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  3. trying to examine state of sensor

    of course one and flip the Bit1 to change logic from XOR to EQ  
  4. trying to examine state of sensor

    Never used that specific product but here are some ideas...
  5. PIDAT Program setting

    That is correct.  PID / PIDAT instructions do not work in simulation.  
  6. Map Physical Input and Output to Word

    Just assign a word variable to the input channel (in my example, I am using an input card) and then put a move instruction in the first rung of code that moves the input word variable into the unionVariable.word and done. Of course output words would be at the very end of your program and you would be moving from the unionVariable.word into the output word.
  7. PLC data showing zeros in vijeo citect

    Does this have anything to do with Omron?
  8. Micro850

    The Micro never really grew on me but I'll take a stab at it. I don't want to be the "read the manual" guy but Page 724 has an On Delay Timer (TON). Page 721 talks about configuring the Timer instruction. What specifically are you having trouble with? You'll need a normally open or normally closed contact or contacts on the IN, a coil ( ) on the Q. Or you can use structured text (See the example). Max Time is basically the amount of time that the timer runs.  
  9. Dear all,  I am using vijeo citect version 7.0 SP3 where I fetched signals from different PLCs and OPCs servers. Everything were running smoothly but yesterday I found that in vijeo citect all signals/parameters showing zeros.  I am fetching data from 2 quantity of PLC of Telemechanique Momentum 171 CBB 97030.   PLCs are communicating with scada server (vijeo citect) but all parameters values showing zero. I will be thankful of you for your valuable suggestions or reasons behind it. Thank you.    
  10. usb connection

  11. PLC-5 BTR setup screen for manalog input module

    You are on the right track. Way back when... there wasn't any setup screens. You read the manual, and typed in the configuration to various words of the Block Transfer. Later, Rockwell made the software nicer and added the software setup screens, and gave you the ability to add the ladder logic. So..if you have an older application that was written before the software enhancements, good chance the hardware  configuration was never setup.     I have never did one on the fly, but I think you should be able to do it. Just make sure you enter in the information exactly like it is listed in the Block Transfer.
  12. Micro850

    So, although I've taken an extensive training course with Rockwell on ControlLogix, I've never written any code. Everything I've done is with RSLogix 500. Now I'm try to write code for a program using CCW for a Micro850. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to set up the timer
  13. Allen Bradley resolver

    Hi. I have a 1326AB servo motor and its resolver is out of tune. How is the procedure of mechanical manual phasing in Allen Bradley? Is that V+  W- and sine wave null? Regards.
  14. Weintek mTV100

    Hi Everybody, Can anyone help me that how to download easy builder pro program in mtv100 HMI device via ethernet? What are the basic settings?
  15. HI I'm using PlC5/20 when I click on setup screen on the BTR block (to view the analog input configuration) i find the following message: No modules exist in the IOconfiguration for this R/G/M however the analog input signals is running properly....i just want enter the setup screen for configuration. I'm assuming that I need to enter I/O module in the I/O configuration? Can I do this without taking PLC to Program mode?  
  16. HI I'm using PlC5/20 when I click on setup screen on the BTR block (to view the analog input configuration) i find the following message: No modules exist in the IOconfiguration for this R/G/M however the analog input signals is running properly....i just want enter the setup screen for configuration. I'm assuming that I need to enter I/O module in the I/O configuration? Can I do this without taking PLC to Program mode?  
  17. Where is X0 and X1?

    What you are seeing is a high speed  configuration.  Rung 2 has all of what you are looking for.  I'm guessing X0 and X1 have an encoder connected to them or maybe some sensor that needs a very timely event done when triggered.
  18. Upload Program from A1SH PLC

    Thank for reply, I think it is Ok if I upload program from the system with unique A1SH CPU, but this system include a A7PUS and I don't know that does it matter? This is the first time I work with Mitsubishi PLC. Thank you.
  19. Hello, All of our NB programmes were compiled using Windows 7 and are saved on my companies external hard drives for security. We recently converted our new laptops to Windows 10 and now if I open up a NB programme  it  does not recognise the programme that is saved on the external drive. Looks like I am going to have to save them onto the C Drive. Has anyone come across this?   Regards   Peter
  20. Upload Program from A1SH PLC,QnAS/01.Unitati%20centrale/01.AnS/AnS(J)HCPU%20-%20User's%20Manual%20IB(NA)-66779-N%20(01.11).pdf The above information may help you out. Regards, Garry
  21. Upload Program from A1SH PLC

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie in Mitsubishi PLC. I have a problem with Uploading program from A1SH PLC. The old system with a A1SH PLC and A7PUS (See the picture is attacked). I want to ask that do i have to note anything when I use GX developer to upload the program in A1SH PLC (How steps I must perform, example: Power off, disassemble A7PUS, Power on, connect USB SC09 cable, online to upload, when upload ok power off, assemble A7PUS, power on and the system operates normal). Thank all.
  22. Where is X0 and X1?

    I thought I was some kind of ladder programmer after 35 years, but this program has me licked. I t also had two other serious PLC guys baffled as well although none of us are DL05 gurus. Maybe someone here who is a seriously advanced DL05 programmer can appreciate this program and let me know where I can find two simple inputs. How many ways can you refer to X0 & X1 without ever using X0 and X1 as a reference in your program? LD K30 in V7633 sets the Y0 Y1 outputs to pulsed, X0-X2 to be filtered. LD K6 in V7634 set filter time X0 to 6 ms. Maps to C420 LD K6 in V7635 set filter time X1 to 6 ms Maps to C421 LD K6 in V7636 set filter time X2 to 6 ms Maps to C422 LD K30 into V7637 sets the Y0 to pulsed and the Y1 to direction. I think every trick in the book was used just for fun and not for readability!! Example: A/I 3 & 4 both have discretes hooked up with a resister and then SP612 & SP613 are used in the program. Y0 & Y1 are as you see above, pulsed outputs, Y0 feeds a freq to volt converter to send 4-20ma to the DC drive and Y1 is used as an enable drive bit. Apparently the DL05 PIDs weren't good enough so the programmer built his own as well. Anyway.. I digress. Can you help me find X0 & X1?
  23. PIDAT Program setting

    Please see a sample program. The PID is not working on simulator, only on real PLC PID Example.cxp
  24. Sample Pid Program

    After a lot of research and time loss, I found that the PID is executing if you first clear the entire C area of PIDAT (all 40 words=0) at least one time. After that you don't need to clear anything. Good luck! 
  25. usb connection

    hello, how i upload PDF file from  USB to the HMI (NA5),  so the user can choose and show a pdf file from the usb files list?  
  26. For my school project pls help =(
  27. Ultrasonic Flow Meter noise

    Are the Flowmeters AC or DC powered? Some frequency outputs are passive that need loop power to operate. If a 24Vdc power supply is in the frequency loop, is the 24V common grounded or floating?   Can you ground the DC supply if floating, or float it if it is grounded in order check alternative performance? I have heard of some field instrument outputs picking up noise from switching DC power supplies, where the solution was to substitute a linear DC power supply.   Linear supplies are now uncommon, but it might be worth the effort to locate one for testing to see if it makes any difference. Presumably the Fluke is battery powered and floating.     Are the frequency test results done with the field wires disconnected from the input terminals of the AB input card, or with the field wires connected? I wonder what an AC powered, grounded chassis oscilloscope would show for an ”as connected” test (in parallel with the connected field wiring)? I’ve seen 4-20mA common mode issues disappear when the field wiring is disconnected and its signal checked with a floating battery powered meter where problem reasserts itself when the field wiring is re-connected, because common mode is ’common’ between two points - remove the commonality (wiring connected, not floating) and the common mode disappears. Try the same frequency test with the (-) low side meter probe grounded to see if you get the same results. 
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