to upgrade. Although I am using this as a learning tool, in the end this project will be used to control my around the wall layout that I have in my living room. SO there is an end result of my efforts.   Mike    
  14. CJ2M HSC input

    Speed is 600 rotations / minute. How many pulses per rotation?
  15. You should be able to use the read_var function block to read variables from the different meters Have a look at the following thread
  16. hello everyone.Please help.I have a program for the machine written on protool and Strp7, When I want to open it to add changes to it, it gives me the erroropen object 734:26 OM TD/OP: simatic-op is on a write-protected medium.please tell me, How can I overcome this problem?"Unexpected file format" Attached images.Thank you for your help
  17. controllogix cellular remote sites

    thank you very much sir . I shall report back after tomorrow .I felt accomplished just getting ccw downloaded and connected . it’s way different than studio 5000 I hate it . But I’m going to do all the scaling in the controllogix and just get the raw value from the 820 . So I have like one rung of logic on the 820 and that’s just a “any to real”  to name it “upper_glade_raw” . Sound right ? Seemed to simple lol I hooked up a 0-10v generator and it my values changed (0-4095) but it just seemed like that was way to easy. 
  18. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Do you have a way to set up a test bed with just a cat 5 cable and switch between each PLC? The cell modem's have their own config trickery (port forwarding) that you need to do. Eliminate that and try PLC to PLC with a small LAN. Once you know that you can message between PLC's reintroduce the cellular LAN.  You won't see it in Studio 5000. If your network is solid you'll see all of the PLC's in RSLinx (or at least be able to ping them). Take heart, you're not attempting an entry level bit of logic. Comm can be a challenge. 
  19. Communicate HMI proface to HP printer

  20. Yesterday
  21. controllogix cellular remote sites

    I’ve read and tried all the manual path combinations I have seen but still won’t do it 
  22. controllogix cellular remote sites

    Okay so here’s the latest . I’m trying to send a periodic msg to read a tag in the micro 820.  I can see the micro 820 in rslinx but not in studio 5000.  I keep getting a communication error when I click on the msg instruction while everything running. Obviously I’m not seeing the data.   
  23. Hi guys, I have a question. I have never done replacing a motor for powerflex 755. The motor's type is fluid one.. We are trying to replace the motor with exactly same motor. Do I need to do something after replacing the motor?? Thanks
  24. CJ2M HSC input

    I need to count motor speed with digital input. So lets say that the speed is 600 rotations/min
  25. Advice on choosing a PLC for a project

    Mike, Sorry to be late getting into this but I dont think I saw where anyone mentioned online programming.  The 1100 and 1400 can and the 1200 and 1500 cannot.  Doesnt make much difference with your train at home but it can make a big difference when working on an operating piece of equipment or process.  Being able to make small changes without taking down a system has always been a must for me.
  26. There are a lot to choose from. I've been working with SS a while now and I still have to review many of the FB references when performing complex moves or working in bytes.
  27. Calculate exponent in FX2

    This is an initial school arithmetic rule: Y=X**1.5=X**(1+0.5)=(X**1)*(X**0.5)=X*SQRT(X)
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